Bringing A Farm To Mess Around In Another World – Chapter 22

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Chapter 22 – Mature

Zhao Hai frowned, “Is it dangerous? If it is, granny Maylin, then let’s not raise fishes first. No matter how important they are, they can’t be more important than your safety.”

Maylin had an emotional expression, but still managed to smile, “I’ll be fine, young master. I’m a level 8 water mage after all. Dealing with a magic beast is nothing if not simple.”

Zhao Hai looked at how confident Maylin was being, and could only nod his head, “Fine, but this matter can be put behind a little. Tomorrow, we’re still going to organize some people to look at places that are suitable for us to improve. Improving those is the real point.”

Maylin nodded as well. Ark Continent’s businesses were very developed, but Buda family wasn’t heavily focused on business. It was a noble family, and in their eyes, land size was the key.

Meg and others didn’t enter the conversation. When Zhao Hai and Maylin discussed things, Meg would usually not speak up. Blockhead and Rockhead were out of the question, as the two of them weren’t smart and just did as they were told. Letting them voice their opinions would be like playing a tune to a cow. Meg was very smart, but she was still too young, and she hadn’t lived in an era of information boom like Zhao Hai did. There was still much she had to learn. She couldn’t really speak up when Zhao Hai and Maylin discussed such matters.

Zhao Hai finished dinner quickly and then drank a cup of coya in the living room before going back to his room. There were so many matters to settle in the castle, so he just had to arrange them. There was no need to be too worked up over them.

There were really no fun places over here. He was cut off from the world, and nothing to do other than sleeping at night. Zhao Hai wanted to look at the space sooner by going back to his room.

At night, Zhao Hai felt extremely bored. He was a homebody on Earth, and a homebodies would usually stay up for very late. Because he was too busy in in these recent days, he could sleep when early into the night, but now that he slept in the day, he couldn’t sleep right now. He had to go into the space to take a look.

The space was still the same, but corns had started to grow out while the radish sprouts were showing as well. Good thing there were no bugs. Watching the growing sprouts made Zhao Hai a little excited.

These sprouts resembled hope. The hope of living on in another world. Zhao Hai didn’t have great ambitions. He just wanted to live properly in this world.

When on Earth, he lived his days getting some meager blog submission fees. He also had no ambitions and just wanted to live out his humble days.

Here in another world, he had Adam’s body and he also knew about Adam’s lineage, and that Adam now had a great vengeance. But Zhao Hai knew just as well that Adam’s vengeance wasn’t so easily exacted. What they were facing was an empire.

Buda family could already be beaten down like this during the most glorious days. With the strength at hand in the present, it was impressive enough just to maintain their own lives, let alone taking revenge.

Even though he had this cheating tool called spatial farm, it had a major flaw: it lacked offensiveness.

The spatial farm wasn’t bad. It could plant crops and store things, but it didn’t have any attack abilities, while on Ark Continent, true powerhouses just happened to be most proficient in attacking. A mage like Maylin could instantly kill 1000 people with magic. Compared to Maylin, Zhao Hai couldn’t even be compared to a newborn baby. He could only be regarded as an ant. It would be like a snap of fingers if Maylin wanted to crush him.

It was exactly because of this that Zhao Hai wanted to keep a low profile. If the nobles discovered that he had the space, they might kill him at the first given opportunity.

Fortunately, Zhao Hai had completely received Adam’s memories. Although Adam was a workless snob, he still knew some common sense on the continent. Zhao Hai was also not the kind of retard that would act like a boss between heaven and earth after crossing over (from previous world), trample and land and stab the sky when there was nothing to do. Zhao Hai didn’t have such a large ambition. He knew that if he really went that high profile, he would be the first one to die.

The spatial farm’s properties determined that Zhao Hai would never become a peerless expert. Forget about becoming an expert. After Adam drank the Water Of Void, he couldn’t even become a novice.

Even though Zhao Hai now had the biggest crutch, this thing that suddenly appeared to him made him feel insecure. He was afraid that such a suddenly appeared thing would suddenly disappear as well.

This sense of urgency made Zhao Hai think about building up his fief nonstop. He could improve the soil outside everyday, but it was also because of this that he was extra worried.

Would the long running nobles let them off the hook after arriving in Black Wastelands? Hardly. Those fellows would surely send people to watch them. If it was discovered that the movements here were too great, the nobles would not take any chances.

