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“Hey, Ryu, do you want to sneak into the school’s swimming pool with me tonight?”

After school was over, my classmate Nanami Yuki used the chance when the two of us were alone in the classroom. She looked at me with her large blue eyes and proposed the idea.

The room was dyed red by the rays of the setting sun, giving it a fantastical feeling. Occasional gusts of refreshing wind blew in from the open windows, swaying Yuki’s long hair, who was sitting on the teacher’s desk.

“Sound good? How about it? When it’s time, I’ll let you see something nice.”

When she saw me fall silent, Yuki smiled at me like a mischievous kid to make sure. It was June 29 and the pool had just opened recently.

“Are you serious? Wouldn’t it be dangerous to sneak into the school at night?”

Being careful not to reveal what I was actually thinking, I refused and replied to her.

Actually, sharing the pool together with a girl was already a very tempting idea. Getting into the pool together with a girl as cute as Yuki however was even more appealing.

——B-but, ah. No matter what, sneaking into the pool at night is way too dangerous. Especially with the unusual circumstances God City Academy is currently in. If I do whatever I want on a whim, who knows how many problems might occur in the future.

In response to my skepticism, Yuki pursed her lips.

“It’ll be fine. There might be disciplinary officers patrolling the school at night, but if we get caught, they’ll only lock us up in the disciplinary cell without food for three days.”

“How is that fine!?”

“Ah—— you have to look on the bright side. For example, perceiving fasting as mandatory dieting would make it acceptable, right?”

While spouting a bunch of faulty logic, she jumped off the teacher’s desk. Her small blue plaid skirt, which indicated that she was a first year student, fluttered. There was a moment when it showed a bad place above her white thighs.

“If we lose weight by fasting, we can change the part of our body that we aren’t too happy with right? If you think about it this way, don’t you think it’s better if we get caught?”

Yuki clasped her hands and leaned forward, doing the best she could to persuade me. But as I looked at her short-sleeved uniform and her slim body, I realised that her reasoning wasn’t convincing at all. The only weight she could lose were the twin peaks that only girls could possess. But if she did that, all the boys in class would shed tears of blood.

Therefore, I wholly refused her idea.

“I don’t think so. I don’t think so at all. I really don’t think so.”

“Ryu, are you in your rebellious phase?”

“I believe being rebellious against this kind of thing is better…And anyways, what’s this 「something nice」 you wanted to show me? What is it specifically?”

“Please look forward to it when we reach the pool. Or else you’ll definitely regret it, okay? The regret would definitely be enough for you to become a spirit of the pool after you die.”

Yuki put both of her hands on her hips, and proudly puffed out her chest.

“Oh~, you really are confident aren’t you? But becoming a pool haunting spirit sounds unexpectedly interesting right? You can always stay there, right?”

“True. Although the lively times are only limited to the summer, girls in swimsuits are always pleasant to the eyes. However, Ryu will become a ghost trapped in the men’s locker room.”

“What kind of harsh punishment is that?!”

“And the men’s locker room doesn’t even have windows, so you can’t see the scenery outside. Ryu can only be surrounded by boys and listen to the sound of girls frolicking outside.”

“Why not just kill me! … Hey, why am I already dead in your setting. Did I do something wrong in my previous life to deserve this kind of torture?”

“That’s probably it.”

“I have totally no idea what I did.”

“People have always been creatures that unconsciously hurt others.”

Closing her eyes and crossing her arms, Yuki nods her head several times with a satisfied and prideful look. She probably thought she said some very profound things.

“No, wait a minute. If it’s like you said, then wouldn’t every person who dies end up in the boys’ locker room?”

Just the thought of it can give people goosebumps. Whether it was the boy’s locker room or ghosts, both are very hated existences.

“Ah, it’s definitely better not to let all the evil spirits gather in the boy’s locker room. Oh, Ryu, do you know what the eight gates of hell are?”

Yuki had a smirk on her face when she asked the terrifying question.

“The eight gates of hell? What’s that?”

“Well, it’s a general term to describe the eight types of hell where terrible villains are tortured with searing flames. The Eight Gates of Hell are specifically separated into the Hell of Repetitions, the Black Rope Hell, the Great Screaming Hell, the Burning Hell, the Great Burning Hell, Hell of Incessant Suffering, and the Men’s Locker Room Hell.”

“Come on, it’s pretty obvious that you added something completely different… But for some reason, when you put it with the other Hells, it gives one a feeling of shock, with no feeling of unity.”

