Story of a Careless Demon Volume 3 Chapter 7

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Volume 3, Chapter 7: The Magnificent Daily Life of Demons, Part 2


As Yurushia’s attendants were students too, they couldn’t always be at her side since they had to attend classes.

This was especially the case for the twins, who were in a different year, which often separated them from their master, outside of regular meeting and reporting appointments.


Two girls were seated at an outdoor table of the Magical Academy’s cafeteria.

One was a transfer fourth year student, a brunette with long hair and silver eyes… Nia.

The other was a new first year student with blonde curly hair and green eyes… Tina.

They were servants of the Duchess of Verusenia who had been causing such a [Commotion] this year, though they tended to be overlooked, since they were at the side of such an un-approachable, beautiful, Lady, they, along with Fannie, were recognized as beautiful as well.


“Hey… Nia. Where did I go wrong…”

Tina let out a complaint in a voice like a tired office lady, Nia gave her a gentle look while sweating from the summer rays.

To be honest, Tina had been complaining like this for a long time. Since she couldn’t say ‘I don’t know, something’ like she wanted to, Nia eventually said

“Hmm… why not hold back a little?”


Tina suddenly leaned forward and Nia nearly pulled out her sword on instinct, before remembering that she was in uniform, holding onto Tina with one hand.


*Pon* The small sound of leaves dancing in the wind filled the air. A student in air spirit magic might think that a spirit was moving past, but certainly wouldn’t think that it would be the result of a conflict between the magic auras of two upper class demons.


“There, there. Yurushia-sama is a cat-type, she’ll slap you if you move so suddenly.”

“… Is that really it?”

Tina puffed out her cheeks in dissatisfaction.

Tina’s problem was that whenever she gave her overflowing [Love] to her lord, she would either duck out-of-the-way or intercept her.

“That’s about right.”

Nia nodded at Tina’s muttering.

Nia knew, however, that this wasn’t correct. Even though she knew that it wasn’t much of a solution to let her love overflow, but she had long ago given up trying to argue that point.


How had things come to this? Although it was strange to associate with powerless demons, but that only felt [Strange] when they were in the Demon World.


Nia had merged with the human soul who called herself [Ninette] and had inherited her memories and [Emotions].

Disrespectful feelings against their lord existed in them, even though Nia had eaten the emotions of hatred, some of them were closer to [Love of Herself], which fit with Nia’s originally relaxed personality.


Regardless of the content of their conversation, since they were two famous girls in the academy talking with such terse expressions, it couldn’t help but attract attention.

Although they’re usually avoided due to their actions, since their cold attitudes were seen as being because of their loyalty, and due to their pleasant attitude given to their Lord, those two had garnered popularity in the school, regardless of gender.



Tina, who was sipping her tasteless tea slightly raised her eyebrows.

She felt the [Thoughts] of the eyes on them and looked curiously at Nia.

“Ready to go again?”

Nia said in a relaxed tone, still narrowing her eyes a little.


Tina and Nia left their tea without a word, walking side by side after standing up.

Fannie had an excellent ability, but her personality was childish.

Noa was talented at everything, but after fusing with that human soul, he began gleefully planning events for Yurushia.

In that respect, these two were serious not only in work, but serious in life. When it came to actions to be taken in human society, they trusted each other the most.


In the school, there were not just teachers and students.

There were also many guards due to the many nobles, some of the nobles bring followers like Tina as well.

Besides them, there were a considerable amount of external presences in the school, such as suppliers of food and supplies, or merchants who came to speak with the teachers.

The two girls slowly walked through the academy until they entered an old classroom which the school wasn’t using. Tina frowned and tensed her mouth.

“… Quite a lot of dust.”

Footprints were left behind as the two girls walked in, the classroom was covered in dust.

“Umm, that’s not particularly great. No need to worry, though.”

Nia said in a calm voice as the two began waiting in the classroom without desks or chairs until finally, the person they were waiting for arrived.


“Umm… are you Ninette-sama and Christina-sama?”


The person in question was not a student, he was dressed as a commoner and looked to be around thirty years old.

Although he was dressed that way, his attitude was nothing like that of a commoner. The follower of a noble?  or a spy?

The two girls… or rather the four attendants came into contact with various humans every day.

Some people wanted to become acquaintances or friends.

