Dual Sword Liberator Volume 1 Chapter 1-2

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Chapter 1: Another Fake (Part 2)


Within the first week of the game, the first-year and second-year students were divided into two factions. One called the 「Braves」 and the other the 「Observers」.

The Braves, as the name suggested, are the students who wanted to defeat the Dominators. On the other hand, the Observers, which made up most of the students, wanted to watch the Braves. Basically, the 「Braves」 are the 「foolhardy guys」 and the 「Observers」 are the 「ones with no willpower」.

During the week, there were numerous times when the Observers were called 「cowards」 and when the Braves were called 「foolish」 in this kind of situation. I felt these things began the internal strife among us.

By the way, I’m obviously on the Observer’s side. However, because I have been careful about my attitude toward the Braves, I have not received any criticism on the surface yet.

But then again, do the Braves really have the right to criticize the Observers? A week has already passed, but the Brave haven’t made any progress. Because they know the way they are right now, they can’t challenge the Dominators.

For example, take the books chairman. If you wanted to challenge him, it’s necessary to beat at least a few of the third-year members of the books commission.

When the game at the academy began, all committee compositions were updated. All first-year and second-year students were removed from the committees. At the same time, to gather more members, the festival committee and the electoral affairs commission were abolished. The members were split between the books commission and the health committee.

Now all committee chairs are held by third-year students. Although I’m not clear on how to challenge them and the amount of people allowed to fight, the journey would sure be tough because most third-years had B-rank and above Exceeds.

Also, although I considered attacking Kirihara in order to force him to lift the , he was always surrounded by several different S-class and A-class Exceeds. So,compared to beating the game, overcoming his powerful protection seemed even harder.

Using one phrase to summarize the current situation: it would be helpless. We’re nothing but caged birds.

Because of the very limited amount of freedom we had, the boys were very thirsty for porn.

……No, although it sounds funny, it’s a very serious problem. The house arrest alone made everyone nervous, so something like porn that heals is something that can’t be overlooked.

At the beginning of the game, all our cell phones were taken away. Also, anything related to computers were all cleared. All TV channels were blocked from receiving signals. Basically, all the methods that we could have used to watch porn were severed.

I used desperate measures. I got in a good relationship with Yuki to relieve my endless depressed mood. She’s like a cute pet. Just looking at her makes you happy.

“——Hey, Yagumo, have you heard that there’s a sacred sword hidden somewhere in this school?”

From the morning of May 5th, it started pouring. When I was gloomily eating my breakfast in the cafeteria, a gigantic body wearing a cream-colored sweater suddenly appeared in front of me——oh nevermind, it’s Yuki holding a tray.

“A sacred sword? Nope, never heard of it. Is it something like the seven great mysteries?”

“Nope. Actually, this one has a lot of credibility to it. Apparently, a couple years ago, one of the students at City of God had the ability to create powerful equipment. However, the sacred sword was too powerful, and if someone used it for evil, it could lead to the end of the world. Afraid that someone would use it for evil, he used some kind of technique to seal it away somewhere in the academy.”

“Something like a sacred sword that could destroy the world…..that’s the first time I’ve heard of it.”

“I only heard it from Saki yesterday, but if it really does exist, don’t you think it’s amazing? If we found it, we could possibly be able to compete with the five dominators.”

Yuki’s eyes were sparkling as she leaned forward and said that. Because that position made her breasts stand out even more, I didn’t know where to look.

“First of all, let’s start by searching all the possible places where the sword could have been sealed away. Yagumo, should we do it together? You see, since you have , wouldn’t it be easy for you get inside the room even if it’s locked?”

“Ah, um. If we’re just looking for something, I’ll come too. There’s nothing to do at the dorms anyways.”

Since it’s golden week, there’s no class so there was nothing much to do. Even back at the room, the only things I could do was read the manga I was already tired of reading and play the games, which were scattered across the floor that I was already tired of playing.

Although midterms were coming up, it was only a formality. Even if someone fails, there probably won’t be anyone who said anything.

Also, by giving the sacred sword to the Braves faction, the reputation of the Observers will improve. In turn, making the relationship between the two factions better.

“That’s great~but the rumors have not been confirmed yet, so it’s not good for people to get their hopes up too high. Therefore, we should only select a few people to investigate. So, it’s only going to be me, Saki, and Yagumo.”

“Really. Since I have the opportunity to be one of the selected three, I’m very honored.”

Even though the only reason I was selected is because can unlock doors.

