Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 207

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Chapter 207: Fighting without saying anything

“You recognize me?”

The white clothed man knit his brows.  He stared at that shadow like Mo Chuan and noticed that this was a man he did not recognize.

“The well known King Jing An Chu Shao Bai, in the capital, who wouldn’t recognize him?  Who wouldn’t know about him?  I never thought that a respected person like you would be stealing flowers.  Chu Shao Bai, are you not afraid of losing the reputation of your ancestors?”

Mo Chuan’s usually calm black eyes burned with flames of rage.  His eyes sparkled as he suddenly raised his right hand and attacked Chu Shao Bai’s perfect beautiful face.

“Stinky brat, in place of your ancestors, I will teach a shameless and disrespectful brat like you a lesson!”

His palm was like a blade as it sent wind flying out, creating a cold draft in the room.

Chu Shao Bai never thought the enemy would suddenly attack like this and was shocked.

He knew how strong this attack was and quickly dodge to the right, avoiding this one palm from Mo Chuan.  However, there was a dull ache that appeared in his cheek after the wind passed by.

Such a deep attainment in martial arts!

Just this one palm was enough to tell Chu Shao Bai that Mo Chuan was much stronger than him.

Where did this strong person come from!

“What kind of thing are you!  What qualifications do you have to teach me a lesson!  Sneaking around in the middle of the night in a girl’s room, what kind of thing are you!”  

Chu Shao Bai knew that he could not win, but he could not accept this kind of abuse.  Especially when this unknown man began to talk about his ancestors.  There were things that could not be endured!

His right hand formed a fist and he punched at Mo Chuan’s face.  He just wanted to land a single punch in this man’s face.

His heart filled with hate, but it wasn’t because of Mo Chuan insulting him, rather it was because of her!

He was filled with fear as he thought more about it.  If he did not come here tonight to check on her, perhaps she would have been taken care of by this black clothed man.

“Doing something wrong and you still dare to argue back!  I need to teach a bad fellow like you a good lesson!”

Mo Chuan seemed like he had been thoroughly enraged.  His body flashed and appeared behind Chu Shao Bai.  Then his palm flew out at his back.

Chu Shao Bai heard the sound of the wind from behind him and he knew that this was bad.  He sent his hand out to block out and the two palms met in the air, creating a “pu” sound.

Mo Chuan stood there without moving while Chu Shao Bai was forced back three steps.

He was clearly at a disadvantage in this clash of palms.

However, the higher his martial arts were, the more Chu Shao Bai looked down on him.  He angrily made a pei sound.

“Your martial arts are this good and yet you do this kind of dirty work, you scum of the martial world!”

“Falsely accusing people and using false counter charges, you are the real scum!”

Their gazes met and sparks appeared in the air.  As long as you look at me, I’ll keep looking at you.

Fighting without saying anything and now the two of them were just staring at each other.  They began to fight again and wind was generated by their palms, blowing all around them.

With a “pa” sound, Chu Shao Bai failed to dodge in time and his right cheek was slapped by Mo Chuan.  He made an “aiyo” sound of pain.

Mo Chuan was stunned and regret flashed in his dark eyes.  He moved forward a step as if he wanted to check his injury.

“Fuck you!  Stop acting so hypocritically!”

Chu Shao Bai was filled with anger as he suddenly punched out.

Mo Chuan did not have his guard up and that fist landed right on his chin.

“Stinky brat, you dare hit me?”  Mo Chuan was also filled with anger.  He clenched his fist and it seemed like his eyes were about to release fire.

“Of course I dare hit you!”  Chu Shao Bai gritted his teeth.  He patted his palms and rushed forward.

The two of them continued to fight once again, just like two chickens that could not get along.

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