Story of a Careless Demon Volume 6 Chapter 2

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Volume 6, Chapter 2: I became a 3rd Grader, Part 2


Shijima Yuuki-kun, who had come for the meeting right on time, unmasked and turned his face away in embarrassment when he noticed that his actions had been seen.


Although I was waiting for Yuuki-kun in the middle of the night, this wasn’t some secret rendezvous, and if anything, our feelings could not be further from that.

If I were to describe our relationship, it was like meeting someone again when I’d just come back from Tokyo to the countryside, and even then, more like one of my classmates from back there who had a bad relationship with me.

All we really wanted was information on each other’s ‘place of origin’.

And then… just a little bit of the ‘nostalgia’ that you get from fellowship… I wonder.


“Well then, shall we move on?”

“oi…… do you know what you were doing just now…? Moderate your strange experiments.”

“Did it bother you?”

“To the the inhabitants of this world……? Well, whether they live or die, or if you kill them, it doesn’t matter to me.”


How barbaric. It seems that there were various things had happened when he was being reincarnated.

Even if I was doing something, I thought of all the experiments done by the mages who had quit on their humanity but never felt bothered by it.

Anyway, we started moving off while the feeling was like that.

It’s so amazingly easy since we don’t need to use vehicles like regular people. Well, for two elementary schoolers to get into a car at midnight would stand out.

Yuuki-kun, with his high physical abilities, jumped from rooftop to rooftop, not worrying at all about me behind him. And I followed without saying a thing.

I’ve gotten quite used to using [Magic Power] to move my body… Because of that, I feel like the inside of my thighs are getting squishy, what do I do……


“Will this area work?”

“It should.”


We arrived at a big disused factory in the middle of the industrial district, and dropped down.

It was for the sake of an information exchange that Yuuki-kun and I met at night. If it was just normal information, we could have done it in school, but Yuuki-kun didn’t want to speak about his past life much, and what I wanted to know was about the [Sorcery] of his world. And what Yuuki-kun wanted to know about me was the [Magic] of opening dimensional walls.

So I couldn’t practice where there were people, and had to change locations every time.


“…[Fire at the root of all things, gather in my hands, become arrows and defeat mine enemies]…… Flare Arrow”


*fwooosh* and from Yuuki-kun’s hands, arrows of flame about 30 centimeters long flew out, scorching the concrete walls.


“Basically you memorize the incantation, keep a clear image of [Fire] and [Arrows], and [Shoot] in your head, and it’ll activate. Of course, there is no [Magic Power] in this world, so it won’t work for humans.”


“The thing that I was chanting a while ago.”

“Aah, I see. I thought that it sounded weird…… but it seems that it was translated.”

“Translated……? You, have the [Translation] skill?”

“Skill…? What’s that?”

“…… In the world that Yuzu lived in, was it the same as this world, without [Skills]? …… No, is there no concept of this? I also lost my usual skills, and even the [Secret Arts] could not be used… that’s the difference? But then that means that the translation of the cantrip in the first place…”

“Oi~, come back~. Aren’t you…… just using [Words]? Although they weren’t words used by ‘people’, I knew them, so they just automatically translated.”

“No way, you know the language of the greater spirits……? Although I have heard rumors, aren’t they completely unpronounceable to humans? But then, the spell… shouldn’t make sense.”

“Eh…… what do you mean?”

“If you were using the language of the greater spirits, just by putting magic power into your [Words], you would be able to cast real [magic]. What I use is merely the ‘knock-off’ that was made to allow humans to use it… Thinking about how long it took me before I understood the meaning of the spell…”


Yuuki-kun had an exceptionally sulky expression for his age. Apparently, it seems like he was quite the serious fellow in his past life.

That being said, I was doing it unconsciously, but I used magic with the [Spirit Language] even in that school.

I imitated what Yuuki-kun was doing and pointed my hands at the wall.

“…[Flames come out]…”



Eeh~…… why did it turn out like that?


“Yuzu’s magic power is strong. It’s to the point that it’s superhuman, and that might have influenced it. I felt magic power even the first time I met Yuzu, so I was cautious. I couldn’t see you status……”

“Sta-tus? What’s that?”


Yuuki-kun who I thought of as quiet normally grimaced. But in our current state of cooperation, because it seemed like he was an ‘accomplice’, it seems he gave up, and gave me a detailed explanation as to what was wrong.