“There’s an alluring feel of dignity to it.”

“Also, during the summer, the boy’s locker room is hot as hell with the doors and windows closed.”

In other words, the men’s locker room not only gives mental pain, but also physical suffering caused by the heat.

“Anyways, how did you name so many different hells so smoothly?”

Could she have joined an organization like the Research Group of Hell during middle school?

While I thought about these things, I saw Yuki tilt her head thinking about something.

“Huh? Isn’t that common knowledge for high schoolers?”

“Wouldn’t this kind of common knowledge be unwanted. I’m pretty sure this is the first time I’ve heard of this.”

“Sigh~, Ryu have you never accidently looked up 「Hell」 in language class and felt a certain charm from how many varieties there are? Another name for the Eight Gates of Hell is the Eight Hot Hells, but there is also something else called the Eight Cold Hells.”

“No, I already couldn’t understand the idea of accidentally looking up 「Hell」.”

“Hey, that’s a surprise~…oh, yeah. At this age, boys would probably be searching up erotic words like「breasts」.”

“Don’t be presumptuous. I didn’t even say anything.”

…..Well, even though she was completely right, I couldn’t come up with a suitable comeback.

I’m not bragging or anything, but my electronic dictionary’s history is full of erotic vocabulary. Today in language class, we boys looked up 3 simple words 「Breasts」, 「Come」, and 「Admire」, then we played a game which involved forming a sentence from the dictionary’s history.

“By the way, if things like the Eight Hot Hells and Eight Cold Hells existed, then could things like the Seven Heavens really exist too?”

“No. Unfortunately, there aren’t that many varieties of Heavens.”

“Sigh~, if that’s the case, then the various kinds of Hell would sound appealing.”

“Right, it has a very romantic feeling doesn’t it.”

“I don’t really think it’s all that romantic.”

“However, if it does continue like this, the kingdom of heaven would lose its place. So, how about we think of the Seven Heavens a little?”

“Maybe from Heaven’s point of view, we should be minding our own business but that’s a good point. The girl’s locker room should be counted in the Seven Heavens completely opposite of the Eight Gates of Hell’s boy’s locker room.”

If after I die I can live in the girl’s locker room, then starting today and until I die, I will wholeheartedly contribute to society. This could be called devotion.

“The same way, the girl’s bathroom could also be a candidate.”

“Overruled. They’re all too direct.”

“Sigh~ then what works? You give an example.”

“Well, first, doesn’t the supermarket have a really small games counter? There’s also the just right air-conditioned bookstore and don’t forget the electronic appliances’ massage chairs.”

“The Heavens you’re talking about are all really easy to access, aren’t they.”

“There’s more, there’s more. There’s also the moment when you eat fried chicken skin!”

“That’s not even a place.”

“The greasy unhealthy feeling is so good. Also, the thing that I like to eat the most is——.”

This can’t go on. The topic completely changed.

“Stop. That’s enough. Stop thinking about the Seven Heavens.”

“Sigh~ if I seriously think about it, I can name at least one more hundred things.”

“I don’t have that kind of time to waste with you…Anyway, what were we talking about at the beginning?”

“We were talking about how Ryu’s soul will be trapped in the men’s locker room in the future.”

“No. It was about sneaking into the pool tonight.”

“Ah, now that you mention it, we did discuss something like that.”

“…..The one who brought it up was you. How could you forget…”

“So, what are you going to do? Do you want to go with me, or do you want to go together.”

“That was just a different way of saying the same thing. … Ah, but this. Since you’ve tried so hard and I’m curious about what you want to show me, let’s go together.

“Really? That’s really great!”

Because she got my agreement, Yuki let out a happy yell. She’s getting excited about such a small thing.

“Then it’s set for 8:10 tonight. Let’s meet near the entrance of the outdoor swimming pool.”

“Huh? It doesn’t really matter, but why do you want to meet at such an exact time?”

“Isn’t obvious? Four discipline members will pass the pool at approximately 8:05.”

“Hey, what… wait, something’s wrong. How are you so clear about the disciplinary committee’s operations?”

“Huh? Isn’t it common knowledge among high school students?”

“It’s not even common knowledge, okay. And even if it was common knowledge among high schoolers, the disciplinary committee would know as well and would definitely change their schedule.”

“Wow, Ryu talks like how he always does, logically. Do you not enjoy life?”

“No, talking logically doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy life.”

