Story of a Careless Demon Volume 2 Chapter 2

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Volume 2, Chapter 2: I’ve Become a Princess, Part 2

Author’s Note: Will there be [Romance] soon? Or [Heartwarming] Scenes? Take what you will.


“Tea Party?”

Grandmother brings over a freshly boiled kettle.

I’m currently with my Grandmother, the queen, my Aunt Elea-sama, and, incidentally, Rick, having tea in the garden.

“Yes, a Tea Party. Yuru will be five years old soon, no?

Elea-sama said in her usual relaxing voice. Wondrous.


This garden was originally a place for the royal family to take their tea, it seems that being invited at all is considered a great honor. It’s Grandmother’s hobby to take care of the flower garden here.

Right now, I’m sitting on Grandmother’s knee.

“Then, may I attend your tea party, Yuru?”

Grandmother says while stroking my cheek and hair *SurSuri*. Grandmother is like a little girl. And I’m her stuffed animal, it seems.


Tea party… Aren’t we drinking tea right now? Also…


“The tea party, from before, didn’t you come here?”

Oh, I thought Rick didn’t remember me. Good job. I’ll have to *PuniPuni* his cheeks, later.

“Rick you dummy, don’t you know how special the [First Tea Party] is?”

Elea-sama is relentless to her son.


A Tea Party at the age of five is the first time a noble girl is considered a [Lady].

Although situations exist where both mother and child will participate, acting as a chaperone, with the exception of close family members’ events, the children basically participate alone, building friendly relations with other families and sharing information

Well anyways, that’s what it’s supposed to be.

Though, to teach the five year olds how to manage, they are usually brought to relatives’ tea parties until they’re more tempered.


“So, I think it would be good if Yuru and I join Mother-in-law’s Tea Party… Ria, is that alright with you?”

“Yes, as long as you say so.”

To Elea-sama’s words, Mother smiled happily.

Mother is so polite when speaking with Elea. Rather than talking like they’re relatives, since Mother was Elea’s junior back at the Magic Academy, they call each other so.

It’s different from the way that the housekeeper speaks of the Goddess-sama..

Speaking of… I still haven’t met my own elder sisters… Why is that?


The Tea Party has a [Women’s Meeting] kind of feeling.

It seems that the reason Father brought me to that first Tea Party was to have me meet Rick.

Then… this time, Rick… why is he coming again?


“… What is it?”

“Oh, nothing, Rick-sama”

Rick’s rotten mood was multiplied when he notices my glare.


Oh well, even if it’s only with relatives, thinking of intermingling with just ladies makes me feel uncomfortable.

Give me some pity; it’s just an offhand thought.

I’m sure that since I’ll just be talking to the other children, it will be fine, I’m over thinking. Hehehe.

I just hope nobody says “read the atmosphere.”


“Yu~ra, why are you using “-sama” with Rick? Rick is something like your brother.”

Said Grandmother.


Calling that brat “Brother,” what shameful play are you pushing on me?


“I-I-I’ll also call Yurushia without an honorific.”

Yup, Rick’s definitely embarrassed. This is the first time we both feel this way.

But, using no honorifics would be a bit too much…

For the time being, since Rick is a prince, and I’m a duke’s daughter, using “-sama” gives the sense of a [Wall] between us.


“Well then, Queen, why not have her call him “Roderick Oniisama” outside and without a “-sama” while in this place?”

“Well, that’s quite adorable. Let’s do that. Also, Ria, you should call me ‘Mother-in-Law.’”

“Yes… Mother-in-Law.”



While my guard was down, the nonchalant duo decided on nicknames.

Do I… have any veto option in this…? I glance over at Rick, Rick seems to be trying to hide.


… It can’t be helped. Even though things might appear this way, I am the best demon at reading the atmosphere, y’know! This much shouldn’t be enough to make me lose my facade… crud.





Rick suddenly looks shy. If you look like that, I’ll get nervous.


Over there, *KusuKusu*, a bunch of chuckles could be heard.


Looking over there, the owner of the voice was grinning while looking between me and Rick.

As I thought… Elea-sama.

The first tea party being planned by Grandfather and Uncle of “Children meeting their Relatives” is being taken over by a secret plan.


It seems like Elea-sama has another purpose for this.


Elea-sama is trying to make her cute [Little Sister]’s daughter into her daughter-in-law.

This situation, I don’t think it could be be serious.


For that manner, Rick and I can’t possibly be [Engaged], right?


If all goes to plan, Timothy-kun will be the first to succeed the throne.

If that was the case, as the second born of the crown prince, Rick would form a new house in a new territory, or will be brought into a ducal family by marrying into a house, he may be put with me, since our unborn child would have [Pure Blood].

Uncle has [Military Skill], Father has [Wisdom], since both of them have the [Pure] blood of royalty, they should have children with the non-royal family.

Quite a problem. Quite a big problem.

Since I can’t do it.


I suppose there is a possibility that I will be married to Timothy-kun, but his age is so far from mine… when Timothy-kun is of a marriageable age, I’ll only be 10 years old or so.

He also has that little brother, who he’s [Good Friends] with, so I’ll withhold.


Actually, there is another possibility.

Either of my two elder sisters could marry Timothy-kun, since the [Purity] of their blood should be the same. I see, I don’t need to marry Rick either, since there are two people anyway.

I try to imply as much while talking to Elea-sama.


“Ahaha, Yuru is so young, but you made such a funny joke”

She said with a serious face.

What the heck did you do, as of yet unseen sisters…?


The same kind of thing was said by our knight escort before.


“Yurushia-sama, our one and only [Princess], we welcome you”… or something.


What did he mean…?

App’s Comments:

Golly, isn’t medieval blood politics a strange thing to think of in today’s world of anti-inbreeding. More slice of life to come.

Random countdown to something: 30 [Feel free to guess what.]

Piroto’s Comments:

The ambiguity of the author’s writing is giving me a headache. Also, isn’t Yuru the cutest! Oh Yuru, what you don’t know about politics… can’t kill you I guess…

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    I don’t think this is about royal inbreeding. In Japan it’s legal to marry first cousins. It’s not as frowned upon as it is in the West. So the possibility of Rick being a love interest would be there even without royalty from the world view of the author.

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