“Ah, it feels like a game.”

“……Well, it feels like that. When I translated it into the words of this world, it was most casual…… even my [Hero’s Secret Art].”


…… As expected, he’s a [Hero] type.

As I understood that, I knew that Yuuki-kun was the natural enemy to [Demon me]


“No, just thinking about how Yuuki-kun plays games……”

“It-it can’t be helped. My parents bought it. It would be very odd if I didn’t play.”

Yuuki-kun, who had been taken in by my words, turned red and made an excuse. My parents now are the good people. My family has not lost.


“Don’t tap my shoulder while having that strange agreeable smile.”


“……tsch. Yuzu, show me your status. I couldn’t see it in school because I didn’t have the time. In the meantime, you have to stay still, so it’s a little unnatural?”

“Uwaa, I want to see it too. But… how do you see it? Can I use it too?”

“……I can use it but the time spent depends on the magic power being consumed, it is about 5 minutes at maximum magic power. If I cut down on the power, it might take 30 minutes, perhaps?”

“Then in 5 minutes, please.”

“Please hold still. We are normal humans, after all.”

“Normal, huh……”

Hero-sama is not a normal human being, is he?


Before that, I’ll briefly explain. I was told the average values of a normal person.

Physical Endurance: 100. Mental Endurance: 60

Strength: 12

Defense: 10

Dexterity: 10

Intelligence: 7

Magic Power: 8

It seems that this is the status of the general adult male……


“How much is Physical Endurance 1? What is it based on? What about the mental endurance of an insect?”

“…… Please don’t ask such difficult questions.”

It’s because I’m worried. This is not a game world.

According to Yuuki-kun’s explanation, a great magician in the past decided on it after talking to a [Greater Spirit], and the numeric values were approximate, the smaller decimals were ’rounded up’.

So even mosquitos and cicadas who had [Physical Endurance 1] would die by being stepped on normally, but if small animals had the same [Physical Endurance 1], they would not die from being stepped on.

In short, the [Physical Endurance 1] was ’rounded up’ so in fact it might only have been 0.1.

Even if there was a person with [Physical Endurance 1], they wouldn’t die by being stepped on. Because the body itself had a durability and defense value thanks to its size, if one didn’t kick, or only hit it lightly, the physical endurance wouldn’t decrease. ……Such a stupid living thing is impossible, though.


Well, for the time being, enough about [Skills] and magic, let’s try to eavesdrop on the [Hero’s Secret Art] that he doesn’t want to talk about.


“Then, be still.”

“Five minutes long, huh……”

“Please spare a thought for the hardship I have to go through. Besides, I would think it’s natural to take time to read what a soul contains. Because the information will be on the floor for a few seconds, don’t miss it. ”


Yuuki-kun was surprisingly kind. Although you could think of it as being good-natured, but I guess it’s because he’s well-bred.

And I felt magic power coming from Yuuki-kun… a few minutes later…




Yuuki-kun’s expression suddenly paled, and sweat dripped from his face onto the ground.

What’s going on?


When I tried to rush over, I noticed the letters floating under my feet. I didn’t need to see them now. …… While I thought so when looking at them, the strange letters jumped into the light.


Name: ερ‰¢σα£ Age: 8 Race: ξιαβολ Gender: Female

Physical Endurance: 57 Mental Endurance: μεφΨ?鉣ゞ∞∈μζ……

Strength: 5

Defense: 4

Dexterity: 2

Intelligence: 7

Magic Power: μεφΨ?鉣ゞ∞∈μζ……


“What’s this……”


…… why is my [Dexterity] so low!?




Shijima Yuuki was born to an ordinary household nine years ago.

His family comprised his sister, and their parents in a four-member family, and if the child currently in his mother’s stomach was born, it would become five. His older sister, who was three years his senior, believed that his younger sibling would be born a girl, and played sword-fighting games and had silly disputes with his father, all while the mother smiled and stared at them.

In this happy family, only Yuuki was different.

While he was always close to normal, he would always pull away from it just a little. It seemed that he was afraid to involve himself more than was necessary.


The Hero of Wind, Fortellis. That was Yuuki’s [Name] in his past life.


When he was born as a baby that couldn’t hear or see well, anger and hatred was born in his heart.

