Story of a Careless Demon Volume 6 Chapter 10

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Volume 6, Chapter 10: The Malicious Presence, Part 1


The 70th anniversary party of Nikuno Ham’s founding ended without incident.

Talks of my engagement with Ouji-kun and I ended up on hold, and it seems that the deferment continued. It seems that Ouji-kun had managed to persuade them to consider our feelings first.

That cute, ball-like Minako-chan still called me ‘Onee-sama’.

“Ermm, Yuzu-onee-sama.”

“What’s the matter, Minako-chan?”

“I want to become slim too, just like Onii-chan.”

I smiled gently at Minako-chan, who was being so sweet, and stroked her head, even as she was hesitantly nibbling on a piece of cheese.

“Don’t eat while walking.”


That’s right, come to think of it, according to Kouki-kun and Kako, there was an insolent person who had made Minako-chan cry at the party.

Considering the eyewitness reports of the people who were around Minako-chan at the time, it seems that it was some upper-grade elementary school girl wearing a pink ‘frilly-frilly’ princess dress who had drill-like twin tails. It seemed like she was a pretty girl but had horrible behavior.

…… Wait? It seems like someone matches that description.

That name is…… And the following week, I did not see that child at all at school. Oh yeah, it was Matsuri. Of course, now I remember.

Even though she were so full of herself, I wonder why she’s taking a break from school? Well, the mood felt like she was up to something, but for now it’s peaceful.

Although she looked tasty at first, thinking about it, she’s thin and I don’t really feel like it, so I wasn’t really interested…… I don’t remember the conversations either.


And so the heroine-sama disappeared, and my peaceful days began… but they didn’t come.

First of all, there were strange people who would wander about in the vicinity of the school, and about once or twice a month, the police and the security guards would have to take action.

For those who had been possessed by ‘something’, it was too suspicious that they had wandered aimlessly around the elementary school vicinity without causing a ruckus.

It got to the point that we started seeing clean-shaven men all around us. Their clothes were normal, but their body builds and eyes were markedly harder than a normal person.


And also, my body condition got worse and it seems to have become serious.

I thought that it was because a human body couldn’t bear the magic power of a demon, but apparently it’s not only that.

I’ve been feeling a slight fever lately, and my body also feels heavy. Because I’ve been hiding it, it seems that the people surrounding me have only been able to tell that I have a weak constitution……

Is this…… I wonder. Hadn’t I originally taken ill when I’d reached middle school?

“……this is bad.”

I don’t know why it had onset prematurely, but I got the feeling that once it did, I couldn’t be saved.

It’s a disease that needs a transplant, and even if one was arranged for, the survival rate was 50%. And at that time, I had had no relatives who could donate to me.

But for me of the now, there is a way to get better.

If I could regain all my memories and return to being a full [Demon], it wouldn’t matter if I was ill with a human disease.

But doing that means that I would have to resign from being the human ‘Yuzu’, which means that I might have to separate from my family…… that was what it meant.

Well, that being said, it could just be a cold, so I’m not saying anything.


“Either way, it’s no good if I don’t regain my memories, huh.”


And with these lingering suspicions that I would likely get into more troublesome things, I entered the sixth grade.




“Onii-sama, what is the meaning of this!”


On the day that the new semester rolled around and Onzada became a third-year middle schooler, he was called to the main hall by his elder brother for the first time in a while.

Onzada also knew that his father and elder brother had been busy since the situation changed last year. He knew that it was related to that [Evil], but Onzada was troubled by the one-sidedness of the view that that existence was ‘evil’.

A shocking fact had been delivered by his elder brother.

“From the girl that had become a new shrine maiden, it seems that a [Prophesy] had been issued, that the [Evil] was in the elementary school section of Takamine School.”

“But that’s just what that person is saying!”

“That’s right. The Prophesy said that it was Shijiyuuin Kako and Toukaki Yuzu. The two of them were said to be especially suspicious, and now, in order to enhance the effect of the [Twelve Period Hourglass] in wiping out the evil, we are solidifying the town with a barrier.”

“I know the both of them, and they can’t be it.”

“Onzada, that thing must not exist in this world. If it were to be released in its perfect state, the entirety of human history would be overwhelmed and overturned.”

“But, what if it was a mistake……”


The boosted barrier technique was being centered upon the two girls.

The [Evil] presence would be the only thing affected by the barrier if it had been applied normally, but if the city was bound by a barrier, there would be considerable adverse effects on the two of them.


