Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 300

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Chapter 300: Bet on me winning

He unconsciously revealed his hostility.  Although it was very obscure, he did not have a mask on now, so all his micro expressions could be seen by Chen Ning right now.

“Yi, you seem to not like Xiao Bai.  Do you have a grudge with him?  But from what I could see, if you did have a grudge, then you had a hundred chances to take his life.  When you were fighting with him, you did not use your true strength at all.”

Although she wasn’t a martial arts master, she could still see that with Mo Chuan’s strength, if Chu Shao Bai was hit by a fist, he would have been heavily injured.

Even when Mo Chuan taught Chu Shao Yang a lesson on the horse track, he held back and only embarrassed him in front of everyone, but he did not hurt him at all.

Every move he made was nothing like the style of a ruthless assassin at all!

“Mo Chuan, what kind of person are you?”  She was more confused the more she thought about it, “Also, you keep helping me, but you’ve never told me this.  Why are you helping me?”

“When you need to know, I will naturally tell you.  You just need to know that I will definitely not hurt you.”

He spoke with a deadpanned expression.  He suddenly stood up and left a blurred figure before disappearing.

Chen Ning angrily pulled out a piece of grass and chewed it in her mouth.

Are you that great if you have good martial arts and archery skills?

All these men only knew how to show off in front of her!

She decided to ask no one and only rely on herself.  She had to win against that bastard Chu Shao Yang at the hunting competition!

Comparing horse riding and archery skills, even a hundred Chen Nings added together could not compare to Chu Shao Yang, but…..who said that she would lose for sure?

She suddenly narrowed her eyes and revealed a proud smile.

For the next three days, she did not leave the Flowing Cloud Pavilion at all.  She didn’t practice horse riding or her archery, just relaxing all day.

The reports Chu Shao Yang received every day were the same.

He couldn’t help wondering.

Didn’t this woman vow that she would win?

Or did she decide to retreat after seeing the archery skills he displayed on that day?

No matter what, it was already a sure thing for him to win on the day of the big hunt!

After three days, it was finally the day of the spring great hunt.

The hunt organized by the royal family every year was the chance for the young men of the capital to show off because it would show off their style and heroism and at the same time, it would also allow them to show off their horse riding and archery skills.  If they could attract the emperor’s eyes, then their futures were limitless.

However, they heard that this year’s spring hunt was not hosted by the emperor, but rather Eldest Princess An Le.  However, that did not dampen the excitement in the hearts of the youths.

All because they had heard the news that the prestigious King Ding Yuan and his princess made a bet over who would win the hunt this year.

Someone dared to compete with King Ding Yuan’s divine archery skills?

Everyone who heard this news all shook their heads.

No matter who it was, they would still lose.  Not to mention this woman!

Everyone knew that King Ding Yuan and his princess were like fire and water.  With the two of them participating in the hunt, it would be quite wonderful.

So everyone from the royal family and the nobles invited were all looking forward to this day to come.

There were even some people opening a bet in the largest gambling house, betting on who would win.

Almost everyone was betting on Chu Shao Yang.

When the news reached Chen Ning’s ears, she had a wide smile as she took out four thousand silver coins and gave it to Xia He.

“Go to the gambling house and bet it all on me to win!”

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