Yuuki…no, Fortellis had been betrayed. By those who protected, his friends and comrades in arms, the other ‘heroes’.


In the world that Yuuki was in, [Tess], the [Forces of Light] were the humans, the elves, and the dwarves, while the [Dark Forces] were the dark elves, the beastmen, and the intelligent monsters, and they had been fighting each other for thousands of years.

The [Darkness], who were good at robbing others, were the stronger, while the [Forces of Light] were the weaker in the war. Requesting for the [Hero] to stand at the frontlines, genius magicians and priests spent a long time completing the [Secret Arts] for the hero.


Also known as the [Hero System].

Originally, [Heroes] were born from the spirits of light giving their divine protection to a fitting person when humanity experienced a crisis. However, the conflict between the races wasn’t being regarded as a ‘crisis for humanity’ for the spirit of light, and no hero was born.

Then, using the [Hero’s Secret Art], they forcibly gave the candidate the light attribute, and produced an artificial half-hero, and some of them virtually had the divine blessings of the spirits of light.

But, it seems that it was too difficult for them to use a lot of magic powers, and rather than talent, it needed their [Souls] to be strong.

Although a small number of them could handle it, one or two in a hundred years was too helpless, and the magicians consumed a huge amount of magic power and cast a large-scale magic, to summon heroes from [Another World].

The souls that could cross dimensions were often strong, and although not everyone called had strong powers, they were able to overcome their weaknesses.


The four heroes who had survived at that time, with the inscriptions of the four great elements, married the princesses of the four greatest powers on the continent, and each became a king.

Since then, for over a thousand years, the conflicts between the light and darkness hadn’t ended, and thousands of people continued to be summoned from other worlds.


It wasn’t officially decided that there would only be 4 heroes, but in any single age, there were never more than 4 heroes. It was because the [Hero’s Secret Art] was difficult, and required immensely strong souls.

In the era that Yuuki lived in, the heroes that were summoned were only three, and all of them were still young boys, while the King of the Hako Kingdom, who could not summon a hero, appointed the son of the Knight Commander, the most talented knight, Fortellis, as a substitute until a hero could be summoned.


Fortellis wasn’t the equal of the heroes summoned from another world, but from his inborn seriousness, he grasped the [Ancient Secret Art] that the other heroes could not, and with the powers of healing and magical barriers, he was able to show his power on the battlefield.

Then, when compared to the heroes summoned from another world who had suddenly experienced being worshipped and grown arrogant, people began to pin their hopes on the hero that was from their own world.

And then, as Fortellis’ name spread far and wide, when he set off with only a few elites and his followers on a mission to assassinate the dark elves’ king, Fortellis, the Hero of Wind…… was murdered by the heroes from another world.


It was a betrayal by the fellows whom he called his comrades. A cowardly trap that had been laid by his followers, who had been blinded by gold and fame.

In his suffering, pain and despair, he was swallowed up by the darkness, and when he came to, he had become a baby, reborn into the world of the heroes who had betrayed him.


He did not feel like fighting for his world any more. This world, the world where the other heroes had come from, became the subject of his hatred.

Among all this, only the girl called ‘Yuzu’, who had come from another world that was not his own or this one, could let him put his guard down slightly.


He had first seen her when he’d entered elementary school.

It wasn’t just because he had felt the magic power that this world had nearly none of from her, she was as beautiful as a demon deceiver, Yuuki was wary of Yuzu.

But, even though he guessed that Yuzu was some inhuman sorcerer, whose character was innocent and not cruel, she was a ‘fairy’-like girl who did not understand the difference in the value of life of humans and animals.

Yuuki, who tried to appraise her power, got dizzy from the sheer amount of information that was distorted, and her magic power, which could not even be determined by the upper limits of the appraisal, was proof that her magic power was much greater than his, and he smiled quietly.

Yuuki quietly sharpened his fangs as he thought of using Yuzu.

Someday, he would return to his original world, and take his revenge on those heroes……


Author’s Notes:

* Yuuki’s story is becoming excessively serious.


Template Story~

[The betrayal of the Hero…… I will never forgive you.] Added.


App’s Notes:

Just a question, would any of y’all actually really like reading that story about Fortellis? I don’t think a story about native in a world that summons heroes has been done before…


I kinda hope the author writes that after this now…

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