Bringing A Farm To Mess Around In Another World – Chapter 15

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Chapter 15 – Level Up

What Zhao Hai didn’t know what that Maylin was shocked beyond words. Maylin was a mage. A level 8 water type mage.

On Ark Continent, mages were split into 10 levels. Levels 1 to 3 were called magic students, levels 4 and 5 were called low-level mages, levels 6 and 7 were called middle-class mages, levels 8 and 9 were called high-class mages, and level 10 was said to a legendary godlike existence.

It’s not easy being a mage. First, one needed magical talent and aptitude. In 10 mages, 5 of them would be magic students for life, and the in the other 5, 3 would be low-level mages for life. Only the remaining 2 would only be middle-class mages. There was only 1% chance of a high-class mage showing up. This was only among mages. The amount of people on the continent who would have magic talent is 1 out of 10000. This ratio was especially horrifying.

Hench why there were a few mages on the continent, and even fewer high-class mages. A level 8 mage like Maylin would be treated like a guest in any country, but Maylin and Greene being part of the Buda family, they helped the family with all their hearts. It was also because of this that Axu Empire’s king didn’t eradicate the family and simply sent them here.

A high-class mage like Maylin was very sensitive to changes in magic elements. They could immediately sense someone using magic within 1000 metres.

On Ark Continent, only one magic had the ability to store things up in such a fashion: spatial magic. The odds of people learning magic were 1 out of 10000, and the odds of someone learning spatial magic would be 1 out of a billion. There were only finger-countable spatial mages on the continent, and their levels were not high. They had no way of opening up their own space.

Indeed, there were remnant spatial tools made by ancient spatial mages. These tools were used to store things. Spatial mages used their own magic to open up a storage space, and then used unique materials and magic formations to seal a space onto an object. This formed a storage equipment. In order to do this, the spatial magic energy would have to be at least at the level of high-class mages, and only 5 storage equipment could be made in one’s lifetime, so these storage tools were extremely rare on the continent. They would naturally be very precious.

Maylin knew very clearly that the family didn’t have such a storage tool, so in other words, this ability was Zhao Hai’s own. But Zhao Hai drank the Water Of Void. It’s impossible for him to learn magic and battle aura, so he naturally couldn’t be a spatial mage. Maylin also didn’t sense a trace of magic waves. It’s like the ball of water suddenly disappeared.

There were only 2 possibilities for this situation. One was that Zhao Hai’s magical energy was higher than Maylin’s and he could hide his own magic waves completely and not let her find out. But this was impossible, because Zhao Hai drank the Water Of Void, and he could never learn magic.

Another was that what Zhao Hai was using wasn’t magic or magic tools. He didn’t use them, so naturally, Maylin couldn’t feel magic waves.

Zhao Hai turned to look at Maylin’s expression. He smiled and said, “Don’t panic, granny Maylin. I’ll tell you what’s going on in a few days. This might be an ability the heavens gave me.”

Maylin nodded and didn’t ask further. It was fine as long as Zhao Hai wasn’t in danger. Besides, having this ability would only be a good thing instead of bad.

Zhao Hai looked at the water surface and found out that there was nothing else to see. He turned to Maylin and said, “Let’s go back, granny Maylin. When grandpa Greene gets back, we can start these plans immediately.”

Maylin nodded, “You should hurry back, young master. You don’t need to concern yourself with matters here. There’s me and Meg.”

Zhao Hai laughed, “Alright, but granny Maylin, don’t work yourselves too hard now. Just let the slaves do those things. You two should just watch. There’s no rush. We just need to clean up the cave before grandpa Greene gets back.”

Maylin laughed, “Young master has really grown up. You know how to care about others now. Don’t worry, young master. My old bones can still hold up. You just go back to the castle, and I will make you lunch in a while when I get back.”

Zhao Hai smiled, “Good. Then I’ll head back now.” He led Blockhead and Rockhead back out of the cave after that.

Maylin looked at Zhao Hai’s back and mumbled, “The ancestors bless Buda family. I never imagined that young master would gain such a powerful ability. The family has a hope of rising again now.”

Zhao Hai led the twins back to the castle. He entered his room as he wanted to look at what was special about the black soil and lake water in a hurry.

