Boundary Labyrinth – Chapter 23

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Chapter 23 – Magic Lecture

“Mana is a power born from all of nature, and it is said…that we can control and interfere with this nature with a form dependent on our will. The magic we use is said to be a technique that makes use of that nature, so in other words, it appears that there is an official law that clearly defines the movement of the Mana we vaguely control.”

The Life Magic professor, who had introduced himself as Travis, spoke clearly as he walked slowly, from right to left, on the platform.
We would receive knowledge on the foundation of Mana, so it was a class suited for those taking Life Magic.

“However, what becomes an issue is, accordingly, the disposition of Mana. The quality of Mana differs with each individual’s physiques. The color of our hair and eyes, and the form of our face…and each one of your habits are different. For this reason, even if we used the same technique, according to one’s Mana Alteration method, their lineage, and the like, the results will be different. In other words, it means that each of you has an aptitude for certain things.”

Concerning the disposition of Mana, it was said that affinities were specialized and differed depending on the person, and types of magic included an element. If I were to state it simply, then perhaps it would be called a Specialized Element?
If I were to provide an example of the quality of Ashley’s or Rossetta’s Mana…then it would be easy for it to adapt to another’s body, since the disposition of Mana was really straightforward, and Lineage Magic would be effective at affecting one’s physical body. In other words, you would become skilled at elemental Healing Magic.

As for me, I could generally call out Attack Spells, since I excelled in generating power. Regarding what I originally specialized in, I had gotten used to dealing with various types of magic from the start, so in reality, I wasn’t very familiar with my specialty.
I felt like I made progress when I used them often in BFO. As for Attack Magic, I enjoyed using various types, since I was in a position where any of them were fine.

In Grace’s case, rather than the disposition of Mana, she had the characteristics of her race. If I had to say it, then it would be Mana Corrosion, and Mana Sucking. I felt that they were suited for Alteration and Absorption respectively.

“The amount of Mana needed to cast Life Magic is small, and it’s already easy to deal with the setup of the technique. As you get used to dealing with magic, you will understand the natural tendencies of Mana, and it’s good to study the ways to deal with Mana that you aren’t accustomed to using. Of course, as for the original use of Life Magic, we recommend that you make use of the things we will show you every day, in a positive manner.”

Usually, the concept behind the Magician Guild Towers was that Magic was the main power for Magicians.
Just as Travis finished his introductions, he urged the students to give their self-assessments by raising their hand and then split the students into two groups.
In other words, he could more or less see the Mana that was flowing out from their bodies.
I thought there was a possibility of using Mana Control if one could see Mana. Rather than that though, I thought it was the feeling of studying the sensations felt as Mana moves with the applied technique.

In short, if one were to try to reproduce the chants and movements for Life Magic simplistically and correctly, then that technique would freely reproduce the movement of Mana.
Chantless Magic was said to reproduce chants without any movements while remembering the movement of Mana.
Magic Circles were substitutes which activated the technique by linking the Mana inside one’s body with a circle that voided all of the cast and Mana movement.

“With that, I will now teach you a simple Life Magic chant. Each one of you has the potential for Mana Recognition, and it’s good to try to make use of Life Magic while being attentive to the movements of Mana inside your own body. For those that can’t use Mana Recognition yet, during this time, I’ll guide each one of you.”

What Travis taught us were three kinds of Magic; a spell that produced an ember, a spell that gathered water, and a spell that generated a gentle breeze.
In order to at least handle spells like Ember, everyone did practical training in the courtyard outside of the classroom.
Travis was guiding the group of people who were not yet able to use Mana Recognition, one by one. With that, the group that had managed to use Recognition was doing self-practice nearby.
I, too, should remember it properly without being lazy. I couldn’t use Chantless Magic, which required the proper processes, and I couldn’t fix Magic Circles either.

“Ah, please look! I did it!”

Ashley happily presented her Ember spell.
A pea-sized flame burned, floating slightly apart from her fingertip. Even if Ashley moved, she kept the flame in a very stable manner, so there was no need to worry about it vanishing.
It appeared that Ashley hadn’t realized it, but the level of her performance was already slightly more advanced than just activation.

