Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 312

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Chapter 312: Ten times earnings

The results of this year’s spring hunt shocked everyone.  

The winner of the hunt was not the God of Arrows, King Ding Yuan, but rather a newcomer, Wu Zhuan Yun.

That Wu Zhuan Yun did not even dare believe that he won.

The other thing that completely shocked everyone was that at the end of the hunt, the amount of prey the King Ding Yuan princess caught far surpassed the amount of prey King Ding Yuan caught!

This meant that everyone who took the bet, all lost!

Everyone had bet everything in the gambling houses, but they had lost everything!

“Young miss, this servant…..this servant has never seen this much money before!”

Xiao Ru saw the silver bills that Xia He brought back covering the table, and she almost screamed out loud.

She never dared to dream that four thousand silvers would become forty thousand silvers in one night!”

“That’s right, we have money now.  When we leave this place, we can use this money to buy a large courtyard as well as hiring some more maidservants, letting us live a comfortable life.”

When Chen Ning thought of the flower banquet, she finally felt the hope of being free from this cage and felt that the world was truly beautiful.

“Leave this place?”  Xiao Ru said in a surprised voice, “Young miss, you’re saying that we will be leaving the king’s palace?”

“That’s right.”  Chen Ning said with a smile, “What, you can’t bare to leave?”

Xiao Ru shook her head, “This servant wanted to leave a long time ago.  No matter where the young miss goes, this servant will follow you.  No matter what decision the young miss makes, this servant will always support you!”

Chun Tao and Xia He looked at each other before kneeling down in front of Chen Ning, “Princess consort, when you leave this place, please take these servants with you.”

Chen Ning slightly looked down at them, “What?  You want to leave with me?  It isn’t that I don’t want to take you, but you are people of the King Ding Yuan palace.  Even if I wanted to take you, I am powerless in this matter.”

The two maids begged her, “Princess consort, if you leave, there will be no place left for us in this palace.  Concubine Consort Chen will never spare us.  Please be merciful princess consort and save these servants.”

Hearing this, Chen Ning couldn’t help making a move.

She thought about that evil child Chen Bi Yun.  After she left, she would definitely take out her anger on these two maids.  Perhaps she would make them suffer a fate worse than death!

After these two maids began to follow her side, they had been loyal and hardworking for her.  After she leaves the palace, she did need loyal and courageous people to work for her.

“I have my plans on this matter, but you must keep it a secret and not tell a word to anyone.  Can you do this?”  Her eyes shined as she looked at the two maids.

“These servants can do this.  Please be assured princess consort, if these servants tell anyone, then we ask the princess consort to take our tongues.”

Chun Tao and Xia He looked up and said this in a serious voice.

“Good, you two can get up.”

The two maids revealed a look of joy.  The kowtowed once in front of Chen Ning before standing up.

They knew that since Chen Ning said this, she was willing to help them leave.

“That’s right, Xia He, go and find out something for me.  Has Chu Shao Yang’s poison been dispelled?  Has he awakened yet?  Also, where’s bodyguard Hei?”

She felt that she had teased Chu Shao Yang too much in the forest.  She was afraid that after Chu Shao Yang woke up, the first thing he would do is come get revenge, so it was better to have Mo Chuan come and guard her.

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