Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 297

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Chapter 297: Because he cares about you

Although Chen Ning boasted about her chances, after personally witnessing Chu Shao Yang’s archery skills, she really felt helpless about winning.

She saw the iron bow that Chu Shao Yang snapped on the ground and did not want to practice anymore.

Even if she trained hard for three years, she absolutely could never compare with Chu Shao Yang.

She walked back into the room in a depressed manner.  There has been no news from Xiao Bai since he left, what if he didn’t make it back in time for the competition?

Even if he rushed back, would she be able to win against Chu Shao Yang?

No, she had to depend on herself to think of a foolproof way to win this match.

“His archery skills are very good, you can’t compare to him.”  Mo Chuan’s figure appeared from the flowers.

Hearing this, Chen Ning knew that he had seen everything just now.

“I know, but I have to win!”  She gritted her teeth.

“Why?  Just for a horse?”  Mo Chuan knitted his handsome brows, “It was a nice horse, but aren’t there many horses in this world?  If you like horses, then I can give you a better one.”

“Of course it isn’t just for a single horse.  Although I like that horse, I wouldn’t trade my freedom just for a horse.  I just didn’t like his tone, so that’s why I have to win!”

“What happens if you lose?  Will you spend your entire life as his slave?”  Mo Chuan’s black eyes stared right at her.

“I will not lose!”  Chen Ning raised her brows and pulled off her veil.

Thinking about how the veil was something Chu Shao Yang gave her, she threw it to the floor and forcefully stomped on it.

“Actually, Chu Shao Yang, he…..isn’t a merciless person.  If you really lose, as long as you lower your head to him, he won’t make it hard for you.  The fact that he came to look for you today means that…..he does care about you a bit.”  Mo Chuan thought for a bit before slowly saying this.

“Cares about me?”  She gave a cold smile and said in a sarcastic voice, “That’s right, he really cares about me!  On our wedding night, when I fainted after vomiting blood, he sent me to the wooden shed and let nature run its course because he cares about me.  After three days of being married, he took Chen Bi Yun as a concubine consort because he cares about me.  He tried several times to kill me for Chen Bi Yun, all because he cares about me!  Being cared about by a man like this, I, Chen Ning am really lucky!”

“You don’t know, but Chu Shao Yang, he…..”  Mo Chuan revealed a complicated expression.

“Chu Shao Yang, Chu Shao Yang!”  Chen Ning cut him off.  When she heard the name Chu Shao Yang, she felt a headache coming on.

She narrowed her eyes and stared at Mo Chuan, “Xiao Hei, who is Chu Shao Yang to you?  Why are you speaking up for him?  Do you know that he almost threw me in the lake to feed the turtles!  Where were you then?  Didn’t you say that you would protect me and not let me lose a single hair?”

When she remembered what just happened, she couldn’t help shuddering.

If it wasn’t for her wit, she wouldn’t have lived past that!

Faced with her accusations, Mo Chuan calmly looked at her and said, “It was because I knew he wouldn’t make a move and you wouldn’t lose a hair.  Otherwise, I would not have let him off.”

“Then that means you were here the whole time?”  She was filled with anger, “Then why did you not save me!”

Mo Chuan did not answer her.  His eyes were in thought as he stared at her face and said, “Why don’t you let him see your original appearance?  If he sees you, he will…..”

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