DKC chapter 594, 595 Reader sponsored/ Future Release schedule

Chapter 594 and Chapter 595 brought to you be June and Ninja. First chapter is a gift for previous sponsored one and a new Reader sponsored chapter after that. Thank you readers for checking our page everyday and putting up with our ad.

Toady is the last day for release of two chapters a day. Since we want to spread out our Reader Sponsored money. Because of the high volume of readers who visited DKC everyday you guys basically sponsored one chapter a day until Mid September. That’s amazing!!! Be proud of yourself for coming by everyday. So from now on a chapter a day and any donated money for sponsoring chapters mean more than a chapter a day.

Today we would like to thank the following readers:

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4 Responses to DKC chapter 594, 595 Reader sponsored/ Future Release schedule

  1. alyschu says:

    This release schedule is confusing the heck out of me! xD

    • June says:

      See our chapter sign up sheet… I haven’t changed the ad sponsored numbers to reflect the June number but it’s up on the chapter sheet. Skype me for an explanation.

    • All Night says:

      You’re not alone.

      • June says:

        To Clarify… We get ad money monthly because readers visit our website. Readership is slowly growing. So now it has grown to the point the ad is able to sponsor a chapter a day of DKC until Mid September. During this time if a someone makes a donation that means the next day it will be two chapters instead of one…. Questions?

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