DKC Chapter 6 Released

Hi all, Chapter 6 of DKC is released! At my old website on wordpress, I mentioned that I would definitely translate up to chapter 6 but may or may not continue. It’s a rather long series that’s still ongoing and stuff happens as the story progresses so tell me how you feel about this series. Should I continue? Or just translate teasers on the side? Or do both?

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10 Responses to DKC Chapter 6 Released

  1. sevenPocky says:

    As long as you’re not pushing yourself too much, we would be glad if you continue DKC c:

    (And Tensei Shitara please)

    • alyschu says:

      Hah, I’m not slimy enough to translate in the view of the protagonist for the light novel so that’s OverTheRanbow’s side project. I just help him out.

  2. The nomnomster says:

    I for one really like this series and would love for you to continue.

  3. Asu says:

    I would love to find out more about this series so I’m all for continuing this. 😀

  4. jawke says:

    I enjoy this series as well and would love for you to continue it for as long as you would be willing to.

  5. Ros says:

    I would be grateful if you would continue this project for a time. While it is long (REALLY LONG! Until I checked on that one, the longest I had seen was around 2000 chapters), you don’t have an obligation to fulfill it to the end. From what you previously said, this novel isn’t really your cup of tea, but as long as you have any interest in translating it you would have loyal followers (including me!).

    As for teasers, I really want to say YES PLEASE!!!, but you are really busy! With ATG, MMS, the TSSDK manga, and everything else you are doing, I’m surprised you have spare time. Don’t overwork yourself! If you can do things, THANK YOU!!! If you can’t, rest up. We’re grateful for whatever you are able and willing to do. 🙂

  6. Leafy says:

    I’m interested in you continuing this. I’m kinda interested in seeing where this goes. 😀

  7. Sith Kazar says:

    I would enjoy it if you could continue translating. But please only take on a project that you find interesting yourself. Your doing this for for fun and its easy to get burned out, so don’t take on too much.

    Thank you for all you do.

  8. Dell says:

    I’m loving the series, it reminds me of Descent of the Phoenix which I loved so I’m all for it

  9. Busy Bee says:

    Would love if you can continue translating. Appreciate your hard work. I can’t read or write Chinese. Your translations truly makes me appreciate your work. It’s an enjoyable series.

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