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Volume 3, Chapter 3: I Turned Eight Years Old, Part 2


The agricultural country, Shiguresu. Population: two million people, largely spread out in villages. In short, it’s a country made mostly of fields. As expected, the city centers were beautiful towns.

Although we got to Shiguresu early, by the time we got to town it was already too late to have a little walk on my own.


“Princess-sama, this baked potato is delicious”

“No, no, this sorghum is so sweet…”

“There’s freshly-harvested raw white asparagus here…”


…You guys are fully enjoying this as a vacation, huh. In the middle of the village road we travelled, there were open-air stalls strewn all over the place, and my escort knights jumped at the chance to go shopping.

Everyone in the mercenary troop was left dumbfounded at the entirely carefree female knights’ actions.

No, no, please forgive them.

Well, ever since I enrolled at the Royal Capital’s Magic Academy, they haven’t had much time outside. Since we’re having this long trip after so long, they naturally felt like carousing.

Although my aim was to be a laid-back boss, I wonder if I pampered them way too much.


“Vio. Make sure that they all submit a detailed report on what they’re eating right now.”

I instructed Vio, who was the only one riding in the same carriage as me outside of my four attendants. Vio nodded with a serious face, and I laughed a little.

“Princess Yuru-sama you’re very gentle, aren’t you?”

“But I gave them more work to do…?”

Mu~… it’s very sweet, huh. While there’s nothing I can think of to export to Shiguresu, if there’s something that’s cheap and delicious, we should definitely import it.

Before being a Princess or a Saint, I’m the daughter of Duke Verusenia.



“Presenting herself to Her Royal Younger Brother, Oslo, for his Wedding, on behalf of Taterudo, Yurushia-la-Verusenia sends her congratulations.”


The wedding ceremony between His Royal Highness Oslo and the lady of Marquis Etia’s household was held three days after our arrival at the capital of Shiguresu.

Although it wasn’t especially showy, it was held in the Royal Castle, the largest in Shiguresu. The various royal families were announced in front of the rest of the attending parties. After that, there were three more rounds of greetings in total for those present for the wedding reception.

Three rounds of greetings; with all three rounds between the same people… it’s quite severe.

After all, as the representative of the Holy Kingdom of Taterudo, it was necessary for me to express our congratulations to a lot of different people.


“Yuru-chan, great work, it went splendidly.”

As I finished the greetings and was about to go back to the venue, the Queen-sama came up to thank me and tightly hugged me.

“Thank you very much, Q-…Queen-sama.”

“Ufufu, it’s fine to just call me ‘Aunt-sama’.”

A great beauty with luxurious blonde hair, this is my aunt, Camille-sama, who married into the royal family of Shiguresu.

And now, I’m buried in her chest.

“Um… I will call you that outside of formal occasions, then.”

“Really, Yuru-chan, you’re so responsible… as expected of Folt’s daughter, you even look like him.”

When she said that I resembled Father, I instinctively gave a complacent smile.

Speaking of Father… I wanted to hear about something from Aunt-sama.

“Aunt-sama……… where are my elder sisters?”


When I asked, a somewhat un-queenly smile spread across Aunt Camille-sama’s face as she contemplated it.

My elder sisters both went to boarding schools in this place, Shiguresu.

I was really looking forward to meeting those wonderful elder sisters again, I was wondering what they’d try this time…

Although Aunt-sama’s face looked like she didn’t want to think about it, she told the story to me, since I’m the [Little Sister].


“Although Folt requested that they study abroad, those two barely attend their classes, recently they’ve been with the Hero-sama all the time…”


Although my elder sisters seem to be doing well, some strange words came out.


“Did Yuru not know…? It’s been all the talk of the country lately.”


Hero. A man of courage. Standing at the forefront of humanity, a person that gives others hope.

I wasn’t aware, but recently there have been kidnappings in this country by [Daemons], and a small party broke through and cleared their camp, rescuing all the children. …… how typical.

Huh… so there’s a person like that.

When I helped the children back then, and I got called [Saint] without asking, I wonder if it’s that same sort of situation.


While I was thinking simple thoughts, Aunt Camille-sama seemed to be worrying about my carefree self.

“Yuru-chan, be careful if you’re staying in the hall. Since you’re a beautiful little girl, there might be some bad people that might come after you.”


Just like everyone else who’s related to me, she’s excessively overvalued my appearance.

“Would you allow my sons to escort you? And, if Yuru-chan agrees, can the three of us can take you home?”

“No, well, err…”

That’s right. Aunt-sama’s children were all boys.


Normally, a male child in a royal family would be good. …… For the first boy, that is that, and this is this. Once more boys keep coming, words like “A Princess would be nice” start to spring out of thin air.

