DKC – Chapter 47 and Brian’s introduction

Chapter 47 is sponsored by Sayath (10 out of 10 finally complete!) Bought to you by June, TheMuffinMan and our wonderfully efficient editor Brian. And here he is in his own words:

Greetings everyone! I’m Brian. I’m an editor xD. In college, I studied East Asian culture and Foreign Language. I also got a degree in teaching English as a second language. I’m willing to help people with any kind of editing (novel or non-novel related) or with any English-related questions. My public contact info:
Gmail: [email protected]

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2 Responses to DKC – Chapter 47 and Brian’s introduction

  1. midori says:

    thanks for the chapter!
    yes, more people in the team, so there will be a faster output of chapters(hopefully), wahaha!
    …ahem. yes, welcome new people! yay—!-buys cakes and cookies-

  2. eisaNgame says:

    Wow. Thank you Brian and of course all of you who translate this book. I love this novel very much. Thanks

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