After breakfast, under the thick cloudy sky, each of us held an umbrella and walked towards the school building. Even though we can’t watch the weather forecast, it looked like it was still going to rain for a while.

I closed my umbrella at the entrance and shook it. While doing so, I asked a question:

“Anyways, do you have any idea where the sacred sword is sealed?”

“Nope, not at all.”

Minase Saki said as she shrugged, shook her blonde hair, and bit her lower lip.

“Also, there’s no way to guarantee it’ll be indoors. Anyway, we have to search every corner of each building first. I think we should start from the east side of the campus. What do you guys think?”

“Sure, why not.”

I said that while putting my umbrella into the umbrella stand.

The City of God’s academy had school buildings on the east and west sides, which are connected by a corridor. The west side is used for the usual lessons, while the east side is for things like music lessons and science experiments.

We went forward together. We started by searching the first floor of the east building. If we found somewhere that the sacred sword could be sealed in, I’ll use to unlock the door so that we can search together.

……Although, it’s easy to say 「the room that the sacred sword could be sealed」 but what is the room actually like?

“Ah! This room’s glass is frosted, and you can’t see inside? The sword might be inside.”

Minase said as she stopped at the sign that read 「Science Preparation Room」and pointed at the small window on the door.

“Hey, Saki. This room is very suspicious isn’t it? Aren’t the pronunciations of 「sacred sword」 and 「bio」 very similar?”

This time, it was Yuki who stood at the doorway of the room that stated her reasoning.

Hm. Seems like there’s quite a lot of rooms that the sacred sword could be sealed in.

Just as I was sighing, Minase, who stood next to me, had her skirt suddenly fall down.

Her white panties suddenly appeared before my eyes. It was the kind that had a pink-colored butterfly knot with lotus leaves on the edges.


When Minase quickly lifted up her skirt, I got a hard slap on my left cheek.

“Pervert!! Sex Maniac!! You’re the worst!!”

“No, it’s not!! It wasn’t me earlier——”

However, her face was full of tears, flowing out of her eyes at lightning speed. I didn’t even get a chance to defend myself.

……Minase probably thought as I was standing next to her, I purposely pulled her skirt down. During this moment, I felt like there’s no way to survive in this world. Farewell, the me that only lasted until yesterday. Starting today, I have to endure the name of 「Pervert」 or will it be 「Sex Maniac」.

I nervously looked towards the side, and of course, Yuki looked at me with suspicion as well.

“……Hey, Yagumo? Let me just make sure, but you don’t pull down……other people’s skirts, right?

“Of course not! It must be a trap! Someone must have set me up! Besides, pulling down your classmate’s skirt is a stupid move! Why not just lift it up instead!”

“……Hm, I think lifting up skirts isn’t a normal thought either, is it?”

“……Then, sorry. I was too excited and I started saying things——”

Just as I was explaining myself, I saw a shadow behind a pillar from afar.

——Could this person also want to pull down Yuki’s skirt!?

After I noticed the mysterious person, I immediately went towards the lower body of Yuki and buried my face in her sweater. I used my hands and pressed firmly on Yuki’s skirt.

“Huh!? Wait, wait a second, Yagumo what are you doing!?”

Feeling like she was being harassed by a pervert, Yuki let out a high-pitched scream. In order to protect her skirt, I touched her butt. If I get sued for this, I have no chance of winning.

During the moment where I couldn’t help but think about my life in prison, the skirt suddenly got heavier. It felt like I was lifting an iron plate.

“Yuki! Slowly squat down! That way, the skirt shouldn’t fall!”

“I-I understand.”

While Yuki slowly squatted down, she held her skirt with both hands. But honestly, I could completely see her pink panties from my view. However, I think the ends are more important than the means.

Yuki knelt down in the hallway. We succeeded in preventing the skirt from falling. At least the Exceed on the other side didn’t see anything.

“Hey, Samejima. Come out.”

I shouted towards our classmate, Samejima Gota, who was hiding in the shadows leaning against the pillar.

“That was your earlier wasn’t it? If I remember correctly, your ability can increase the weight of an object within a ten-meter radius by up to fifty kilograms, right? By only increasing the weight of the skirts, the skirts fell by themselves. That’s a really dirty way of using it.

I guess he wasn’t able to disprove my deduction. A large blue-haired man came out slowly from there.

Samejima looks like a bad boy and scary on the outside, but he’s actually very timid. He’s the kind of guy who will spend his breaks alone, playing the string pattern game by himself. However, this only frightened people even more, and no one in the class would talk to him.