But it’s true that I am sometimes jealous of Yuki’s empty head.

“Then the strategy meeting ends here.”

“You’re calling it a strategy meeting, but all we did was set a time to meet.”

“The operation at the scene will be determined by each person.”

“Putting it in simple words, we’re doing it extemporaneously.”

“Um, that’s putting it nicely, but that’s what it is.”

“Huh? That’s weird. I wanted to put it in a bad way.”

I couldn’t help but smile at my sarcasm. However, Yuki clearly didn’t get the sarcasm and tilted her head.

…..So easily agreeing to the plan devised by this idiot. Will there really be no problems…..

Although I felt uneasy, it has already been settled. We decided to separate here and go back to the boy’s and girl’s dormitory individually.

After closing the classroom’s window, we walked into a long and quiet hallway. Because all school activities were postponed for some reason,the whole school was surrounded by silence and solitude.

None of this bothered Yuki, though. She happily hopped and skipped towards the main entrance. Every time she jumped, her peach-colored hair and super short skirt cutely lifted up.

After changing our shoes at the shoe lockers, we walked out of the front gate made of red bricks. From where we stood to student dormitories was about three minutes away by foot. The City of God Academy is a full boarding school, so around three hundred students resided in the school dormitories.

Both the boy and girl dormitories had three buildings. The one farthest away is for 1st-year students and, in contrast, the one closest is used by 3rd-year students.

Every dorm had fourteen floors, and each floor had ten rooms. Looking from the bottom to the top, it seems like the outside of a luxury hotel complete with the title 「Dormitory」. So the people that see it for the first time are knocked out by the luxurious appearance. Since there’s little change in annual enrollment, many of the rooms are empty. What a waste.

“Then, Yuki, see you later.”

“Mhm. Bye-bye, Ryu.”

Immediately after exiting the school is the byroad intersection. We split up there. The right of the road leads to the Boys’ Dormitory and the left leads to the Girls’ Dormitory.

Trees that were often tended to surrounded the road leading to the dormitory door. Growing alongside the trees was lush green grass. It really gives people a pleasurable feeling.

After eating dinner in the cafeteria, I went back to my room on the fourth floor. I tried to waste some time by myself, not knowing when I started dozing off. The air conditioning and lights of the room were left on.

Suddenly, after remembering the promise, my whole body jumped up. I looked at the black clock on the table showing the numbers 「8:07」.

Dammit. It’s almost time to meet with Yuki.

I opened the huge window next to my bed planning to immediately go to the balcony. The porch of the main entrance was locked tightly after 8:00 PM and there might be someone monitoring the entrance. The best way to slip out of the dormitory was to jump down to the first floor’s balcony and quietly come out from there.

——Ah, that was a close call. I almost forgot my swimsuit.

In order not to end up swimming naked, I packed it in advance. I pulled my bag next to my pillow and roughly put in my swimsuit.

However, because I was panicking too much, when I went to grab the bag on the side, I hit the clock on the table.

Like being pushed, the clock started to fall. It hit the floor. The impact broke a part of the clock on the side.

“Ahh, shit.”

Because this clock was given to me by my sister during the high school entrance ceremony, damaging it was a really hard blow to me.

However, right now, there’s no time for mourning. Fortunately, the clock still seemed to be functioning, so in my heart, I silently apologized 「Tomorrow, I’ll stick you back together with some glue」 when he jumped off the balcony.

I successfully snuck out of the dormitory. I tried not to make any sound with my footsteps as I ran across the street with a lot of trees planted. Even at this time, it was still hot outside, and the wind that blew was lukewarm.

This was the first time I left the dormitory at night. Because the lights didn’t illuminate every corner, there was always an unexplainable chill down my spine. The feeling of not knowing when I will meet the terror of the disciplinary committee also added to the nervousness.

In the end, I was still late by two minutes when I arrived. Of course, Yuki was already there, waiting, with her hands on her slender waist and wearing a stiff expression.

“Seriously, this isn’t okay, Ryu. Isn’t it necessary to arrive ten minutes early for a date with a girl?”

“No, I will definitely pay for being late, but you need to hold it. If I did need to arrive ten minutes before for the appointment, then I would have definitely encountered the disciplinary committee.”

“Hm, I guess that’s true.”

“If it’s like that, then shouldn’t I get complimented for not getting here ten early minutes early but rather late?”

“No, I don’t think so.”

“…..I guess so.”