Students would confess their feelings.

A noble would try to poach them for themselves instead, having seen them work.

Some who wanted connection to the young duchess of Verusenia, but could not arrange a meeting in person.

So on and so forth…


“I am Ileo, of the holy church, pleased to meet you. I’m honored to speak with the attendants of your master, please allow me to tell you my situation…”

The man who used the name Ileo said he was a messenger from the church.

These incidents were not uncommon. Since Yurushia was still young, there were very few opportunities to speak with her at official parties. Since the requests filtered through her father, Duke Verusenia, only so many requests made it to Yurushia, leading to non-standard message giving.  



Tina did not return Ileo’s greeting, she just glared at the insect in front of her in silence.

“W-wow, this place is dusty… hehehe…”

Ileo was having trouble breathing under the child’s gaze and aimed a smile at Nia, hoping to get help. Nia had not listened to his story from the start, since she had been polishing her nails since the beginning.

Ileo’s smile shrunk, and made a tiny click of his tongue as he began to righteously speak.

“As expected of those who are at the side of Saint-sama. I am definitely not a suspicious person. In fact, I’m part of the faction that supports a new interpretation of Kostoru religion and we want to recognize Yurushia as a [Saint] as we launch our new [Church].”


In short, he wanted to establish a new [Sect], and wants Yurushia to become their official [Saint]… or so he said.


“So, what about being a messenger from the church?”

Nia, who was polishing her nails caught his expression.

First of all, to call himself a [Messenger of the Church] was wrong from the beginning, since they support a different doctrine.

“No, no, we are current members of the church at the moment, so there’s no problem.”

Ileo said fearlessly.

Since him not being a real representative was a huge problem, she guessed he was going to try to bluff and smile through this since Nia and her were children.


“What kind of interpretation do you follow?”

Ileo nodded happily as Tina broke the silence.

“We can hear the voices. The spirits of the world speak of an unspeakably evil demon, and the Goddess can not show us where it is. Therefore, we will collect people with magical power like you and, with the help of the saint, we hope to be able to bring forth [God].”

“ “……” ”

At Ileo’s confident words, Tina and Nia’s faces twisted into disgust.

Both of them knew… as demons who lived in the Demon World, no one had ever encountered [God].

Still, while they did not care about such an absurd delusion, they could not forgive them.


“You say that you are collecting people with magical power, are you [Summoning] it?”

It may be impossible to believe, but with the friendship of a certain powerful country, an Archbishop was able to get us help.”

How could there be a [Great Country] that would lend their aid to such trash?

Ileo was speaking with a confident expression, ecstatic as if flying through the air.

In contrast, the two girls had icy looks, and Ileo, realising that he had made light of them, tightened up his fake smile.

“Originally, I was planning on speaking with you when Yurushia turned 10 years old, Yurushia-sama’s power and name have traveled far, and various countries and religions are all wanting for her to become their [Saint-sama]…  For us, until Yurushia is ready I ask that you not take the invitations of other religions.”

For the various religions, the conference to decide on Yurushia’s saintdom has come.

Since nobody had talked directly to Yurushia she didn’t know, the country and royal family were very involved in the result of the the title of [Saint] of the Holy Kingdom, but were unable to claim it due to the intentions of the religion.

The royal family decided that the saint title should come when Yurushia reached 10 years old.

Until then, it wasn’t possible to come to the table to almost certainly certify Yurushia as a saint by the Kostoru state religion.


Nobody wanted to miss a huge [Advertisement Opportunity] like Yurushia, and so the various sects were fighting one another covertly, where Yurushia wouldn’t see.


It is a violation of the rules to directly give an invitation for [Certification as a Saint] to Yurushia.

Because of that, many [Doubtful] religions who were unable to solicit in a decent way would come to these dusty places to try to persuade her four attendants.


“By the way, it was interesting to listen to you prattle on.”

This is not the first time that either Tina or Nia have been invited by dubious religions. There have been many cases of the non-proper sects doing [Various Things] behind the Holy Kingdom’s back. Those people have been becoming [Food] for the demons and vampires.

“Wh-what do you …?”

Suddenly the atmosphere in the room changed, Ileo stepped back as he took a shallow breath, looking at the [Child] in front of him.

