Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 290

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Chapter 290: That one just now didn’t count

“Do you feel better now?”  Mo Chuan’s low and gentle voice came from above her.  There was no anger contained within at all.

He was not angry, not angry at all.

“I’m much better.”  There was a gentle strength coming from his palm that made her feel much better.  Raising her head with a smile, she was suddenly stunned.

He had actually removed his mask!

The golden sunlight shined down on his face, making his cold, handsome eyes sparkle.  His manner was very cold, but his smile was like a cold lotus, but under the light of the sun, it seemed like it was glowing, shining with an eye piercing light.

On the night she was drunk, she was stunned by his good looks.

Under the glow of the sun, her mind continued to look for adjectives, but she could only think of one thing.


He looked down at her.  Her dark eyes, thick eyelashes, skin like jade, and thin lips that were a touch of red.

After a long while, Chen Ning finally let out a sigh of regret.

“Xiao Hei, you’re so handsome, but you insist on being an assassin.  What a pity!”

Mo Chuan’s face turned dark and a trace of anger filled his eyes, but that just made him look even more handsome.

“Then what do you think I should do?”  He said through gritted teeth.

Using one’s face to earn one’s keep, other than working in a brothel, what else could he do?

This girl was clearly insulting him.

Chen Ning froze for a minute before revealing a smile.

“You can be the emperor!”  She said in a serious voice.

“What did you say?”  Mo Chuan’s brows jumped up and his pupils shrunk.

“A smile to turn a city and then another one to turn a country.  With how handsome you are, if you become the emperor, as long as other countries or ministers see your smile, they will all kneel down in front of you.  Wouldn’t that save a lot of manpower?”

The more serious he was, the more Chen Ning wanted to tease him.

Thinking of meeting him before, he always had a kind of cruel and and cold aura around him.  Now she felt no fear when seeing him at all.

Did that mean in front of her, he was just pretending to be tough?

“…….”  Mo Chuan’s chin tightened and his eyes turned deep and cold.

She found that even though he took off his mask, she could not see through him at all.

“Are you angry?  I’m just teasing you.  If you don’t like it, then I won’t say it next time.”  She thought of his identity as an assassin and how he was a proud and arrogant man.  This kind of man would not like others being critical with his appearance.

Everyone had their soft spot and it seemed like his face was his soft spot, she could not touch it!

Chen Ning stuck out her tongue and called his face good.

“Don’t leave.  Let’s begin.”

He grabbed her shoulder and pulled her back.

“Begin what?”  Chen Ning looked at him with a confused gaze.

He did not say anything, he just pointed at his clean cheek.

“What does that mean?”  She blinked her eyes.  Seeing his deep, dark eyes stare at her, she suddenly realized something and her face turned red.

The reason why he had taken off his mask was to let her kiss his chin again!

This damn Mo Chuan!

Chen Ning was angry and embarrassed.  Her bright eyes stared right at his face, she wanted to see how a man could have such thick skin!

Mo Chuan just silently stared at her, his eyes were completely clear.

“You said you would give it to me.  That one, did not count.”  He said in a soft voice.

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  1. Pan says:

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    Thanks for the super sweet chapters! When will the great reveal be, should be soon right? I guess she will probably meet the Emperor at the coming hunt…

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