Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 248

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Chapter 248: You undress well

Chen Ning felt her cheeks burning.  She began to laugh as she tried to avoid the topic.

“Un, is there?  Did you maybe hear wrong?  He, he, when did I say something like that?  You must have heard wrong, you must have.”

She quickly ran past him as she charged out of the courtyard, not daring to look back at all.

Damn!  What kind of ears did Mo Chuan have?  Why could nothing she said get past his ears!

Chen Ning angrily thought this.

She suddenly felt that she made a dumb decision.

If she knew that Mo Chaun’s ears were this sharp, she would have never had him live in the Flowing Cloud Pavilion!

From this day on, she would watch what she said!

She looked up at the sky, feeling like she wanted to cry.

In order to avoid being embarrassed, Chen Ning did not even eat breakfast.  She went to the red date horse and immediately headed off to the horse track.

She immediately saw Chu Shao Yang and felt that this was very strange.

Why would he be here so early?

He was wearing a lake green long robe with a jade white belt on his waist.  His hair was tied back with a jade crown, revealing his fine, delicate features.

The jade flower horse was standing beside him.  The horse also looked very handsome, making it look like a painted picture.

It was a pity that Chen Ning did not like this painting at all.  

This was the person that did not care about her life at all yesterday.  She saw him as an enemy, looking at him with eyes of anger.

Only she hid it very well, not showing it on her face at all.  Instead, she revealed a smile as she called out, “Good morning your highness!”

Chu Shao Yang’s eyes fell onto her green riding clothes and then he revealed a look of disgust.  He then gave a snort, “Where did you get those clothes!”

“It was sent over by the eldest princess.”  Chen Ning looked at his clothes which seemed new and looked just like hers.  Immediately, she understood something.

The eldest princess had planned out everything.  Did she think that by giving them matching clothes, she would be able to make them a loving couple?

This was impossible!

“Nosy!”  Chu Shao Yang angrily said.  His right hand instantly moved and snapped the jade white belt in half, then he threw it onto the ground.  He threw out his arms and the long robe around him turned to pieces, being blown away by the wind.

He was wearing a set of dark green clothes underneath.

Chen Ning clapped her hands and said with a smile, “You undress really well!  This princess thinks it’s quite warm and wants to take off a few clothes as well.  Ya, I’m also wearing a set of dark green clothes underneath, this is really quite the coincidence.  Your highness, do you want to take off another layer?”

Chu Shao Yang’s face instantly turned green as he said with gritted teeth, “Chen Ning!”

“He, he, I’m just joking.  Your highness, is there really a need to be that angry?  Even if you’re interested in taking it off, this princess is not interested in seeing!”

Chen Ning giggled as she mounted the date red horse.  Looking in the direction of the Intoxicated Flower Pavilion, she said in a knowing manner, “Is little sister Bi Yun not coming today?  This princess hasn’t had breakfast yet.  Thinking of the deer tail ginseng soup and the little pork buns she made yesterday, I’m getting quite hungry.”

Chu Shao Yang coldly said, “Chen Ning, you really will not give up.  You didn’t harm Yun’er yesterday and you want to try again today?”

“Your highness, it’s fine to not eat, but you can’t randomly throw out words.  You keep insisting that I want to harm little sister Bi Yun, but where is your evidence?”  Chen Ning’s smile disappeared and she revealed a serious expression.

Chu Shao Yang gave a cold laugh, “Evidence?  You charged your horse at Yun’er yesterday, everyone here saw it clearly, they can all act as witnesses!”

“Oh, so the horse itself is evidence.  I understand.”  She gave a nod.

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