Story of a Careless Demon Volume 2 Chapter 5

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Volume 2, Chapter 5: I am now Five Years Old: Part III



“Oh my, I’m so sorry, did I get you dirty?”


It suddenly started. Two girls had stepped towards the guest of honor, Yurushia, the [Princess] who was so beautiful it inspired fear, through the encasement of female knights protecting her.


One of them threw the fruit wine in their hand on Yurushia.

Her using fruit wine which was an especially bright shade of red, rather than paler fruit water made her malice clear.

Yurushia was covered from her beautiful gold hair to her elegantly tailored white dress, in mottled red.


“Ahaha, that’s too much, Older Sister. This child, she looks like a pig in a slaughterhouse.”

“Ara, you can’t say such a thing. Even I, without skills, could have avoided what this retard couldn’t, am I right?”


Their loud voices rang throughout the hall. What a high handed attitude.

It was so much, that the maids and female knights were so stunned began to move again.


“You, are you acting against I, Athena, Duke Verusenia ’s first-born daughter?”

“Yeah, yeah, you know, going against Sister and I is useless.”


Hearing their words, the maids and knights endured and stopped their movements.


“Fu~un… the new maids are of such bad upbringing. You, Yurushia or something, are you our new head maidservant?


The atmosphere froze at their statement. Bodies shook in anger, and the girl next to Yurushia was so scared that she could not move.

The Duke Verusenia… his two remaining daughters from the old blood of the Koeru dukedom.

The first daughter was Athena. The second was Ophelia.

They were still 10 and 9 years old, with a bewitching beauty under their arrogance. They wore a crimson dress with their red hair, which was a style reminiscent of their mother.


But… That was just too horrible.


While being watched by the royal family or the Duke. Being called a vassal of the family, referring to their new sister as a maid head. Poor child.

Not to speak of the Duke’s family, the royal family or other dukes, the tight ties between the Duke and the royal family, who could think their abusive language could be used in this place.


There were rumors of events in the Academy and Royal Capital, known by nobles.

Ruining merchants. Making students attempt suicide. Killing animals for fun. Even rumored to have connections with black market dealers.


Could that really describe a 10 year old girl?

There was an early rumor that she was betrothed to the first grandson of the king, but it was cancelled immediately, that fact spread by the girls themselves afterwards.


Complexions like evil roses against a dainty little lily flower.

The antagonism between the contrasting sisters was not stopped by the Duke’s glare of righteous indignation or those of the nobles and knights.


This evil may be unstoppable… The moment everyone was averting their eyes, downcast, the air in the place had been transformed.

Their souls were trembling, such an oppressive intimidating pressure that one would want to kneel on the spot.

Those who looked for its source saw a girl… Yurushia’s dainty smile was burned into their souls.




Sister Ophelia, who was frightened, threw a fruit wine towards me and Shelly.

I reached out and caught the glass before it hit her, the wine splashing out, as I began casting a [Spell]


“…[Let There Be Light]…”


A weak, pale gentle light spread out.

When the light disappeared, the bright red fruit wine had been changed into plain water, my pretty dress was no longer stained.

The high tier sacred magic to cure poison, [Purification]…

It can not only cure poisons and curses, even dirt gets erased, however, if one isn’t careful, colored clothing will be bleached white.

Wiping off the crystal clear water with a handkerchief, I aimed a gentle smile to my Older Sister.

“What now…?”

What’s your next plan? Sister. Ufufufu.


“You… … What are…”

Sister Athena is scared… that’s strange.

I’m not letting out very much [Intimidation].

Cute little Shelly was scared, while I managed to fool the cute child, I lost my self-control.

Dangerous, Dangerous, I need to try to behave [Like a Real Human].

While I was thinking that, I kept showing my smile and tilted my neck.


“Y-you, I-I refuse to recognize you as our sister!”

“…Older Sister.”


Oh? Unexpectedly, they backed down easily.

Sister Athena stomped off rapidly, Ophelia following in a hurry.

Oh… I wanted more [Exchanges] with them.


“Princess Yuru!”




Vio and Sarah-chan both ran up to me and began to kneel.

“M-my most humble apologies!”

“We… we truly…”

Ah, whatever, it can’t be helped.

“Yuru sama~”

I stroke the fluffy hair of Shelly, who came clinging onto my arm, I bow to the people kneeling.


“I’m sorry, everyone. The mood was ruined because of me…”


Yup… I’m honestly sorry. I’m curious of what my Older Sister who was left to her own devices will do.


“S-such a thing, I am prepared to take the punishment…”

“I thought so, I must be the Princesses shield and sword.”

“But really, Yurushia-sama, she’s so gentle.”

“Was that sacred magic there!?”

“I-I definitely won’t boast to my brothers about this…”

Please stop it, Sarah-chan.


“However. Princess~. You should ask for more discipline…”

A servant of the Duke really shouldn’t say such a thing, in response to the maid’s remark, the other kids made small nods.

The adults must see me as a reckless five year old girl…


“Hehe… It’s nothing if only that degree. After all…”


After all… after hearing about how my sisters’ rumors, I had a lot of confidence.

This would absolutely become a [Positive Encounter].


Fufufu. Just as planned… no, it was even better, thanks to you, Sister. Seriously…


“Wasn’t she pretty…?”


When I happily muttered such, everyone from all around us showed signs of awe.


How cute… and… Delicious.




The reactions of the nobles who attended the birthday party of Yurushia were divided into three camps.


First, there were rumors that those two sisters weren’t the real daughters of the Duke, after hearing the vocal feud between them.

Those shady sisters, dismissed with just a smile and some sacred magic, the outage of the sisters, those who knew about their mischief, learned the depth of Yurushia’s kindness.


Second, to the majority of the aristocracy, the Royal Kingdom’s [Face], [Princess] Yurushia was lauded as a [Saint] and they sent messages saying as much back to their families and territory.


Finally, part of the nobility, after having seen Yurushia’s [Charm]… chose to be wary of Duke Verusenia.


And so, in haste, the nobles returned to their key positions in the country. The current king was set to retire within ten years, ceding the throne to the first prince tentatively. It may be a while, but in the meantime, the inheritance problem between Timothy and Roderick was center stage.

The mainstream faction pushing Timothy to the throne, as was according to the right of lineage, but another faction wished for Roderick to be king, believing Timothy to be too weak.

Both had reasons which lined up, but a single issue would decide.


The thick royal blood, the beautiful face, the saint of power and mercy for whom praise flowed, the Golden Princess.


After a few years…, there would definitely be a fight over her.

Even now a little… They had to prepare so that the other factions would not get the jump on them.


The prince who marries Yurushia… will be chosen as the king of the next generation.


App Comments:

I used the “R” word here, not because I would ever endorse such a thing, but because it was the most fitting term, please forgive me, members of the community.


Also, I took a look at Novelupdates while looking for a new series to read, and it seems that Yuru is in the top 100, so hooray for fluffy-demon-incarnation!


And, of course as is tradition: 27.

Piroton Comments:

This was a long week for me. Getting deployed outside of my usual workplace really didn’t help affairs in translating. Nonetheless, this was deeply fun to read, and ufufufu it’s glorious to behold.


I’ve not been keeping track of the results (I leave that to App) but I’m glad to see you all enjoying it. (Note from App: I just told ’em, he freaked, thanks for the support!)


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