I’m really ashamed for not being able to fool her. At first, I thought that since the opponent was Yuki, it would work.

“OK. Let’s not stay here. It would be stupid if we got caught by the disciplinary committee. Let’s quickly start to sneak into the pool.”


After Yuki nodded her head happily, we went on standby at the green fence that surrounded the swimming pool.

“So, Ryu, in order to coordinate better, let’s hold hands and take this opportunity to jump over together.”

“True. Even though I’m a little hesitant because it’s usually done by close couples, but after all, it’s more convenient to coordinate at the opportunity to jump over.”

“Don’t, don’t talk about things related to close couples! Instead, it only makes people uneasy! I’ll start with the good part, in fact, I could jump over even if I was by myself!”

Yuki became flushed and shook her pink hair in protest.

However, I don’t mind holding Yuki’s left hand. Even though I don’t doubt that she could jump to the other side of the fence by herself, I don’t want to miss the opportunity to hold her hand.

“I’m sorry. We’re not close couples. We’re just really close friends.”


“We’re just friends holding hands, abbreviated as hand friends.”

“It’s a really crazy relationship, huh.”

Perhaps there’s something that dissatisfied her. Yuki pursed her lips.

“…..Whatever. It’s not like Ryu’s retardedness started today anyways.”

“Huh? Retarded?”

“Nevermind. Then let’s get in good spirits?….. One, Two!”

Cooperating with Yuki’s shouts, we used our feet and jumped off the ground. Our bodies reached an unimaginable height. We easily got across the two-meter fence.

Our sudden astonishing ability was, of course, not because we were the high jump record holders. It’s all thanks to Yuki’s power .

The so-called is the ability to produce a strong magnetic force with any object or place in advance. In this case, Yuki used her ability when we jumped and created a strong repulsion between 「us」 and 「the ground beneath our feet」. In magnetic terms, we temporarily created an S pole between 「us」 and 「the ground beneath our feet」. It was that kind of thing.

When we touched the ground in the swimming pool, we quickly dissolve the relationship of holding hands. After we walked around the twenty-five meter, four-sided swimming pool. We began heading towards the locker rooms to change clothes.

But, obviously, the locker rooms were locked. There’s no way to use them.

“Now, it’s time for you to show off, Ryu. Let’s just use the usual way to open the door to the girl’s locker room.”

“…..Talking about me like that makes me sound like a peeper and also a habitual offender.”

While I quietly grumbled, I activated my ability . Then, on the other side of the door someone I named 「Ryuji」 appeared, which is also me.

When is used, you can create a copy of yourself within a three meter radius. In other words, you can use to get past any door or wall of no more than three meters.

…..However, there’s a fatal flaw to this skill.

“Oh, yeah!! Yeah, it’s the girl’s locker room that I always think about!! The thought of girls usually displaying sexy poses gets me all excited!!”

It’s like telepathy. I hear Ryuji’s stupid voices echo in my mind.

“It’s a rare opportunity, let me quickly take in a few breaths!!”

Seriously. He’s actually stupid.

When is activated, I named them 「Ryuichi」 and 「Ryuji」 to distinguish my two selves. After splitting into two, I don’t know why the appearance is exactly the same but the personalities are very different.

There’s no doubt that the person on the other side was me, but I felt ashamed when I thought about Ryuji. Ryuji is an essential part「Ryu」,which is mostly made up of the stupid parts.

When watching his every move, there’s this kind of feeling of writing a love letter or poem at night and cringing when you read it after getting waking up. This kind of dark history was enough to make people go mad.

On the other hand, Ryuichi has the less idiotic half. This makes his personality more gloomy than usual and is calmer when considering these kinds of things.

“…..Hey, Ryuji. Don’t do anything stupid. Hurry up and open the door.”

In order not to be found out by Yuki who’s next to me, I used telepathy to lecture Ryuji.

“Ryuji, if you keep dawdling, Yuki will get suspicious.“

“More importantly, Ryuichi think about how we can bring the air from this locker room with us.”

“Shut up. Even if you did bring it back, there would be no point. If you have time to think of such a petty plan, you might as well go find a suitable place to install a camera.”

“Whoa! This guy is a bad boy! The person on the other side of the door is a super bad boy!”

All I did was give a very common idea, what a rude guy.

“I need to protect all the school girls from Ryuichi’ s grasp!!”

What is the idiot that wants to take out the air of the locker room saying.