It looks like changing Samejima’s perception is impossible. This guy probably has a sadistic nature. Obtaining a powerful ability made him want to experiment on weaker people. I don’t understand.

“I get it, Samejima. First take a hundred steps back, I’ll let you beat me up . However, can you let go of Yuki?”

“No, Yagumo——”

“If you just want to bully someone weak, then I alone am enough, right?”

“No can do. If I let her go, then she’ll tell her friends to come.”

After cruelly rejecting my request, Samejima came in front of me and slowly raised his thick right foot.

“Wait a minute, Samejima. If you start attacking me, then there’s no going back. I’ll have to fight back.”

While I said it, I activated . Ryuji appeared behind Samejima, sandwiching Samejima in the middle.

——However, when Ryuji appeared, it was affected by making it completely immobile.

“I already knew what you were trying to do. You were trying to put the copy of yourself behind me, and when I wasn’t looking, attack me right? It’s such a pity. No matter where you place your copy, it will automatically be targeted by my gravity. Also, the range that can be used is only three meters, so there’s no way that you could get out of the range of my abilities. Come on, if you can counter attack in the embarrassing state you’re in right now, then go ahead and try.”

“……There’s obviously a way to fight back because your is not without its flaws.”

“Flaws?……that’s right, my abilities only work within a ten-meter range. If you use things that fly from a distance——like a shot bullet, for example, then I would have no way to fight back. However, isn’t that kind of weapon banned on school grounds? That’s to say, there’s no way I can lose!!”

Samejima yelled as he aimed his right foot to step down on my head.

The moment he stepped on me, I canceled and we combined back. The Ryuichi that was targeted by Samejima disappeared in a nick of time.

“……I see. Even within the range of , you have a way to escape.”

Samejima was little surprised and quickly turned towards me.

“But Yagumo. The only reason you were able to escape my attack earlier was because I moved very slowly, right? If I stepped down on you earlier at full speed, you couldn’t have dodged it. If you don’t use to create a copy first, then there’s no way that you can dodge.


“Also, you can’t attack from a long distance. How are you going to defeat me by just escaping, huh!?”

Just as Samejima was speaking, a shoe hit the back of his head. Yuki tried her best to take off her shoes and used the resistive force of to throw it at him.

Unfortunately, it didn’t do much damage to Samejima. What’s worse is we made him mad.

“……I guess I really need to teach Nanami a lesson……”

Samejima’s face became worse. He looked like a carnivorous animal that was about to pounce on his prey.

“Yagumo, I still have things to do later. Can you quickly let me crush you.”

“You better get all these pretentious lines out now because you’re definitely going to lose.

“Huh? What are you talking about? Even if one of you do manage to get out, wouldn’t it still be hard to move within my ? And you still think you’re going to beat me?”

“Haha, do I still need to explain myself. I already prepared to fight back.——Look behind you!!”

“What did you say!?”

Samejima took a look back, but there was nothing. Obviously. I said that I was prepared to fight back, but that was only to get him to turn his back to me.

“……What, it was only a bluff. You startled me.”

I took advantage of when the relieved Samejima turned his back at me. I activated again. This time, I put Ryuji on top of him.


As Samejima let a surprised cry, Ryuji’s right foot kicked him in the head violently. Because of the effect of , Ryuji weighed twice as much as he usually did. Imagine the power of the kick.

Samejima probably thought that could only be used on the ground within a three meter radius, but it can actually be used in a spherical radius of three meters. In other words, I just created a copy of myself above my opponent’s head and just simply started to attack.

When my kick hit him, Samejima fainted. Because of that the effect of disappeared, and my body is relaxed again.

After cancelling , I took a deep breath. I picked up Yuki’s shoe on the ground and gave it to her.

“——Thank you, Yagumo. Also, thanks for protecting me earlier.”

Yuki unsteadily got up and thanked me after she was freed from the gravity.

“You’re welcome. Also, any suspicion towards me should be cleared. If we could have quickly cleared the misunderstanding with Minase, it would have been better. It would be better if no one knew of what he did here..”

“Huh?……Oh, oh. I get it.”

“Then, thank you. Let’s take this guy away.”

After requesting his reputation to be returned, we decided to move his unconscious body in one go. ——However, his body was too heavy, so we couldn’t lift it up.

“Well, it seems like our only choice here is to go and borrow a trolley.”

“…….Um, Yagumo. Could it be that you want to send Samejima to the health center?”

Yuki asked the question completely confused. I nodded my head.

“The attack earlier had a big impact. We can’t just leave him here. What if something happens to him.”

