DKC/Adorable Consort Announcement – June Unwell!

Hi all, chu here. I know some of you have been worried/curious about what happened to June and unfortunately, she is currently very unwell. Let’s hope she has a rapid recovery! Below is a message from June herself.

Dear readers,

Sorry for dropping off the face of earth. I really didn’t plan it. After coming back from climbing Mount Fuji in beginning of July, I caught a really bad cold that pretty much kept me coughing, tired and dizzy for more than two weeks. After getting over the cold, I had scheduled a dental implant months in advance. So not 100% I went in for a dental implant. There were complications during the procedure and I thought I got a concussion from the implant being pounded into my skull. After the implant I was given antibiotics for a week, so between the concussion like feeling during the implant and the sideaffect of antibiotics it kept me in a mental fog and weak for more than two weeks.

I guess my immune system had enough, because I had rashes that popped up after stopping the antibiotics, because I thought it was delayed rashes from the antibiotics so just used some topical cream. Four days later it spread everywhere on my left side of the body and it’s very painful. I finally got smart and went to the doctors and found out I had shingles!!! I’m too young to have shingles!!!! The doctor said due to the stress I put my body under in a row, my immune system was too weak so the chickenpox virus came back as shingles! Now I’m on shingles drugs and painkillers that keep my head in a fog. So sorry if what I wrote is confusing… right now my brain isn’t really functioning on the drugs (actually I have been in a fog since I last posted DKC).

This shingles will clear up in 2-3 weeks and since I got to the doctors late… it may take longer. I plan to be back translating once I recover from the shingles. I hope I get to recover completely without any other illness hitting me. But I believe all bad luck comes in threes and I have already encountered my three in a row of illness I should be back soon. So please be patient with me, I hope to be back translating in 1 week and at most 2 weeks. Again sorry for disappearing, but I have to say I’m usually healthy guess as DKC has not stopped except for me traveling for a few years. I guess I used up all my good luck and good health so now paying the price.

These past two month and future 2 weeks has taken a toll on me, but I will be back as soon as I get better or as soon as my head clears!

Thanks for reading.

June- translator of DKC and Adorable consort 

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16 Responses to DKC/Adorable Consort Announcement – June Unwell!

  1. Elza says:

    Get well soon….. Health first is more important thing for us…. You should more care about it…. So dear …..we wait until you get well….. 😘😘

  2. Hyacia says:

    Get well soon!

  3. Robin says:

    Just concentrate on your health and let all the rest be, we won’t die from not reading new releases a while. Your health, however isn’t the same case. You’ve only got one body. Recovery means allowing yourself to rest, eating good food, drink more water (add some lemon juice in it for detox if you want and vitamin C boost) and relax, play. Having shingles after all that sounds tough. I hope you’ll recover steadily, sending you wellwishes.

  4. exqalph03 says:

    Hopefully you can rest a lot and recover well~!!
    Take care! 🙂 Make sure everything is fine before resuming anything.!

  5. Riana ZeinF says:

    Get well soon.. And thanks for your translation. Will be patient to waiting for you to get really well. Dont mind us the readers too much. Mind your own body first. Your health is way more important <3

  6. Tink says:

    Get well soon June will wait for your return and wish you lots of luck for speedy recovery

  7. Yuu Takemi says:

    Oh no ;;;;; Juuuuune! Don’t force yourself. Get yourself treated completely before tiring yourself out.

  8. srtalissy says:

    Get well soon 💕 And wait until you heal well so you don’t fall back, lots of love😊

  9. Stumblmer says:

    Poor June, hope you will get well and we daithful readers will patiently await your return. Take proper care to recover your health

  10. ReaderL says:

    Get well soon!

  11. limli949 says:

    Thank you for letting us know! Get well soon!

  12. Bee says:

    I hope you feel better soon!

  13. Belkar says:

    Has there been any news? It’s been over 2 months now rather then 2 weeks, I’m seriously starting to get worried.
    I hope you’re just taking a much deserved break after your recovery June. If not, please get well soon!

  14. Tink says:

    Still story not updated ,I really like this novel .Is June really not keeping well please reply really worried it’s been months still no posts.

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