If this continues, there won’t be an end. So, I decided to temporarily canceled and combined as one with Ryuji in the locker room. As I switched, my vision suddenly switched to the one in the girl’s locker room. This kind of feeling when moving in the air, no matter how many times it’s done, is always exciting.

…..Mmm. Even though it looked exactly the same as the boy’s locker room, there seemed to be a nice smell. It must be something psychological.

After calming down, I opened the door. And went to the side Yuki was waiting at.

“That took an abnormally long time. Did something happen?”

Putting it more directly, Yuki was asking if we can finally use the locker room while half-smiling.

“Could it be that after seeing the girl’s locker room, Ryu got excited?”

“Huh, what? What are you talking about. How could I get excited?”

“Hey~ liar~ didn’t you say the girl’s locker room was a man’s dream?”

“No, no, no. Doesn’t that only work when there’s someone inside?”

“Oh~ so that’s how it is. Then that means you didn’t have any interest in checking the whole room, right?”

“Of course. My eyes were actually closed the whole time.”

“And did you not take a breath of the air inside?”

“Of course not. Actually, during the entire time I was in the girl’s locker room, I didn’t breathe at all.”

I’m completely lying. However, deceiving others is crucial to survival.

Yuki who believed my words just like that, directly went into the girl’s locker room

“…..Hey, Yuki. I have no other intentions, but to make it faster. Since it’s just the two of us, why don’t we change our clothes in the locker room together?”

“Ryu, do you know you could get beaten up by my father?”

“Let me withdraw my impudent behavior a moment ago, and apologize with my deepest heartfelt apologies to all the relevant parties that I have troubled.”

After quickly spitting out a bunch of words of apology, I quickly fled to the boy’s locker room.

I still have a lot of unfinished business in this world!

After taking about three minutes to put on my swimsuit, I noticed that Yuki didn’t look like she was done. I repressed my excitement, tested the pool water’s temperature, stretched a little, and waited.

Finally, I heard the door open behind me. I turned my head back with hope.

Yuki stood there with a shy expression, looking like a beauty from a faraway land under the illumination of the light.

Yuki, she’s actually wearing a bikini-style swimsuit!!

I couldn’t believe this at all. Even my breath stagnated, as I stared blankly at the swimsuit-wearing Yuki.

——Looking at it at a common perspective, my reaction might have been overdramatic. However, under the current situation of the school’s system, it’s impossible for Yuki to get her hands on a bikini-style swimsuit.

For some reason, starting from April 28th this year, we were enclosed within City of God Academy. So the items we can get is very limited. Specifically, there’s only the school cafeteria for the daily distribution of food and shops selling drinks and necessities. Other than those, it’s impossible buy anything else. Also, in the school’s girl’s swimwear shop, there’s only school swimsuits.

“…..How, Yuki. Shouldn’t all the swimsuits sold in stores Siamese-style?”

Towards the serious attitude when I asked for an explanation, Yuki worryingly frowned.

“Wait a minute. Why would Ryu know what kind girl’s swimsuit the shops sell?”

“That sort of thing is fine no matter what. Right now is not the time to discuss minor matters.”

“Really? I think it’s a very important issue.”

“Don’t think too much about it. Isn’t what kind of girl’s swimsuit sold at school stores common knowledge for high school boys.”

“If that’s the case, since it’s common knowledge, nothing can be done about it.”

“Even I’m uncomfortable knowing what is sold in the girl’s swim store——don’t just accept it easily!”

“Huh? Easily? Why should I be the one scolded here?”

“What!? ….. No, that’s not it. I’m not scolding you. It’s great that Yuki is so pure. It would be better to say I’m praising you.”

“I’ve never heard praises expressed this way…..but whatever.”

Are we really going to let it go like this.

Even me, who was originally fooling around, became worried over that casual fellow.

Although with that said, the fact that Yuki was easily lied to didn’t just begin, and so the topic returned back to bikinis.

“Since you have this kind of bikini, that means after the school closed, you talked with some people outside of the school, right?”

If that’s the case, then I can’t let this go so easily. After all these years of being closed in, I finally found a ray of hope.

——However, to the hopeful me. She bluntly said…

“Sorry to burst your bubble, but this swimsuit was transformed into a bikini by modifying it in the sewing room.”


She completely crushed my budding hope.

…..It got me all excited that there’s a way to communicate with the outside world…..

——No, Yuki isn’t that stupid. If a way has been discovered, there would be a lot more important things to get done before getting a bikini.

