E Mei 2

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002: Come With Me! Food and Room Included

Thinking about what happened in that dream, Zhu Zhu couldn’t help but blush. Even if this dream was conjured by her romantic spirit, wasn’t this a bit too excessive, a bit too ridiculous? She wasn’t insane, and was even a young virgin girl, why would she dream of doing this and that with that bloodthirsty pervert?

Zhu Zhu pulled off the handkerchief hanging on the wall and threw it in the water, shattering her reversed image. Then, she fished it up and use forced to twist it dry before using it to wipe her face.

Even if she wiped away three layers of skin, a beauty wouldn’t come out! It was only a dream, why’d she bother to think so much about it? Zhu Zhu rolled her eyes. Then, she resigned herself, turned around, and lit a fire to prepare a meal.

As soon as two bowls of wild herb noodle soup, one big and one small, were done and touched the table, the house’s door was roughly kicked open from the outside. A cyan attired youngster who appeared to be around seventeen or eighteen burst into Zhu Zhu’s domain. With the sunlight coming from behind him, it was hard to make our his facial features.

The youngster glanced at the wild herb noodle soup on the table, puckered up his brows, and asked in a hard and angry voice: “Only eating this?! What about the two Five-colored Golden Pheasants I brought over?!”

Zhu Zhu was scared stiff by the evil guest and reflexively retreated a few steps back, then stammered: “It, it’s not good to eat too much oil in the morning. I’ll, I’ll make it for you for lunch, okay? Ow…”

Before she finished speaking, her ears had already been grabbed at and pulled by the cyan attired youngster’s hands. A face moved closer to her front as he scolded: “What’s in your pig brain? I told you that I’ll be heading off to Divine Wisdom Mountain to for an apprenticeship in the morning. Once I go there, I’ll always be staying on the mountain. How can I eat a Five-colored Golden Pheasant for lunch?”

With him being this close, it was clear that this youngster’s looks were excellent; sword-like brows and starry eyes, with all of his facial features being delicate, refined, and even containing a hint of bewitching coldness. Even if he was scowling until his eyes were vertical due to his anger, he was still very good looking.

Zhu Zhu didn’t know how to describe people, but she suddenly thought of a quote: He would still be this moving when in love.

Why would she think of such a bookish sentence? It doesn’t seen like she had been tutored in the past, or read any books… However, her habitual absent-mindedness was quickly replaced by the pain coming from her ears.

The youngster raised his left brow, then disdainfully sized her up with a scary look on his face. That expression was obviously saying: If she didn’t give him an answer that was satisfactory, he would pinch her ears off!

Zhu Zhu hurt to the point of tearing up, and said softly: “Then, then I’ll make it for you right now…” If she quibbled with him, she’ll be met with violent suppression. Honestly admitting her mistake and correcting it right away would let her have a way out.

The cyan attired youngster snorted, then released her ear: “If I wait for you to make it, it’ll be dark already, how will I have time to set off? Did you sort out the luggage? Hurry up and finish eating, after that, you’ll follow me!”

“Ah? Luggage?” Zhu Zhu was puzzled. She remembered that this youngster had told her two days ago about him going to seek an apprenticeship at Divine Wisdom Mountain, but he lived next door, not where she was. How could she have his luggage? No! He said to go with him?!

The ear that had escaped and become free once more fell into the clutches of evil. The youngster firmly pinched in anger, and said: “Stupid pig! Of course you’re coming with me to Divine Wisdom Mountain, do I have to tell to do everything?!”

Even a soft person had a personality. As she did her best to free her ear, she yelled lowly: “It’s not like I want to pursue longevity, why would I go to Divine Wisdom Mountain?”

The youngster was stunned, then yelled: “I’m willing to bring you along with me for a chance that others can’t get even if they begged for it, yet you’re being pretentious with me?!”

“I don’t want to cultivate to become a deity, I like it here.” Zhu Zhu finally shook off the clutches of evil with difficulty, covered her ear, and then ran at lightning speed.

“You have no relatives here, and even if you’re hungry, no one would care. Come with me to Divine Wisdom Mountain and seek apprenticeship. As long as you can become an outer sect disciple, you will not have to worry about food and clothes for your entire lifetime. Divine Wisdom Mountain’s food and room included offer that lasts until the day you die, do you think it’s not good enough?” The cyan attired youngster’s eyes flashed with a trace of scheme as he stated while curbing his anger.