Once he entered the room, Zhao Hai spoke to the twins, “Don’t go in with me now. The two of you stay here. If granny Maylin comes, stall her for me. Say that I’m sleeping.”

Zhao Hai also wanted to see if the twins would listen to him, because when he first brought them to the farm, he felt that the two of them had a large change of attitude towards him, as if they harbored a reverence towards him. He also felt that the two of them would listen to him, so he wanted to test if they would stay.

Who knew that the two bowed down to Zhao Hai without further ado and said, “Yes, young master.” They walked out of the door and even closed the door. They then stood at the left and right sides of the door to the room, acting as bouncers.

Zhao Hai didn’t expect that the two of them would be so compliant. But this was a good thing. He soon slipped into the farming space.

Once he entered the farm, Zhao Hai made a quick thought, and the black soil appeared right in front of him. Before he even had the chance to speak, the notification came, <Discovered new item: Altered soil. Contains large amounts of harmful substances. Can be modified using space soil or space water. Daily amount modified: 10 acres. Space has levelled up to level 3 due to the discovery of new item types. Gifting 2 sacks of corn seeds. Every sack can plant 1 acre. Can be brought out of space for use. With soil as a new item, the soil inside the space has automatically levelled up into level 2 soil. Can increase crop maturity speed to 11 times.>

Zhao Hai looked blankly and was then delighted. He didn’t know he could level up this way. Excellent. He even got 2 acres of corn seeds. Corn is good, and production quantity is quite high. If the space is planted full of corn, then the family’s food problems would more or less be solved. Most importantly, the black soil could be modified by space soil and water. This was too good of a news.

Even though only 10 acres of soil could be modified each day, it was good enough. The space was levelling up bit by bit. The farm was now level 3, but the area size didn’t become larger. It’s unknown when the soil in the space would become larger once more.

Just when he thought about it, the notification sound came again, <Do you wish to open up new soil? Soil opening requires level 3, 200 gold coins. Can expand soil area: 2 acres. Next soil opening requires level 5. Gold coins needed: 500.>

Zhao Hai was greatly delighted. It was as if someone would send him a pillow if he wanted to sleep. What he thought, it would come. But then he found a problem. If he opened soil now, then he would have no money to buy seeds. He wouldn’t be able to bear it completely if he sold those radishes to Shop. If he planted the corns and then sold them to space, it seemed like it would be underprofiting. The key issue here was where to plant the seeds.

Zhao Hai thought of this and didn’t expand his soil immediately. He took out the corn seeds first. A small sack of corn seeds appeared in his hands. He opened it softly and let out some seeds. Golden yellow seeds with bloated shape, and every single one of them looked full. It must be the highest grade of seeds upon a single look. If the corns reached maturity at the right time, the taste would be even better.

Zhao Hai looked blankly, and then a thought flashed through his mind. He smacked his own head and said, “That’s right. How did I forget? All of the plants can sprout their own seeds. Even radishes. Can the radishes in the space form their own seeds? If they can, then I don’t need to buy the seeds myself, hahahaha.”

Zhao Hai stored the corn seeds. He didn’t open up new soil in a hurry. Instead, he looked at the radishes in the ground. He didn’t know if the things planted in the space soil could also form seeds like in the game. If they couldn’t, then he would be in big trouble, so he didn’t open up the soil immediately and waited until the radishes matured for a time. If the radishes could really form seeds, then he would open up land. If they couldn’t, he would only have to push back his schedules.

When Zhao Hai thought about this, he brought out the large ball of water. When it appeared in front of him, it maintained the form of being a water ball. This was also Zhao Hai’s ability. He didn’t have the ability to turn water into this when outside the space, but he could do it in the space.

As soon as the water ball was out, the notification came immediately, <New item discovered. The new item is: Underground river water. Quality: Excellent. Nutrients in the water can be improved using space water. Due to the discovery of a new item, the space is now level 4. Rewarding wheat seeds, 2 sacks. Each sack can plant: 1 acre. With water as the new item, space water is now level 2. Can increase plant growth speed: 11 times.>

Once he heard the notification, Zhao Hai couldn’t hold back his hearty laughter. This was too great. He didn’t expect that the 2 things from outside could actually level up the space twice. He even got 4 sacks of seeds, and the space soil and water had even levelled up. It really was too great!

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