Zhao Hai sat inside the space, summarizing this and summarizing that. In the end he concluded with 2 words: low profile. And just a sentence: ‘It’s best to be rich without making a sound’.

He knew the radishes and corn would grow nicely, but he still watered them. He was now coddling the sprouts because they represented Buda family’s hope.

Watering in the space was a low effort work. Zhao Hai simply needed to use his thoughts to do so. The water spring in the space was like it was held up by an invisible force, then floated above the soil, before it became like rain.

Zhao Hai immediately stopped after watching the soil slowly become wet. He knew that watering too much would cause the roots of corns to spoil.

After doing that, Zhao Hai came out from the space. He saw the sky and noticed that it had darkened completely. The slaves had slept, and the castle didn’t have any lights. The entire castle seemed to have slept with the arrival of the night.

With the quiet surroundings, Zhao Hai’s heart slowly calmed down. He knew it was excessive to think about things now. It was important to walk the path in steps. What he mainly needed to do right now was to solve the problem of food supply for 100 and more people. Not only to fill the stomachs, but also to make eating good.

‘Responsibility’ was the word which Zhao Hai sincerely felt. When he was on Earth, he was a kind of person who was able to eat without starving his whole family along the way. But in here, the problems of food and clothing for more than 100 people, Buda family’s future, these heavy burdens were heaped onto his shoulders one after another. That was why he had to tread carefully while afraid of making the slightest mistake.

Daring to take responsibility is also a display of a man’s maturity. Zhao Hai had now become more mature than he was on Earth, because reality forced him to.

After standing in front of the window for a while, Zhao Hai returned to bed. Even if he couldn’t sleep, he still had to lie down on the bed. With their lack of resources, he couldn’t waste any himself. Without knowing it, he fell asleep on the bed.

<DING> <Radishes had now matured. Please collect them soon.>

The notification of the farm woke Zhao Hai up once again. He immediately sat up and entered the space. As expected, the radishes had matured while the corn stalks had grown up to more than the height of a person. The corns had taken basic shapes and they could now be plucked for eating.

But Zhao Hai didn’t touch them since he still hoped for them to act as seeds. It wouldn’t be much for him to pluck a few now, but if the corns matured and then taken outside as seeds, he would be able to plant on quite a lot of ground.

Zhao Hai immediately stored the radishes, and then bought a sack of radish seeds from Shop to plant more again. He used the spring water to wash his own face, and he became refreshed in an instant.

Then Zhao Hai ran to the corn stalks to take a closer look. The corns were growing well. The leaves of the corns had coated over them. Just wait until they officially mature, and then they could be collected.

Zhao Hai nodded in satisfaction from this. He left the space and went back to his room. He looked at the sky out of the window, and the sky was beginning to glow brighter. He didn’t feel like sleeping, so he went out of his room.

The air outside wasn’t bad. It was a barren mountain around the castle, but the environs basically fit the definition of having a mountain and a body of water. Plus it was April, so the morning was a little cold. Zhao Hai had a refreshed moon when he breathed in 2 mouthfuls of cool air.

There was nothing in particular that Zhao Hai woke up early for. He thought that his own physical well being wasn’t very good. Adam was even worse off before. He was a playboy who learned nothing, and an alcoholic lecher who had already burdened his own body so. With the Water Of Void, his body became even weaker.

Zhao Hai didn’t want to be a sickness-ridden cripple. With such a fine weather, Zhao Hai decided to go jogging and train his body. Even if he couldn’t become an expert, he had to become a healthy person at least.

After jogging for a while, the slaves woke up one after another, and they watched Zhao Hai jogging around the castle in surprise. They didn’t know what he was doing.

Zhao Hai’s body was seriously too weak right now. Just while of jogging and he was already panting from fatigue. He had no other way but to stop and regulate his breathing slowly while heading back to the castle.

He just jogged for a bit, but he still felt very refreshed and energized. By the time he got back, Maylin and others had already woken up. They just didn’t expect that Zhao Hai would wake up this early and thought that he was still sleeping in his room. When they saw Zhao Hai coming in from outside, they were very surprised.

Zhao Hai greeted them and then washed his face again. He went to the living room after that to wait for Maylin to make breakfast.

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