Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 280

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Chapter 280: Who wants to go to bed with you

“You want this king to personally inspect you?”  

Chu Shao Yang was stunned, but then he understood what she meant.  He couldn’t help feeling angry as he shouted, “Chen Ning, you really know no shame!  You actually dare to say something like this!  You want to go to bed with this king.  You, you, you…..In your dreams!”

His face turned red as he began to stutter.

“Chi!”  Chen Ning suddenly gave a laugh that was filled with contempt.  She curled her lips into a smile and looked over at Chu Shao Yang.

“When did this princess say that she wanted to bed with you?  You’re dreaming!”

“You!  Then what did you mean!”  Chu Shao Yang’s face turned red with anger as he spoke.

“Don’t tell me a woman have to get into a bed with a man or take off her clothes to determine if she still has her innocence or not?  Mother Meng, Mother Jiang, you say that you are experienced wet nurses in the palace, then have you ever heard of ‘Palace Guarding Sand’ before?  I believe that everyone in the palace should know of it.  As long as an unmarried woman has the Palace Guarding Sand’s mark on her arm, only if she doesn’t get married or lose her innocence, the mark will never fade!  Mother Meng and Jiang, you clearly know that this is the most simple, effective method, but you did not mention it at all, instead you try to do a strip search.  If I was to say that you had no ill intents, it would be hard to say it, right?”

[TL Note: This is a real thing in ancient china.  It works because it has a feature where unless a woman made contact with a man, the mark made by the sand would not fade.]

Chen Ning’s lips were like spears and her words were like arrows.  The words she spoke made Mothers Meng and Jiang speechless, unable to say anything.  They could only stutter out, “This…..That……”

“What this and that!  Stop talking already!  Bring the Palace Guarding Sand over and this princess will apply it for you to see that this princess is innocent!”  Chen Ning loudly shouted.

The two wet nurses trembled.  They secretly praised that this princess consort was powerful.

Mother Meng was helpless.  She could only take out a small pill bottle from her chest and held it in front of Chen Ning.

Chen Ning opened it and saw a red sludge inside the bottle.

She had only read about the Palace Guarding Sand before, but had never seen it.  She did not know whether it was the real thing or not.

“This is the Palace Guarding Sand?”  Chen Ning’s cold eyes stared at Mother Meng.

Mother Meng replied, “It is.”

She had her head down, so Chen Ning could not see her expression.  She only saw her sleeves slightly trembling, making it hard for her to tell.

“Whether this Palace Guarding Sand is real or not is not up to you to decide.  This princess will verify it.”  Chen Ning thought about it and then walked to the door.

Chu Shao Yang did not know what she was about to do, so he followed behind her.

Chen Ning’s eyes swept over the crowd and then turned back to Chu Shao Yang.  With an indifferent smile, she said, “Your highness, do you mind if this princess does an experiment first?”

Chu Shao Yang did not understand.  With knitted brows, he said, “What do you want to do?”

Chen Ning raised the little bottle in her hand and asked, “Do you know what this Palace Guarding Sand is?”

“I have a rough idea.”

“Then that’s good.  This Palace Guarding Sand is not something precious, it’s made with a gecko that is fed red sand for forty nine days, which is then crushed into mud.  After a woman smears it on her arm, then if she has a pure body, it will not fade even if washed with water.  If not, it will immediately fade if washed with water.  Since your highness knows what it is, then we can test it right now.”

“How do you want to test it?”  Chu Shao Yang stared at her and said.

“Your highness just needs to pick two people.  One will be a married woman and the other will be an unmarried pure young lady.  It’s a good thing your highness brought so many people today, we can pick two people from the crowd.  In order to not make it difficult, we’ll have your highness pick the two candidates.”  Chen Ning said with a faint smile.

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