Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 251

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Chapter 251: They are all nothing but beasts

A horse’s hoof fell onto her head and with a crisp sound, the look of terror on her face was forever frozen.

Her skull was shattered and her brain spilled onto the floor.

Following that, dozens of horses charged over her, instantly turning her into a meat patty.

“Lan Xiang……”

Seeing this terrible scene, Chen Bi Yun’s eyes rolled back in her eyes and she suddenly fainted.

Chu Shao Yang’s chin turned stiff as his cold eyes looked over at Lan Xiang’s corpse which wasn’t even human anymore.  Tightly hugging Chen Bi Yun, he continued pushing his horse forward.

Those horses did not stop and they continued to charge forward, chasing after his horse.  It was as if they had a grudge against Chen Bi Yun who was lying in his arm.

Although Chu Shao Yang’s jade flower horse was better than most other horses, it was carrying two people and those other horses all chased without caring about their lives, so they would catch up soon.

The group of horses slowly came closer to Chu Shao Yang and Chen Bi Yun.

If Chu Shao Yang did not let go of Chen Bi Yun, he could very well turned into a meat patty under the wild horses soon.

“Damn!  Bastards!  Beasts!  Have you all gone crazy?  I am your master, your master!”

Chu Shao Yang’s face went livid with anger as he turned to angrily scold the horses.

These horses were all carefully selected from various dealers.  He was a person who loved horse, so after each horse was brought back, he had someone feed each and every one of them.  He came to the horse track everyday to bond with each and every one of the horses and he allowed them to breed at will.

He knew good horses recognized their masters.  When these horses saw him, they would all give a whinny and cheerfully greet him.

Today, not a single horse recognized him.  There noses took heavy breaths and their eyes stared wide as they charged forth as fast as they could.

Chu Shao Yang’s stomach was about to explode with rage.  He did not know how the horses went crazy, but he knew that if he did not let go of Chen Bi Yun soon, he would not be able to escape with his life.

“Damn!  Bastards!  You’re all beasts!”  Chu Shao Yang did not stop cursing.

He gritted his teeth and the Spirit Snake Sword came out with a flick of his wrist.  The glow of the sword shined in all directions, releasing an eye piercing white light.

His plan today was just to fight his way out!

Chu Shao Yang wielded his Spirit Snake Sword and watched the horses chasing behind him.  He gritted his teeth again as if he could not make a move.

He suddenly gave a long shout and threw Chen Bi Yun onto a large tree to the side.  He had used just the right amount of strength and Chen Bi Yun softly landed on the branches, still unconscious.

The horses suddenly turned and charged at the large tree.  Raising their front hooves, they kicked at the trunk of the tree while giving shouts.

That tree trunk was very strong, but the horses’ hooves were even stronger.  With a dozen horses kicking at once, there were several “kachacha” sounds that rang out and that trunk as wide as two people began to crack.

But Chu Shao Yang was already preparing his martial arts.  He jumped off the jade flower horse and landed on one of the wild horses kicking at the tree.  With a “pa” sound, his right hand landed on the horse’s head and it suddenly fell to the ground.  Its legs twitched as it fainted.

Chu Shao Yang did not stop there.  He danced through the air like a butterfly, jumping from horse to horse.  His palm did not stop as it continued slapping down, knocking out a horse with each palm.

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