“…..Um, Yagumo.This is just a question, so don’t get mad at me.”

“Hm? What?”

“Didn’t Samejima try to hurt us earlier? How can you help him considering what he did to us?”

“……Hm, probably because he can be considered both the perpetrator and the victim? Think about it, didn’t the third-year’s limit our freedom as well? Considering the situation, wanting to commit some minor crimes is understandable.”

“Y-you can understand?”

“Oh, no, I obviously wouldn’t really do it…..but if I took one wrong step, I might have done what Samejima did.”

I was only taking the side of justice. We can’t just easily tell if Samejima was the good guy or the bad guy here. In this world, people aren’t that black or white but gray, and these people account for the overwhelming majority.

Moreover, Samejima could have used for something a lot more sinister, but this time, it was only to pull down a girl’s skirt. That’s because this guy has always been a sadist. Also, I want to believe that through this event, he could possibly re-emerge as a new person.

“Besides, we have nowhere to hide, right? If everyone at school found out about the bad things he did, and even if Samejima couldn’t stay at this school anymore, there would be no way for him to transfer or skip class. Thinking about it this way, I have a lot of sympathy for Samejima. …… I don’t know if Minase will agree, since this is only my wishful thinking.”

I said this while showing a smile, so we could forget about it. However, Yuki had a serious expression. She was treasuring the shoe I returned to her earlier, tightly in her arms.

“That’s not true. I think Yagumo was amazing. If I was in Yagumo’s shoes, there would have been no way that I could have been so considerate and selfless toward others. Also, Yagumo had plenty of chances to beat Samejima, but you didn’t. You kept on trying to persuade him.”

“In the end, there was no way to change his mindset. I had to use violence.”

I said that whilst scratching my head and feeling a little embarrassed. Yuki looked like she made some sort of decision. She put on her shoes and quickly touched Samejima’s body.

“I’ll help move Samejima to the health center. If I use to create a weak resistive force between Yagumo and Samejima, then he would be easier to carry right?”

“That helps a lot. Otherwise, taking this guy to the health center would take a lot of effort.”

“……But. If I use , then I would have to touch Yagumo’s body.”

“Hm? Oh, I understand. Please feel free.”


Yuki put her head down, looking like she didn’t even want to touch me. She stretched out her right hand many times, but immediately pulled it back each time.”

“……Why do I always feel a little embarrassed when I try to do it?”

“Hey, why? You didn’t mind when you touched Samejima’s body, right?”

“That’s true……but the situation with Yagumo is different from Samejima’s.”

“What do you mean!? You can touch Samejima, but you can’t touch me!?”

“T-that’s not what I meant!! It’s more like I want to enjoy feeling you all over!”

“Feeling all of me!? That’s just as bad!? Is it because you’re still mad that I accidently touched your butt while I was pressing your skirt down earlier!?”

“——Ah!! That’s right!! When you were touching me, you took the opportunity to feel my butt up as much as you could!!”

“Can you not say something so misleading!? It was completely unavoidable!!”

“……Ah, I’ll admit that you protected me.. For that, I am grateful.”

“Ah, um, no problem.”

Although having said that, I already saw the great scenery under her skirt while protecting her.

“Also, after hearing what Yagumo said, I came to a realise something. Touching the opposite sex’s body because of unavoidable circumstances is something that happens often in everyday life.”

“Huh?……Ah, yes. Even though using 「often」 to express the frequency is a little too much……”

“So, I’m going to start touching.”

“Being so straightforward about it feels a little weird..”

“Then, where is a good place to touch~”

“Wait a minute! Since it’s just to activate , isn’t it the same no matter where!?”

“That’s not true. The place to touch for is very specific, so I have to touch all kinds of different places for it to work.”

“Didn’t you just casually touch Samejima earlier!? Also, can you not wiggle your fingers like that while saying you want to touch all kinds of different places!? I feel like my v card is at stake!!”

“There’s no problem. It’s only a little scary at the start.”

“That makes you sound like a criminal!!”

“Oh, also. I’m going to start calling Yagumo 「Ryu」 now. Please take care of me.”

“Hm? Why did you pick this time to——”

“An opening!!”

Yuki yelled as she quickly put both of her hands under my armpits.

“Ha, success!”

“W-wait a minute! It tickles! Stop! Save me!”

“How is it, Ryu? You’re going to admit defeat right!”

While Yuki was tickling me, she happily shouted my name. This crossed the line of unpreventable. This is obviously asking for trouble.

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