DKC Chapter 35 and introducing a new translator TheMuffinMan

TheMuffinMan-Hello, I’m TheMuffinMan and I’ll be helping with translating from now on! Yay~ I’ll probably be doing more editing during school time than translating but I’ll try to spare as much translating time as possible. I’m a Chinese-Canadian but my mom was a teacher in China, so I ended up with a lot of Chinese vocabulary in my head. Pleased to meet all of you readers. I won’t be accepting any sponsors for now but please support me.

PS. I’m a girl even though I wrote man in my name. I just love muffins.

Please give a warm welcome to our new translator in the comment section:) This chapter was brought to you by TheMuffinMan, June, and alyschu.

Chapter 35

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6 Responses to DKC Chapter 35 and introducing a new translator TheMuffinMan

  1. Shance says:

    You should have written “TheMuffinGirl” then miss Muffinman

  2. Bara says:

    Welcome TMM! All the cool people love muffins. And chocolate chip cookies… Man now I made myself hungry, got to go eat!

  3. panda-kun says:

    Since no one has asked yet, I’d thought I’d get it out of the way first…

    …Do you know the muffin man?

  4. YESSSS!!! says:

    YESS!! thank you MUFFINGUY!! lol

  5. Busy Bee says:

    Thanks Muffinman. Hopefully with you on board we can get more frequent updates of the novel. Yippee.

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