DD Chapter 82 Part 1

Chapter 82 – Sei’s Offense (Part 1)

[Iris’ POV]

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After Damme was taken away, the inside of the shop immediately buzzed with noise.


“I apologize for the trouble, everyone.” (Sei)


Sei stood in the center of the shop and publicly apologized to the customers.


“All items that were ordered just now will be free of charge as an apology to the customers present. We will also present a discount coupon to each customer to further show our sincerity.” (Sei)


Sei declared the reparation with a slightly larger voice than his apology.


I’m worried about what the reaction from the crowd will be…


However, the response proved that my worries were unnecessary.


Surprisingly, an applause rose out from the guests.


Sei was also surprised as he looked over the guests after his declaration. In fact, there was even a slight wrinkle in between his eyebrows.


When I gazed back at the customers, about a third of them were very pleased that the items they recently purchased had suddenly become free.


They were gladly eating their chocolate after clapping wholeheartedly while lamenting the fact that they did not purchase more before.


As for the remaining 70%…


“What are their names?” (Woman 1)


“The one who spoke just now is Mr. Sei, and the knight-like person beside him is Mr. Dida.” (Woman 2)


“How gallant…” (Everyone)


Stunned by Sei and Dida’s charm, all of the women present etched the images of Sei and Dida into their hearts.


“I feel refreshed. A guy who looks down on others like that must be punished.” (Guest 1)


“I wholeheartedly agree. Women should disregard what he said. Well, I don’t think this incident can repeat again.” (Guest 2)


The rest of the audience felt refreshed after seeing someone beat Damme for his outrageous remarks. They sympathized with the waitress after knowing the full circumstances.


After looking at the reactions of the customers, I let out a sigh of relief. I had been holding my breath the entire time: apprehensive of the guests’ reactions.


I wonder if this is okay…


At that moment, I realized that suppressing my emotions had sapped all of my strength. It was to the point where I wanted to sit down somewhere and rest.


“Lady Iris…!” (Tanya)


Tanya immediately ran over to my side the moment she realized that I wasn’t feeling well.


“I’m okay, Tanya. Thank you.” (Iris)


“Please do not make me worry too much…” (Tanya)


“I kept my promise with Ryle, right?” (Iris)


I said that with a wry smile. However, Tanya’s complexion did not smooth out.


“I was anxious about the actions you would take when Sei was punishing Damme. My lady, you are not fine at all.” (Tanya)


“Is that so?” (Iris)


“Yes. That is the case at the moment.  Usually, you have no problem being in crowded places.” (Tanya)


“… That is true…” (Iris)


Even I was utterly convinced by Tanya’s flawless logic.


“Certainly, my anger is very rare and it is easy for me to become fatigued… and faint after becoming enraged.” (Iris)


With a bitter smile, Tanya articulated, “It seems that Lady Iris is blaming herself for the incident.” (Tanya)


This time, Tanya didn’t scold me too much, which I was relieved for.


“… Lady Iris. After Dida had seized Damme this time, I briefly thought for a moment that… The responsibility of my lady and that of ours are very different. I began to think that apart from the responsibility of Lady Iris’ employees, we also have our own roles that we must fulfill. That role is to protect Lady Iris… That role is our pride and every thought. We are obligated to take care for you and protect you when you need it, so please try to minimize the situations where you put yourself in danger. Please keep that in mind.” (Tanya)


“I cannot promise that.” (Iris)


“Lady Iris…” (Tanya)


“Even knowing full well that you are worried, I will definitely repeat the same mistakes over and over. Therefore, I cannot make that promise.” (Iris)


I know that someday, I will run into a similar situation such as this one. A situation where I want to hold myself back as much as possible but can’t due to the outrageousness of the person’s claims. But…


“However, that does not mean I am totally ignoring your advice. Everyone will surely protect me. It is undebatable. I am reckless because I trust you guys more than anyone.  That’s why I’m going to be as reckless as possible. It’s because I am confident everyone can do their jobs.” (Iris)


The reason I dare to be as reckless as I am is because I trust them. As a result, in the case of an emergency, I might do a reckless action and annoy everyone.


… This time it was okay because the result was satisfactory.


“Come on, let’s go back to the employee area again to help hinder the crowding in the shop… Tanya” (Iris)


“Yes.” (Tanya)


“It seems that a good amount of people have lined up in front of Sei to receive their coupons.  It certainly has been a long time and the line still hasn’t progressed yet, right?” (Iris)


“Certainly.” (Tanya)


I went back to the employee area with Ryle.




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