DKC chapter 411 Happy Passover

Chapter 411  is a gift chapter in celebration of week long Passover…As a recent graduate from a Jewish University this holiday always make it hard for me to scavenge for food on campus 🙁 The number one skill I learned as a graduate student was how to scavenge around for free food  O.~  Anyhow will be publishing a chapter every 12 hours to give people a chance of being first in whatever timezone they are at 🙂 If there are cliffhangers then the chapters will be posted together.

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4 Responses to DKC chapter 411 Happy Passover

  1. jacob carasso says:

    Fellow jew!
    Chag samayach.

  2. Teadragon7 says:

    This is was my favorite holiday before I came to college…
    Have an easy Pesach

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