Dual Sword Liberator Volume 1 Chapter 2-2

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Chapter 2: Greed Giant (Part 2)

After I finished eating, Yuki and I separated. I returned to my room to retrieve the sword and my bag, then I set off towards the science room at the east branch of the premises. Because normally, nobody would go to the east side at this time, I thought that I would definitely be suspected if I was caught by a third year. I couldn’t help sweating all over.

I tiptoed down the empty hallway, finally arriving safely in front of the science classroom. Fortunately, up until now, I didn’t come across anyone. I immediately activated , sending the me who was holding the flashlight into the science classroom. The Ryuji, who was outside, rushed to back to class.

I entered the password on the control panel. I then entered the hole while turning on the flashlight. After getting used to it, I found the channel breezy and surprisingly comfortable.

Finally coming to the end of the secret passageway, I then pressed the same button as I had yesterday, which activated a mechanism to make the floor disappear. I then dropped down, but made sure that my heart was ready, so that I wouldn’t drop the flashlight this time.

——But almost at the same time as the floor opened, I noticed something very strange. The ceiling lights were somehow all on. Yesterday, when we left, we had already shut them off——

“I’ve been waiting for you for a long time, Yagumo Ryu.”

The person who had gotten to the underground room before me said when I had just landed.

I instantly recognized voice, and went into battle mode.

“Kito, why are you here?”

“Heh, you seem to be very surprised. I didn’t wait here for nothing.”

Kito stood astride in the middle of the room, ignoring my question and sneered.

“If you were thinking of coming to investigate the data here, then it’s really a shame. Because this morning, the laptop and all of the information had already been confiscated.”


Looking around, the bookshelf had already been swept clean, and the laptop on the desk was gone.

This was too unlucky. Just because of this tiny difference, all the stuff had been taken away.

…….No. No matter what, this timing is way too coincidental. The morning right after we cracked the code, the third years immediately followed.

“…… Could you have deliberately let us go?”

“Oh~ your head works fast. That’s exactly it.”

Seeing Kito’s indifferent smile, I instantly understood everything.

“Then, basically, Kujyo getting the information related to the sacred sword from the library were all just part of the third year’s trap.”

“You’re quite keen. You’re completely correct. However, this was originally only the librarian committee chairman’s idea. We had already noticed this laboratory before, but we couldn’t find the exact location. So, we advertised the rumor of a sacred sword and demonic blade. We then put the information into the library’s books, and waited for a kouhai that could solve the puzzle to appear.”

After having said that, Kato raised his right hand, and pointed towards the direction of the science classroom.

“You guys didn’t notice that there was a surveillance camera on the ceiling of the science room, right? It’s been disguised as something like a fire alarm. If it isn’t dismantled, it definitely won’t be found. So, we heard everything that you guys talked about here last night, loud and clear.”


We lost badly. When I heard Kujyo had went to the library to gather information, I should have immediately have raised my alertness level.

“…… Basically, you didn’t continue chasing us last night because you wanted to let us go meet with Kujyo at the science room?”

“That’s right, it’s just as you said. … Although I want to say that, it was really just a coincidence. The glass that you hit me with all pierced my wrist. It wasn’t the right time to chase after you. Because I thought you guys would immediately go back to the dorms, I called it a day and went to the infirmary to pull out the glass.”

While recalling the pain from last night, Kito used his left hand to hold the right hand exposed by his T-shirt. It seemed like there’s no more injury now. The healthcare members probably used their abilities to cure it.

“……Uh, we troubled you on that.”

“Rest assured. I definitely won’t let you go for that.”

He glanced at me without hesitation. I should quickly change the subject.

“Since there are security cameras in the science classroom, you guys noticed that Kujyo was sneaking in there a long time ago.”

“Of course, Kujyo Elena could possibly help us decipher the code. So, we gave her freedom to do anything while monitoring from the side. Well, we just didn’t expect too much.”

“However, last night we successfully opened the entrance to the underground room.”

“We were a little bit careless. When we found of about it, you guys were already heading back. Fortunately, you guys only took away a sword, so we immediately rushed here and took away all the data.”


Once again, I greatly regretted that I didn’t bring out the documents. If I took it away yesterday, this would have preempted the third years.

“By the way, I can tell you one thing. The reason I was waiting here is because one of my companions overheard you guys’ conversation at the cafeteria. Why didn’t you find a private place to talk about something so important.”


