DKC 1341: Announcement last Sunday release

Chapter 1341 brought to you by Hikikomori, June and Ninja.

Announcement: The ad revenue for DKC has steadily decrease due to decrease in readership and I have increased the number of gift chapters to fill in the gap. This has become more and more difficult for me to do as I pick up Adorable Consort and move to Japan for work. So I have decided to let the number of DKC chapters start to reflect the Ad revenue. Thus DKC will now only be released from Monday to Saturday from today onward.

I will admit at the rate the ad revenue is decreasing we may end up with three chapters a week of DKC in less than a year’s time. So readers be prepare for the possibility. Still I thank everyone who have stuck with DKC through thick and thin…Hopefully I get to continue this story for a bit longer.

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7 Responses to DKC 1341: Announcement last Sunday release

  1. Tengeh says:

    1341 chapters translated is already a staggering amount, even if it slows down, thanks so much for committing your time to bringing us this story.

  2. Andi says:

    Without you, we would have zero chapters to read, EVER, so don’t apologize. We should say thanks instead, that you’re still willing to translate it for us at all. I’m not a sponsor but I get to read for free! Anyone who complains is just an ingrate. Thank you for your diligence and hard work, for our benefit. If I could, I’d donate, but I can’t, so I can only offer my thanks.

    • June says:

      Thank you. Because of readers like you I do fill a bit of guilt for not finishing but when I started I never expected the story to go until 10,000+ chapters!

  3. Sabruness says:

    Thanks for all your hard work. I’m not surprised ad revenue is declining but thats far from your fault. It’s the story getting progressively worse that it turns people off.

    Good luck in Japan!

  4. lienny says:

    im in japan to!!

  5. Cold Bunny says:

    Aww, it’s okay! We shall patiently wait for the updates! I hope you don’t drop DKC, this is a good story after all 🙁

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