Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 310

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Chapter 310: Slighting the royal face

“You don’t like him?  But the past you…..”  The eldest princess hesitated.

“My eyes were bad in the past, that’s why I liked him.  Since he already has a woman he loves now and has given up on me, I, Chen Ning am a person with character.  If he doesn’t want me, then I don’t want him.  If the eldest princess really wants to help Ning’er, then I have something to ask the eldest princess for.”  Chen Ning stared at the eldest princess.

“Good!  Good words.  Ning’er, my eyes were not wrong.  Why should women like us have to bow down to those men!”  The eldest princess raised her brows and patted Chen Ning’s shoulder.  In a straightforward manner, she said, “Just say whatever you want to say.  As long as this princess can help you, then this princess will help you fulfill your wish!”

Chen Ning’s big words were suited to her taste and she couldn’t help deeming Chen Ning as a friend.

Ye Ting Xuan was silently standing on the side.  Seeing the light in the eldest princess’ eyes, he gave a slight nod.

He had already guessed what Chen Ning wanted, only…..his eyes fell onto the face of Chu Shao Yang on the bed and his handsome brows slightly knit together.

This King Ding Yuan, he was not that cold and cruel.  Was there another reason?

“Ning’er wants to ask the eldest princess for this favour.  I want to separate with Chu Shao Yang, so I wish to ask the eldest princess to give Ning’er a chance to enter the palace and see the emperor.  Chen Ning wants to ask the emperor to give an order, letting me divorce my husband!”

Chen Ning’s eyes were firmed, saying all this without any hesitation.

“What did you say?  You want to separate?  And you want to divorce your husband?”  The eldest princess was shocked as she looked at Chen Ning with a look of disbelief.

When she saw Chen Ning’s resolute expression, she knew that she wasn’t joking and that she was serious!

“But Ning’er, this is an impossible matter.  If you want to separate, then the emperor might agree, but divorcing your husband?  There has been no precedence in our West Chu Country.  Although he isn’t good to you, if you want to divorce your husband, it won’t be possible.  You divorcing him will mean slandering the royal face, so my royal brother will definitely not agree to it.”  She said with a sigh.

She said this in an honest manner.  If anyone else mentioned this to her, she would have already flew into a rage.

However, she really liked Chen Ning, so that’s why she told her the honest truth.

Chen Ning’s heart filled with gratitude and she said with a nod, “Many thanks to the eldest princess for reminding Ning’er.  Since it’s like this, then just separating is fine.  Eldest princess, can you bring into the court to see the emperor?”  Her eyes shined with an expectant look.

She knew that Chu Shao Yang would never bring her into the palace, so she could only ask the eldest princess about this matter.

She was confident that she would be able to make the emperor accept her request.

Although she had never met the emperor before, she had heard many things about him.

For example, the marriage between her and Chu Shao Yang was ordered by the emperor.

The reason was because the previous owner loved Chu Shao Yang and would marry no one else.  Grand General Chen loved his daughter, so he personally met the emperor to ask for this marriage order.

This meant that the emperor valued her father, that’s why he gave her this wish.

If the emperor allowed this marriage for Grand General Chen, then on her father’s reputation, he would allow her to separate.

The eldest princess pondered for a bit, “This matter cannot be taken lightly.  Ning’er, have you pondered it carefully?  The most important thing to women is their reputation.  Once you separate, you’ll become a divorced woman.  In the future, I’m afraid…..it’ll be hard for you to marry others.  Actually, that brat Chu Shao Yang is not a crazy person.  If he can change his heart, then I hope that you can start anew with him.”

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