Now that I thought about it, we were careless from the beginning of our operations yesterday. Originally, we wanted to begin before the third years, but we were just playing into their hands.

…… I always make this kind of stupid mistake, and yet I talk about beating the third years……

“——Ok, spoilers end here. We should get to the main topic now.”

Kito said with an oppressive tone as he walked towards me. His height of one hundred and eighty meters paired with his body full of muscles. This kind of oppressive aura simply isn’t a joke.

“I don’t have to say more, do I. Your conduct yesterday clearly violated the rules. It must be punished.”

“Breaking the rules or whatever was just decided by the third years I bet.”

“Hmph, you have the nerve to say that when you snuck into the school at night.”

“I don’t want to be told that by the people who placed us under house arrest.”

“That’s true, but I must fulfill my duties as a disciplinary member. I also want to return the favor for what you did to my right hand last night.”

“…… Are you trying to make every effort to punish me?”

“That’s exactly right, or are you saying you want all the disciplinary members to beat you black and blue?”


In this situation, I obviously didn’t have the guts to say 「This abuse is lynching, right?」. I should stop resisting. It would be better to give in obediently.

However, if it’s ends like this, why did we desperately try to run away.

“Looking at your expression, I’m guessing you’re not going to try and resist, right?”

“Of course not. How could I make such a suicidal act as to the disciplinary committee my enemy.”

“I see. It’s such a shame that you are so sensible.”

“Is that so?”

Does he really want to beat me up that badly.

“……Anyways, Yagumo. Before I punish you, I need to ask a favor of you. I hope you can give me the sword that you got from the underground room.”

“……Huh? The sword?”

“Yes. It’s like you guys said yesterday. That sword could be the key to finding the location of the sacred sword or demonic blade.”

“…..What if I say I don’t want to give it?”

“We obviously won’t make you give it to us for nothing. Last night you broke into the school and hindered the disciplinary committee’s duties. According to rules, you and Nanami Yuki are supposed to be punished for ten days. However, if you hand out the sword, I can cut it in half. Just five days is enough. Also, Kujyo Elena is supposed to have three days of punishment, but I can lessen her’s it by one day. Just two days are enough.”


The exchange that I was offered gave me a headache. All the information in the underground room was taken up. The only thing we have left that contains clues to the sacred sword and demonic blade is this sword. How could I give up the sword just for the benefit of having my punishment halved.

Even though I said that, I definitely didn’t want to stay in the punishment room for ten days based on the current situation. Also, looking at the tough measures the third years have been making in the past couple of months, they could find a suitable reason such as 「retrieving equipment that have been taken out without permission」 while we were imprisoned in the punishment to obtain the sword.

——And, I also want to try to prevent getting Yuki and Kujyo thrown into the punishment room as well.

“…… Kito, how about this?”

After thinking about it, I gave him a proposal.

“After school, I’ll have a duel with you.”

“——What! A duel!?”

“That’s right. If I win, I would like you to forget our violation of the rules yesterday.”

Kito mockingly shrank his shoulders towards my proposal.

“Although I don’t know how you came up with dueling, it does seem like a good idea. ——But, it would be good to hear beforehand. What happens if you lose?”

“For twenty days, starting today, I will stay in the punishment room. Of course, I will also hand in the sword from the underground room.”


Kito’s expression changed.

“Don’t underestimate the punishment room. If you lose, then you would be stuck in a pitch dark room that doesn’t even have windows for twenty days. Towards the students who are put in there, nothing edible will be provided other than drinking water. Knowing this, can you easily say such a thing?”

“I’m not casually saying this. I said it because I have confidence that I can win.”

Even though I made this kind of bluff, I didn’t have a plan. It was because even if I was to be locked inside such a punishment room, I have confidence in using to escape the punishment room. Also, if I just made either me or Ryuji stay in the punishment room, then the discipline committee would definitely be unable to find out. If I disguise myself, I could definitely eat all the snacks that I wanted outside!

After I indifferently came up with my strategy, I continued speaking.

“I heard that people only need water to survive a month. Even if I’m under imprisonment for twenty days, I still shouldn’t die.”

“…..Hmph. I can only assume that your brain has problems.”

Holding his arm, Kito sneered with disdain. However, I couldn’t cower here.

“So, what’s it going to be? Are you going to accept these conditions?”

