Story of a Careless Demon Volume 2 Chapter 16

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Volume 2, Chapter 16: I Turned Seven Years Old… And Then


It’s been quite difficult ever since that [Moonlit Tea Party].


When I was about to run out of magic in the air, Fannie saw me floating around up there and went up to get me safely to the ground.

It would have been seriously uncool asking Millaine to help me down…


At the same time, it seems a localized earthquake shook the area. The locals who woke up in the middle of the night made a lot of noise and started praying to the goddess and some fights started, until some of Millaine’s maids who survived the rock collapse began a banquet to appease the residents.

You guys, you sure take this seriously…

… Eh? M-maybe it wasn’t my fault…


The main problem was getting home.

When we came here I thought it was fast because the horse-drawn carriage was drawn by a vampire horse. But because taking care of the commotion from the earthquake took until dawn, returning by that method became impossible.

However, since Tina and Fannie could recover their magic from taking in souls, I was able to fly back at full speed by grabbing on to those four.

Vampire souls aren’t tasty.

By the way, that day, in a number of towns and villages, there was apparently a sighting of an unidentified shiny gold object flying through the air.


That was how we arrived back at the Verusenia estate before breakfast.

However, as I secretly returned to my room, Vio was waiting for me. Although I had told her that I’d be going out, she didn’t think that I meant I would come home only in the morning so she was very angry with us all.

… Even though I’m a demon.



“Princess Yuru…”


My retinue (demons) stood at attention with a *Bishii* sound, they kneeled before me in perfect order.

Their faces were unconventional, instead of being relaxed, they were showing a tense expression full of complicated feelings. Even Fannie and Nia were maintaining a sense of tension, which was showing in the calm atmosphere.

I don’t want kids like these.

“… The heck, Yuru, what kind of [Ritual] did you carry out to make this happen…?”

“… It’s a secret…”


It’s a maiden’s secret.

Those children have been relatively quiet. Is it because they’re mostly demon? I had thought that because they would inherit the memories of the souls, there wouldn’t be a problem with them working.

Far from having no mistakes, they were too [Perfect].

Especially Noa and Tina, even Granny has admired the amount of work they’ve done. They may soon be taken in as [Apprentices].

Why can’t I do that…



And so, I turned seven years old.

My birthday party was split into two chunks… Why?


The first was held two days before my birthday in the royal castle, and the very next morning we were forced to depart on a super tight schedule to make it to the party in the Touru territory which was held on the day itself.

It can’t be helped that Shelly and Betty were both rolled into the forced-march schedule since I invited them to both.

Both Timothy-kun and Rick came to the party at the castle, and had raised the [Quality] of the tributes from last year. These Bon-bon-brats… (TL: bon-bon is a Japanese term for rich young gentlemen.)


I invited Millaine to the party at the Touru territory, since it was at night.

She didn’t come to the royal castle event… or rather, she had hardly participated in any parties, since Millaine herself was ever only doing her own tea party in recent years. The participation of the [Silver Princess] has caused quite a fine commotion.

As planned, after she arrived and greeted me, the number of greetings that I had to deal with decreased.

Thank you Millaine. Your sacrifice will not be forgotten.


With this, even if she wasn’t already a [Friend], I might have wanted her anyway.



“Yurushia, it has been decided that you will be giving the first-year representative’s greeting to the magic academy.”


… Haaah? What kind of stupid thing did you just say, Grandfather-sama?

As soon as my age changed and I was qualified to enter the magic academy, The King said as such.

Normally, there is no greeting from the first-year representative during the entrance ceremony of the magic academy. That is how it was supposed to be.

I seem to remember hearing that a long time ago, the adults abolished it since it was far too difficult for a seven-year-old noble to give such a speech. It had caused many of them to have trauma… What kind of greeting was that?

The voice of authority from Grandfather had revived the practice.

Grandfather, you stupid old man… It’s nothing but a giant annoyance.


“During the great earthquake in Count Oberu’s territory, didn’t Yurushia play an active role in resolving it? The school principal was on board as well, and even suggested that you use holy magic from the dais.”



After all that commotion from the earthquake, I, who felt more or less responsible, helped to treat the injured.

There seem to have been children that were caught up in the second demon summoning case that came out to where I was.

I denied it at first.

But then, Millaine took over the Count’s post after his [Accidental Death] in the earthquake, there was no body, so there were some problems with the accidental death claim. I was made to testify that I was with her at the time.


Elea-sama got really angry at me after that.

There were all sorts of rumors of how the headmaster wanted [Me] to give the speech no matter what.

When my name was used during Millaine’s succession, even Grandfather-sama was bothered.

…Well, it can’t be helped. I hate it.



Today is the Magic Academy entrance ceremony.

Rather than having a campus in the Touru territory, all of the precious children of the aristocracy go to the academy in the royal capital.

I’m no exception. Mother and Granny and our escort knights all went to our second house in the royal capital before the new year began.

What about my Sisters…? Last year, they began studying with my Aunt-sama in our neighboring country.


“The First-year representative, Yurushia-la-Verusenia will now give her greetings.”


The tension is pretty low.

Walking up to the stage with my heart in a pitter-patter, I reached the podium where Mother and Father is watching me while Shelly and Betty, who were in the same uniform, gave me a small wave from their seats.

Those two, their uniforms are so cute…

We all wear the same uniform, so why is it that I’m the only one where my classmates keep their distance…


I’m omitting the contents of my greeting. People I barely knew were watching it with pleased eyes.

Such looks from just acquaintances…

Most of the people who saw me for the first time had looks of surprise on their face, and didn’t seem to hear my speech. Listen properly. No, wait, it’s alright even if you don’t listen.

I wonder if I’ll be able to get along in this school.



But you know… I’ve decided to live in this country as both a [Human] and a [Demon].

In the light as the [Princess] of the Holy Kingdom.

From the darkness, receiving some support from the old men in the aristocracy.

From the darkness in the darkness… from the darkest places, I will protect what is important to me as the [Demon Princess].


These students at my school, these developing youths, these [Human Children] are very, very important.

I’ll save you… even though I’m a Demon.

All of you who are dear to me…


“[Blessings to Everyone]…!”


At my [Words], the entrance hall was filled with a huge light, and in the hall, countless [Angels of Light] danced, the [Intermediate Spirits of Light] gathered, and an enormous [Archangel of Light] manifested, blessing everyone present…… screams of confusion erupted from the audience.


After the sudden, violent outburst, naturally, the entrance ceremony was stopped there. The first-year greeting was again abolished from the Magic Academy starting that next year.


I’ve done it again…


App’s Notes:

Cheers to the end of a great volume, be prepared for what we’ve all been waiting for: School!

Also, a translation change: the previous mentions of the Demon Lord (maou) will be changed to Daemon Lord. The race he’s the king of is the fourth way of saying demon/monster in japanese, so we’re reaching far into my D&D knowledge for another suitable evil outsider name. Any mentions of the native (born in this world) “demons” will be changed to daemon.

I always wonder whether people read my hidden text…


Piroton’s Notes:

A good ending. And more to come. Pity I don’t translate fast enough because of work reasons. Also, dear Yuru seems to have found herself again. All good.

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