“To save the country…… no, to save this world. It can’t be helped that a few must be sacrificed, and you too are a member of this Demon Exorcising House!”


Onzada was stunned at the words of his brother – no, the words of an exorcist who defended the country.

“This duty was also given to us as the monks of this area. If they make any suspicious movements, report it.”

As he said that, Onzada’s brother turned his back to him.


Onzada, who had been left alone in the main hall, gripped his fist so tightly that his nails bit into his palm, and spoke out under his breath.


“……… I will do it.”




Sakurazaki Matsuri came back at the start of the new school term.

Although she had gone missing temporarily, when she returned, she had a confident look on her face, and several other newly-transferred students were following her.


“How unusual, to have multiple transfer students join us in the final year.”

“Aah, that’s right. I was curious, so I investigated a bit, but I don’t understand why at all.”

“As expected of Kouki-kun. But, does the Kuon family not know either?”

“Their backgrounds were investigated. They’re the scions of fairly large temples. However, given that they come from as far as Kyushu and Hokkaido, I don’t know why they all transferred in at the same time.”

“…… Maybe, it’s about that person?”

“Aah, suddenly speaking to Ouji and I, that strange woman was chattering on about some unknown private circumstances for a long time. Ouji should be careful.”

“I think Kouki-kun is rather more entangled than I am, no?”

“…… It’s troublesome.”

“There are more people following her about now in school, so I don’t know what’s happening.”

“You should avoid being alone with her as much as possible.”


Kouki-kun and Ouji-kun were having their conversation inside a conference room that they’d borrowed from the school.

It’s been a few months since the first semester of sixth grade started, but Matsuri has not contacted me. I’m starting to get worried……

We had gathered inside this room for the sake of studying, but recently, the two of them have coming here to exchange information about the goings-on within the school.

Well, I’ll lose if I pay it any attention, given that I need to study.

So, while the boys had their conversation, Kako and I studied, listening quietly……



“Kako, are you alright…?”

“I’m sorry, it’s just a cough. Yuzu-sama, your complexion is unwell as well……”

“I’ve been like this since I was young, so I wonder if I got used to it?”



The two boys turned to look at us with worried faces at this.

My physical condition got worse, and then after a short time, Kako’s physical condition started to get worse.

Her symptoms were similar to mine. In my case, I have the power of a Demon and could move even if I was somewhat sick, but Kako was just a regular human being whose physical strength seemed to have waned quickly, and, recently, the amount of time that she’d spent motionless at her desk during breaks had increased.


“……I’m sorry, but please excuse me.”

“You shouldn’t go alone.”

When Kouki-kun stood up at Kako’s words, Kako waved her hands in a panic.

“A, erm, …… I’m going to the restroom.”

“Ah…… sorry.”

“Shall I go with you?”

“It’s alright. With Yuzu-sama in such a bad state, I can’t possibly let you go with me. ”


At that, if I were to forcibly follow her, Kako would worry about me, so I couldn’t say anything.

There is only a toilet for visitors on this floor, and the toilets for students was only accessible one flight of stairs down.

…… That’s a bit far.

“I think I’ll go too after all.”

“Yes, Yuzu-chan, please take care of Kako.”

Although it had only been 2~3 minutes since Kako had walked out, Kouki-kun bowed to me when I went out of worry.


It seems to be the case that Kouki-kun and Ouji-kun were concerned about the state of the school recently.

Even as I walk down the corridor like this, there are times when I feel disgusting gazes being aimed at me. Everyone else noticed it too, and it bothered them.

Me? I don’t really care because I ‘love’ [Humans].

…… To be honest, I don’t care because others’ malice is [delicious] to me. It would be different if they got involved with Kako and the rest, though.

But, I feel a thin ‘presence’ within the school…… it’s that usual malicious-possession fellow again?

For even I, who was bad at noticing such things, to notice it, why didn’t Yuuki-kun, who was very sharp, say anything? I haven’t really met him since the semester started, though.

And for Misa to become worried since he hadn’t gone to the ramen shop recently, just what is he doing?


“[…… Please step aside.]”



I could hear Kako’s voice from the stair landing.

While heading there in a hurry, Matsuri was there with several young boys in tow, surrounding Kako…… were they the transfer students?


“Oh my, Kako. What’s wrong? You seem to be in a poor condition.”

“…… I don’t recall having introduced myself to you.”