“Ah, could it be that I look strange? I put my all into making it, but there’s no way to show it in class, so I just wanted Ryu to take a look at it…..Are you bothered by it?”

“Ah, no, how could this bother me. …..It’s just like you said, I saw something nice today.”

Yuki is not only cute. Her body is beautiful, too. Wearing a swimsuit might make her boobs burst out. Her chest size from what I see is at least a D cup, but could even be an E cup.

“I’ll firmly remember this beauty I saw, in my heart. I can probably keep living tomorrow.”

“Don’t. Don’t say such embarrassing things. Ryu’s so fussy…..Then, let’s take a swim first?”

Yuki’s face turned red after saying that. And before I could answer, she had already jumped in the swimming pool. When were talking, she must have felt shy. She can’t help but try to escape.

Following Yuki’s lead, I jumped in the pool as well. The water temperature is a little warm, but since the night is humid, it’s still pretty comfortable.

“Hey, Ryu, let’s compete, ok? Fifty meters freestyle!”

“Oh oh, let’s do it. Do you also want to have a punishment game?”

“Hmmm, then the one who loses has to add 「Meow」 to the end of every sentence today.”

“That works. I like that.”

“Ok. Then let’s have a match, fair and square!”

Seeming like she has a lot of confidence in her swimming, Yuki showed a bright smile. However, I also grew up swimming in the sea, so I don’t think I’ll lose to a girl at all.

We stood on the starting lines of adjacent lanes at the same time.

I’m giving you a handicap by leaving the starting signal to you.

“Oh~very confident, huh. Ok, then. Ready, get set, go!”

With that signal, both Yuki and I almost simultaneously jumped into the water. It made a really loud noise and a big splash.

——However, immediately after the match started, something unexpected occurred. I saw Yuki’s freestyle for the first time, and the speed was astonishing.

No matter how hard I tried to catch up, the gap with Yuki kept on widening. It would make people suspect that she installed propellers somewhere.

…..Something’s off. Although Yuki’s posture is indeed very beautiful, but that speed is surreal. Even Olympians who have taken steroids wouldn’t be able to compete with her.

I stopped swimming and focused on watching Yuki in the middle of the pool. It has only been ten seconds since the beginning, and she’s already at the turnaround point.

“——Hey, that’s way too fast! Are you a marine animal!”

I couldn’t help shouting and Yuki replied from afar.

“Good God. I didn’t think that anyone would accuse me about my swimming speed. What a sharp eye!”

“Shut up! What can I say about you. You must have used ! You must have used it to pull towards the wall on the other side.”

“Who knows? Do you have any evidence?”

“Don’t play dumb! You just said to 「have a match fair and square」!

“Seriously, Ryu only likes to get angry. Fine, then as my apology to you, I won’t move my body to swim.”

“Then that doesn’t even count as swimming!”

After this and that, I easily got beaten in this swimming competition. What kind of match is this.

“Hah~what an intense match.”

“How was it intense. Because the match was too stupid, I gave up halfway.”

“Hey, Ryu, the moment you gave up, you lost the entire match. Also, since you lost, you need to add「Meow」to the end of your sentences.”


Yuki climbed up from the pool and stood at the starting point, looking sideways while biting her lips due to feeling remorseful towards me. Her wet pink hair hung loosely on her snowy neck and shoulders, giving off a very sensational taste.

“So, making Ryu say whatever lines is fine?”

With the smile of a mischievous child on her face, Yuki started to ponder. Is there no person who can punish her for a day.

——Thinking up to here, in the next moment, she was in front of me and her bikini bra burst.

An unexpected opportunity arrived. I’m going to deeply imprint the sight of Yuki’s defenseless chest in my mind.

There couldn’t have been more beautiful twin peaks, even the pale pink tips could clearly be seen.


Yuki, who had comprehended what had happened a few seconds late, let out a huge scream of shock, immediately covering her chest with her hands.

After a few seconds, Yuki’s face flushed as she maintained her posture, trembling with fear while looking at my face.
….This, would it be better to say something smart….?

After worrying about what response to say, I simply took a breath and said my honest feelings.

“…Ah, nice, amazing, Meow”

“Ryu, you’re a big idiot!!”

Yuki’s eyes teared up as she screamed and yelled at me, quickly disappearing into the women’s locker room.

….It seems like the use of to complete her super fast swimming made her bikini bear more than she could endure huh…

I, who was left alone on the swimming pool edge, was silently concluding the cause of this incident.

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