Doctor of the Demon World Chapter 0

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Shi-Hyeok is an oriental doctor.

He is a rookie oriental doctor of a world where demons fly, and ability users and summoned beings exist.

When he was a student, he didn’t dream anything special would happen to him.

He thought things like demons and special abilities were other people’s business.

However, that wasn’t the case.

Various disasters originated from the monsters.

Especially the thing called the demon’s disease.

As time passed, they became more problematic.

In a single day countless people died. The numerous diseases left behind grave aftereffects, and treating the sick only produced a burden for society.

The symptoms were difficult to treat with the world’s existing medicine. A new type of medicine was needed.

In this way, the world entered an era of change.

Shi-Hyeok opened his eyes in this strange place.

The birthplace of demons and special abilities.

Now it is a world in one thousand pieces broken into ten thousand pieces, Argus.



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