Now that I’m eight years old, talk of marriage proposals have started coming from all over.

My standing, although I have royal blood, is that of a daughter of a duke, the social threshold for marrying was lower, and yet, with my recognition as the Holy Kingdom’s [Princess], everyone sees me as a [Princess-sama], so at the moment, it feels like I’m a popular item at a shop that’s about to run out of stock.

The reason that I enrolled at the magic academy was because I wanted to experience love… But, because of [That Guy], I can’t find a target, which is a problem.

I definitely don’t want to be looked at with those sorts of eyes…

But, if it turns out that ‘m misunderstanding, I’d be terribly embarrassed.


In any case here, without Father-sama or Mother-sama around, it’s impossible for this eight-year-old daughter to be [Sold] away.

“Aunt-sama, my escort, umm… he is here. Noel~!”

To be honest, my guard in this party is only supposed to be Sara-chan and Bree-chan. As the famous mercenary company Ba-, Bruna……… Bear-san’s only available [friend] whose age was close to that of mine, Noel-kun came along too.

Noel-kun who was wearing gorgeous clothes that were rented from a town in Shiguresu, he’s so shy, it’s seriously cute.


Seeing Noel like that, it was so cute that I was satisfied just looking at him. Aunt-sama let out a giggle, and whispered gently in my ear.


“Yuru-chan, when you leave this country, be careful of the hero of the Kostoru religion’s Hero.”



The worship of the Harvest Goddess Kostoru was the most popular religion, and was recognised as the official religions of both Taterudo and Shiguresu.

What does she mean to [Be Careful] of the Kostoru religion?

And Aunt Camille-sama said to be careful of the [Hero].

In the stories, isn’t the Hero is usually a [Good person]…?



Because I was brooding for a while, my escort, Noel, seemed anxious.

“Ah, sorry about that.”

While I was lost in my thoughts, I moved my hand onto Noel’s arm, and his face stiffened.

“…What’s the matter?”


How strange, Noel…he’s been acting strangely ever since we reunited. Because of that, we weren’t able to speak much during the journey, I wonder if we can have a relaxed conversation today.


As we walked, everyone’s gazes turned to focus on us. Since the people of this country aren’t used to [Me], it’s good that I didn’t have to talk too much, but still, it was terrible to be stared at like that.

“Noel, I’m sorry…”

“…Eh, for what?”

“Since I’m so conspicuous, aren’t you uncomfortable while you’re with me?”

When I said that, Noel shook his head with a little bit of astonishment.

“Lu-, Lucy stands out, so it can’t be helped. Because you’re a Princess-sama and the Holy Saint.”

Both of those titles were just given by other people without my permission…

The church people, although they tried to win me over, never gave their [Certification of Sainthood] to me. What do they want, exactly?

As I pondered this with a tenuous smile, Noel blushed and spoke softly.


“Besides… Lucy is… beautiful”



Uwaaah…… I’m feeling really embarrassed.

Wherever I went, I was feared, so it was always a choice between being surrounded or leaving, this is the first time I’ve ever heard such words from a boy…

My face…… I wonder if my face is red too.

Since I’m Noel-kun’s [Esteemed Holy Saint], his evaluation of me is abnormally high. I wish that I could see how I look in Noel’s eyes…



“Yurushia-sama, are you okay?”

To Noel and I, who were standing there in embarrassed silence, someone I didn’t know called out.

“…What’s the matter?”

The voice’s owner was a well-dressed uncle wearing the holy symbol of the harvest goddess.

… the Kostoru religion, huh.

“I am the high priest Calisto, of the Kostoru church in Shiguresu’s capital. I wanted to speak to you, to give Yurushia-sama a message…”

“Greetings, Calisto-sama, I am Yurushia-la-Verusenia.”

I instantly switched to my [Duke’s Daughter] mode.

But, high priest, huh… I completely don’t know what level of position that is. The thin 50 year old uncle that doesn’t seem to be doing so well.

“Today I’d like to introduce someone to Yurushia-sama…… would that be fine by you?”

“… Yeah, it’s not an issue.”

Somehow or another the flow of the conversation went in that direction. As Aunt Camille-sama’s advice crossed my mind, Calisto-san sent his gaze behind him, and several men and women came over.


“As you may know, this is the [Hero], Alfonso.”


It arrived…… the Hero-sama.




Author’s Note: It’s a flag.


App’s Notes

Huh, nearly didn’t get this out on time, but upside is I know for sure I’m deathly allergic to Eggs.

Really looking forward to a 3rd person chapter, though… 11



Piroton’s Notes:

HERO-DA~ go away go away I want my cute Yuru forever

System Message: Piroton has been [Charmed].

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