{… This girl… is clearly not normal}

Ileo was onset by anxiety after realising that the girl was not what she seemed, and immediately began speaking to try to get away from that place.

“I’m very sorry, but I must-”

“The power of our lord, you wish to use it?”

She interrupted Ileo with a quiet anger in her voice, Ileo felt a pain as he turned his head towards the little girl who was only as old as his daughter.

“S-such a thing… excuse me, it seems I’ve been too hasty. I must say-”

Ileo began to speak more quickly, lowering his head to the girls and as he began to leave… he felt a strange presence.

“Are you going home…?”

“… Ah-”

The voice came from Nia, who had been in front of him just the moment before, but the voice came from behind. There was a black sword held against his neck.

Ileo recognized the presence the sword was putting out, greasy sweat dripping from his brow.

The crisis was felt by a man facing an insurmountable foe, his very soul instinctively afraid.


“Another interesting thing you were saying… summoning God… was it?”

The girl who was too beautiful to be human began to float, wearing an [Inhuman] smile.

Ileo’s teach began to chatter.

“Ileo-sama… Allow me to give you an [Invitation]. If you will, Nia.”

When Tia called Nia with her distorted smile, Nia raised her black demonic sword with a smile of her own.


“Open… [Lost Eden] …”


All of a sudden, the old dust covered classroom was replaced by inky darkness.

It is not shadow, though. Ileo can see Tina and Nia with his eyes. The classroom was not surrounded by darkness, rather, it was completely changed to another place.

Using Nia’s absorption and Noa’s release, a new world was created in this space.


“Welcome, to our [Lost Eden].


From the darkness, a boy in butler clothes called out from an ebony desk with a kind smile.

Ileo also knew him.

This butler boy was responsible for scheduling for the Duke’s daughter… Noa.

“… Ah… ah…”

“Are you unable to speak? People with weak souls can’t stand the magic here in [Lost Eden]

Noa, who had just finished tidying up a series of documents, took off a set of silver rimmed glasses and walked forward.

Noa was a demon, but usually acted much like a human 11 year old, but given that people who wore glasses were rare, all the ladies at school were swooning over him..


“Thanks for your hard work, Noa. As busy as ever, I see.”

“… Do you think so, Tina?”

Noah let out a light sigh and dropped his eyebrows.

Tina was very capable, but with her strengths best suited for battlefields, she only took cared of Yurushia’s personal needs. Nia, his sister, was biased towards waste, and while motivated, didn’t have a skill that translated to work.

Fannie was fine and intelligent, but under the orders of their lord, she was undertaking espionage activities, so once she went out, she didn’t come back easily.

That was why Noa was left doing all of the work, the least they could do is put their feelings towards their efforts.

“So… who is that person?”

“Apparently this is related to the things that Yurushia-sama has had Fannie and Milaine investigating, I found something interesting so I brought it to you.”



Seeing Ileo having thoughts of his likely death, Noa began to laugh.


*Pachin* When a bell sound came from Noa’s finger, the world which had been inky [Black] changed into a huge black hall.

In the back of the hall was a jet black altar of worship to [God].

Kneeling by its side was the new species of [Greater Demon] created from the vampires [Provided] by Millaine using Noa’s [Control] of his [Release].

They numbered in the hundreds.

Even with its raw power alone, it was a fighting force comparable to a small country.


“Now, tell me everything you know, and I will give you the honor of dedicating your soul to the [God] Yurushia.”


As Noa whispered, the three girls and boy grew goat-like horns of jet black, the golden hair turned into snakes, and their forms changed into demons.


Demons residing in [Lost Eden]. The newly born Demon Realm began to quietly spread beneath the Holy Kingdom.




“Hey Fannie. Where did those three go?”

“Umm, they’re making a secret base. Yurushia-sama, can I have some candy?”

“Yeah, go ahead, go ahead. Having a secret base seems a bit childish, though.”


To Yurushia who did not know anything of all this, today was carefree and peaceful as ever.


App’s Notes: I’m on my own again… please go easy on me 😉


Piroton’s Notes: I went to the land where this gets released!!! I was super hyped, but then I caught a stomach bug and my insides staged a revolution so I went down like a sunk boat 🙁 I’m freshly back, so I’ll push out proofreads and edits as fast as I can manage, mmkay~

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