“Wait for a minute. This is indeed a fascinating proposal, but there is a bigger premise. Disciplinary committee members can’t turn a blind eye towards the violation of the school rules——”

“It wouldn’t be a problem if you won. Not only did you not let go of the rule breaker, but you also gave him double the punishment. Not only that, you can even get your hands on the sword. Or, are you scared of losing to me?”

“That’s obviously using provocative tactics on me.”

“Because of what happened yesterday, I guess you don’t find me very pleasing to the eye, right? The glass that pierced into your arm yesterday hurt badly, right?”

“Although it causes a lot of anger, those two things are completely different matters. I will not mix duty with our private matters.”


Kito is actually such an exemplary person. I thought that if I put it this way, he would have definitely taken the bait.

If that was the case, then I would have to desperately gamble on this.

“Ok, I understand now. If you don’t accept this proposal, then I guess I’ll just have to destroy the sword immediately.”

After hearing what I said, Kito’s face contorted. It seemed like I hit a nerve.

“You know what I can do, right? Actually, the sword is in the classroom. So, if you refuse to fight me, I’ll have the other me, who’s in the classroom, immediately break the sword.”


“I could use telepathic abilities with my other self. It would be better to say that my other self is completely ignoring class and keeping his eyes peeled for any new developments. Even if you want to retrieve it immediately, you definitely won’t make it in time.”

“……Are you serious?”

“Of course.”

I looked back with a provocative gaze towards Kito, who towered above me.

After a while, Kito pretendingly sighed and scratched his head.

“Ok, I get it. I’ll just accept your challenge.”

“That means you agree to have a duel with me, right?”

“How many times do you want me to say it, so annoying.”

Kito waved his hand like he was driving away flies.

“Oh, that’s right, Yagumo. You look like you haven’t dueled before. Did you know there are a few rules in the closed-in school campus game. The student council president should have already explained what would happen on April 28th.”

“…..Ah, I seem to remember something of the sort, but I’m not clear about the specific details anymore.”

“Firstly, you have to ask for a duel in advance. You can’t ambush. Secondly, without a particular reason, you cannot duel outside of the school campus.”

Kito started reciting the rules of dueling. I wasn’t sure if it was just me, but Kito seemed to have a smug look on his face.

“Thirdly,the duel must be under the supervision of the health committee chairman.”

“If the health committee chairman is there, then wounds could be treated immediately even if someone was seriously injured during the duel.”

“That’s right. However, if you accept treatment, then you’re basically admitting defeat.”

“I will keep that in mind.”

“Fourthly, battles will generally last until one side admits defeat or loses consciousness. However, if one side is seriously hurt, the supervisors will determine if there is any danger with continuing the fight. That would also immediately determine the winner.”

“I guess that’s to prevent people from battling to the death.”

“That’s right. There are some other rules, but only these four pertain to this duel. The rules would subtly change for each duel pertaining to the opponent. If you get the chance, ask someone else to explain to you. ——Also, let me handle the application for this duel.”

“That would really be appreciated.”

“Then I will confirm one more time. The results of this duel will determine whether you are pardoned or punished. Is there really no problem with this?”

“Of course not.”

After getting my confirmation, Kito took out his student handbook and briefly recorded what we talked about earlier.

「If Yagumo Ryu wins: he will be pardoned for all of his punishments.」

「If Yagumo Ryu loses: starting today, he will be locked up for twenty days and will give the sword he found in the basement to the third-years.」

“Let me say this beforehand. This time it’s a special case. Don’t think this will happen again.”

“Mhm, obviously there isn’t a problem with that, Kito. However, where you wrote 「if Yagumo Ryu wins」, could you also add 「Nanami Yuki and Kujyo Elena’s punishment will also all be pardoned」?”

“…..Huh? I obviously can’t allow that. There was no such condition when we discussed earlier——”

“I guess I’ll destroy the sword.”

“——Ok, fine. I got it. I really lost big on this one.”

“Thank you very much. I always knew Kito would be able to do it.”

“Shut up, you low life pretending to be like other people who protect girls.”

“It’s not only to protect them because they’re girls, but also because they’re my friends.”

“Hmph, kill yourself.”

“How could you talk trash about me so frankly?”

“Ah, that’s right. Changing the subject, I have a couple things to add about the punishment room.”

“Right after you pretend like nothing happened and changed the subject!”