He had known Zhu Zhu for almost a year, and more or less understood her way of thinking, so he naturally also knew what kind of things appealed to her. The journey to Divine Wisdom Mountain was long, and it would take at least two or three days in the fastest travel time. If he couldn’t persuade him to voluntarily go with him, then it’ll be a bit troublesome.

As expected, Zhu Zhu was moved upon hearing those words, but she was still somewhat skeptical: “There’s such a good thing? Is it hard to become their disciple? What do we have to do?”

The youngster snorted: “Not hard. You only need to pass their Spirit Vein Assessment, and most of the time you have to sweep the courtyards and plant medicine. All very relaxing. If I didn’t promise your grandma that I would look after you, why would I take the trouble to bring you along?! Go take fill up a basin with water and take a look at your reflection, even the last remaining bachelor in the village is not willing to propose marriage to you. Who would support you once you’re old?”

If you want to talk, go ahead, but you don’t have to insult me this much!

She always saw her reflection in the basin water every morning, alright?! Grandma said that she was the world’s most beautiful girl. Even if she wasn’t right now, a girl changes eighteen times between childhood and womanhood. She would inevitably become good-looking one day! Zhu Zhu stressed this in her heart, but she wasn’t silly enough to say that out loud, or else this meanie here in front of her will definitely ruthlessly sneer and attack her.

She carefully considered what this youngster had said. Even though he usually bullied her and treated her like a slave, he had never lied to her before, or she ought to say, he wouldn’t bother to lie to her. Regarding her appearance, if one were to rudely talk about it, it could be said that even child traffickers would make a detour upon seeing her. There weren’t many “valuable” assets on her body that would garner anyone’s interest.

Grandma left, and now that this meanie is leaving, those village bullies would definitely come to pick on her. With her alone like that, her future would truly be desolate.

The youngster stopped trying to persuade her after seeing her consider it. He arrogantly sat down and picked up the large bowl in front of him and slurped down both the soup and noodles. Zhu Zhu wasn’t pretty, but her handicrafts were outstanding.

In the end, Zhu Zhu seemed to accept her fate, walked back to the table side, and finished eating her own bowl in a mechanical way. Then, she stood up, collected the bowls and chopsticks, and obediently went back to her house to pack her things.

Slight feelings of being pleased with himself appeared within the youngster’s heart as he looked at the rear view of her being busy. Mother had once told him that meals in Divine Wisdom Mountain were really bad, and disciples usually had to do their own laundry and cleaning stuffs by themselves. If he brought along this stupid little pig up the mountain, then he wouldn’t need to worry about these trifling matters. And this could also be considered to have kept his promise with Zhu Zhu’s grandmother; it was precisely two birds with one stone.

Upon thinking about his mother, the youngster’s mood immediately dimmed, as he lowered his head and pursed his lips.

It wasn’t like Zhu Zhu didn’t know that following him up the mountain to seek apprenticeship would mean that her days of being ordered about like a servant by him would continue; it was just much better than staying in this village by herself, at least better than starving to death once she got old.

Furthermore, since he had become her neighbor, the number of times her nightmares had occurred clearly lessened. Previously, she would usually be woken up by nightmares within a two or three day interval. After he came, she would sometimes not even get one nightmare in a month… her nightmares were probably also scared of baddies.

What great sin had she committed?! Bullied by a pervert in her dreams, then was ordered around by a baddie when she’s awake!

Zhu Zhu actually didn’t really have any luggage to pack. She only brought along a few rations, drinking water, and a few clothes to change into. She tidied her room and packed various bits and bobs in a box. All she had to do was ask one of her neighbors to look after her house and that was it. They were all things of little value, so even if she wasn’t there, no thief would bother to come in.

Before leaving, Zhu Zhu went to the rear mountains and kowtowed three times in front of grandma’s grave. Carrying her bamboo basket packed with food and clothes, she rubbed the little copper bracelet grandma had left for her. After taking a look back at the two years she spent in this little village, she turned around and left, following the cyan attired youngster.

alyschu: Youngster calls Zhu Zhu (朱朱) a pig (猪 = zhu) because both sound the same!

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