“It’s troubling…… the villainous miss trying to be the heroine.”


“Well, since you are not long for this world, just leave Kouki-kun to me. Even though you were also a reincarnator, it seems that your plans haven’t gone well, my condolences!”

“Reincarnator……? What are you saying?”

“Don’t try to act innocent.”


“What are you doing?”


When I called out to them in a poor mood, all of them there turned around to face me at once.

I wouldn’t normally have any problems, but since my humanity would disappear the moment I took a cold attitude, those interesting little rubbernecks all got out of the way as I drew near.

…… These people too, although light, have been affected by that ‘presence’.


“Kako, come over here.”

Kako rushed over to me as I spoke. …… Why are your cheeks dyed with joy.


“…… As expected, you were Yuzu…… Mob-Girl.”

Matsuri seemed to glare at me as she spat out her words through gritted teeth.

“Ah, sorry. I couldn’t just give my name to any such suspicious person.”

“Suspicious person, eh. It seems that you got carried away just because I treated you well for a mob character.”

“How unrefined your words are.”

“Shut up! This world of mine,”

“Ah, Kako, please come over here first. I’ll talk to you in a bit.”

“Listen to what I’m saying!”

As per usual, a noisy child………

Although Kako hesitated a little over my words but reminded of the time when I had been attacked for the first time and I’d spoken like that, she nodded deeply and returned to the meeting room.

Is she calling for the boys? It would be troublesome if the two of them were to be affected by Matsuri.


“Wait, you! Stop that at once!”

“But I haven’t done anything?”

“I am the heroine of this world! You, come here!”

The pretty transfer student boys who were around Matsuri approached her and kneeled in front of her.

They, too, were possessed…… Just how did you gather this lot. Well, even though it’s Matsuri herself who seems to be possessed by the most dangerous thing.


“Fufufu…… look! This is my charm. That’s what the mysterious [voice] told me. If I used my charms the world would move my way. I became a [Shrine Maiden] of this country, and am waited upon by the important people of this country, I am different from Kako and a mob character like you, Ahahahahahahaha, look”


Wow, that was extremely fluent. She wasn’t just possessed by that strange thing, but rather, she was the shrine maiden of that ‘presence’? Is that why she’s receiving its power?

“So what……?”

When I spoke out with a cold voice, Matsuri who was laughing idiotically, and all the children around her all had cramped faces. I’m, starting to feel a little angry. I don’t mind people turning their malicious intent towards me, but to turn it towards Kako……

“What do you want with me?”

As I walked forwards, gradually letting the Demonic aura leak out, Matsuri backed off, startled.

“W-well, you say such things now, guys, let’s go.”

Matsuri said so quickly as she took the pretty boys away.

…… Still, it’s too thin. It needs time to mature.


As Matsuri left, the bystanders also scattered, and there were only a few girls left.

When I tried to leave the stairway landing and return to the meeting room,



Someone pushed me from behind, sending me down the stairs.

When I turned my eyes to glance at who it was on the way down, they were two girls that I didn’t know, who were grinning while watching me.

Ah, were they also reincarnators? I didn’t notice since they didn’t have any sign of being possessed by that ‘presence’.

…… that is to say, these actions were the ‘cause‘ of that child.

In that case……

“I guess I’ll stop going easy now.”

It’s been around 0.2 seconds since I was pushed in the back. My eyes turned crimson red like blood as I used my physical capacity as a Demon.

Catching their hands on the way down, the two of them had their faces change from smiles to ‘fear’, as I threw them, using my full force  for the first time in a while.




The two girls disappeared from my view in an instant and vanished from this world, not even leaving behind a scream as they pulverized the window.

“Ah, crap.”

I’ve made a small mistake. The smoky smell of burned cloth was coming from my uniform as my sleeves failed to endure the friction from the air.

Will I have to use my replacement uniform in the locker? But if I did so and went down the stairs, I might be spotted by a ‘witness’.



“ah…… Onzada-kun…”


For some reason, Onzada-kun who was supposed to be in middle school was staring at me from under the stairway at the elementary school.


Author’s Notes:

Next time, dialogue with Onzada-kun. Demon or human, what will she do?


App’s Notes:

Ah, a good ol’ one punch man moment to whet the appetite. As unlike the other arcs as this one is, I’m still finding some fun in the subtle things. Less subtle things to come, though.


Piroton’s Notes:

Surprisingly, I managed to finish on time despite an exam. Now, hope I don’t do too badly…

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