“I think you should know without me telling you. To Exceeds, the lock on doors is nothing other than a decoration. So, anyone who enters the punishment room will all receive an order to not escape the room with Kirihara’s .


“However, seeing the way you boasted of your amazingness, you definitely shouldn’t have considered anything cowardly like escaping.”

“……T-that goes without saying. It’s really annoying. I definitely didn’t think of a strategy like going outside to eat snacks until I’m full.”

“I also think that way. You really have such a manly spirit. I’m really thankful for that. I’m really looking forward to our duel after school.”

As Kito said that, an evil smile appeared on his face.


“——So, that’s why I’m going to duel Kito.”

A period of time elapsed. It was now first period’s break. I lifted , and I told Yuki and Kujyo, who were in the classroom, about the negotiations I had in the basement earlier.

“……I can only say that you’re too hasty.”

Kujyo said coldly with a complex expression and her arms crossed.

“It really is commendable that you want to prevent having me thrown into the punishment room, but you have basically no chance of winning.”

“Nope, Elena. How dare you curb his enthusiasm in one of the few instances where Ryu has vigor? I support you, Ryu.”

“Seriously Nanami, you’re spoiling Yagumo too much. …..Having said that, I don’t detest reckless guys. Even though you’ll lose badly, good luck.”

In response to Kujyo’s insincere support accompanied with a half-smile, I retorted like this.

“Heheh. It’s a pity, Kujyo. I shouldn’t lose this match.”

“Oh? Could it be that you have some sort of countermeasure?””

“Ah. It’s just like you said. Yuki used on Kito’s right hand last night. So, immediately after the battle begins, I’ll let Yuki activate and throw large amounts of glass shards just like yesterday. I don’t even have to do anything and Kito will be unable to fight.”

This is the trump card that I’ll use in the duel with Kito. The sly Ryuji would never provoke in a situation that has no chance of winning.

On the other hand, Kujyo frowned after hearing this countermeasure.

“That strategy is too petty.”

“However, we would definitely win.”

“You say it like this, but isn’t this completely relying on outside factors?”

“You can call it whatever you want. As long as we win, it wouldn’t matter.”


At this moment, Yuki suddenly interrupted with a very sorry appearance.”

“I’m sorry to tell you that ’s mark resets whenever I sleep…… So, if you want to use it on Kito again, I would have to touch him again.”

“……Huh? Are you serious?”

“Mhm, completely. So, the strategy of using on Kito is completely unworkable.”


This was an unexpected obstacle.

“…..Uh, then let’s look for opportunities of approaching Kito before school ends and think of whatever way we can touch him…..”

“Our opponent isn’t stupid. He will definitely be alert of Yuki who’s on your side. It’s probably very difficult to even approach him.”


Kujyo’s remarks made me speechless. I was in a state of despair.

“Yagumo, don’t be so depressed. We’ll see you after you come out of the punishment room twenty days later.”

“You already determined that I’ll lose.”

“You don’t have any other battle plans, right? Or are you saying you’ll terminate the duel?”

Kujyo scornfully shrugged.

“I don’t really care much. I was already prepared to enter the punishment room.”

“——Hey, hey, Kujyo. You’re wrong about me. I definitely won’t run away.”

I declared to Kujyo, who didn’t have any faith in me.

“The me that took pride in avoiding unsure battles died because of Kuyjo’s words yesterday. Now take a good look at the reborn me”

“——Hmph. You can really talk. Judging by your incessant chatter, you must have thought of other strategies to defeat him, right?”

“Of course.”

“Interesting. If you can really defeat Kito, then I’ll give you a reward.”

Just as Kujyo said that sneering, the bell for the second class started ringing. The gigantic TV in front of the room started playing a recording. The class began.

We immediately returned to our seats and took out our math notebooks. Because there are surveillance cameras on top of the TV, it will catch everything going on in the classroom and transfer it to the third years. If you weren’t seriously studying, then you’ll be taken to the punishment room by the disciplinary committee.

The ringing ended, and the teacher on the TV started lecturing.


I’m already forced to a dead end. What should I do now?

I can’t turn back having told them these things. I can’t see any hope in defeating Kito. However, I don’t want to be suspended for twenty days. Knowing this, I should have confirmed the effects of earlier……

I had a sad expression as I was troubled with this. Although I still like math, this isn’t the time to study.


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