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  1. SakuraYuki18 says:

    I will say “I am sorry” first. My name is SakuraYuki18 in wattpad. At first because I see many story in wattpad didn’t explicit that the got permission to post the novel story, so I also post your translation of “The Demonic King Chases His Wife: The Rebellious Good-for-Nothing Miss” without permission. But someone already report and the story got erase. I though because I already write that the story is not mine and do not translatee it and only copy paste the english version from the transtor for offline reading. I don’t have to get your permission. I am sorry if this make you angry. In this post I want to request your permission to copy paste your story in wattpad for offline reading purpose. That is if you give me your permission. I hope you are not angry with me. I really like your story. I am very sorry and thankx for always update it. 加油

    • June says:

      Answer is no. Per site policy English translation on Moonbunnycafe is only allowed here. By posting it on wattpad it diverts reader views and decrease ad revenue which means less translated chapters of DKC.

      • SakuraYuki18 says:

        Okay. Thankx for answering it. I hope I can still read more the translation in the future. Thank you

  2. Uldis says:

    I doubt that the number of chapters actually count for anything. As far as I know, this comic acts like a series where each chapter acts like a stand-alone stone that appends the previous chapters. This page here is the a huge turning point, where the metaphorical scales of plot weight tips, giving rise to conflict, gluing together shards, answering previously unanswered questions and dangling information while opening a whole slew of new mysteries and questions to keep our feeble minds hooked to this stage play.

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