“I’ll also give it a try.”

Let’s try to ignite a flame on my fingertip using a chant.
Hmm…I decided to leave it up to the technique, so that I wouldn’t have to think about controlling it. It was really fun. When I lit the firewood with a flame in the house, adjusting it was quite troublesome. If I were to consider the future, then perhaps its usability was good.

“Theodore-sama hasn’t learned any Life Magic until now?”

“Yeah. I remember that my reason called for Attack Magic.”

“…Is that so?”

Ashley furrowed her brows slightly.

“…Well, it wasn’t such a serious reason. I had the chance to learn it, so I only memorized it.”

…It was a fact that I had learned Attack Magic, starting from the basics, from the magic books in my dad’s study because I wanted strength. Somehow, it had become like that, but it didn’t mean the studies I had would put me at my wits’ ends or make me vomit up blood, since nearly all of the Magic I had acquired was from BFO’s system.

The others had their successes in activating the Magic as well, but even if Life Magic was for noobs, as I had thought, there weren’t many who could maintain the spells.
Among us, only five people could do it, huh? I didn’t know whether this number was a lot or a little.
For now, memorizing Life Magic was simple. If one was capable of that, then they should study at a proper place, like the School. It was simple magic, therefore, adjustments were made at will to make it easier for each practitioner, and people would switch to uncommon habits as well.

“Hey, you.”

Talcott said that in a rough tone.
…It wasn’t to me, but to Ashley.

“What is it?”

I said that, and stood in front of Talcott under the pretense of misunderstanding him.

“Not you, her. You, I’ve heard that you’re the Lord of Schirn.”

Impossible. What the hell is this? He should behave better if he knew that she was a Lord. Although he was born into a Count’s house, Talcott himself was just a normal child, while Ashley was a Baroness.
Although Ashley had apologized to me before…it appeared that he was an unusual case.

“You are–”


In the meantime, I had considered trying to warn him about mannerisms in a big voice and then withdrawing. However, Ashley looked at me and stepped forward. Was she saying that she would personally respond since she called out my name?
I thought Kennel’s education, and Ashley’s behavior, were correct though. Besides, it was an issue regarding his common sense.
In case something happened, then I would respond with something to beat the crap out of him, like an Air Bullet.
I firmly held a Magic Circle inside of my hand, and stood on standby, ready to activate it.

“Certainly, I’m Ashley Lodias Schirn. Do you have some business with me?”

“Previously, a while back, I’m sure my old man sent you a marriage proposal. What happened to that?”

…Ah. This idiot…is he going to talk about it right here?
There was a rumor that one year ago, Talcott made a mistake in his Magic control, which resulted in injuring his fiancé, who belonged to a wealthy merchant family, and their engagement was broken off. Even the concubine candidates who stayed by his side ignored him completely as well.
Marriage was imminent after all. The impatient father was guilty of adding onto his shame by sending marriage proposal letters repeatedly to single noble women.

He probably wouldn’t succeed given enough tries. Who would nod in agreement immediately after such a scandal?
Not worrying about reputation was painful for one’s financial situation that was dropping in tax revenue. Although there was probably an intent to gain financial support through a marriage agreement with the wealthy merchant’s daughter, that ended up getting broken off.

Ashley also showed a bewildered expression. That’s right; he hadn’t even introduced himself yet.

“Please wait. Which house do you come from?”

“I’m Talcott of Count Cardiff. You don’t know me?”

Ashley probably didn’t know. It was unlikely Kennel informed her about such things.

“Was that right? Although I’ve heard of Count Cardiff, it’s the first time I’ve heard of something like marriage proposals. There might be a misunderstanding. I think that I would want to reply to the Count’s House again after confirming it with the fellow house members in my territory.”

Sure enough, it seemed Kennel had turned them down. Although the reply was probably from Kennel, there was no doubt that Talcott hadn’t heard of the reply for each one. He was a guy who, if informed of his annulment, would lose his temper, and was capable of firing off Magic.

Well, Ashley’s reply was perfect. She even adjusted her manners, and her vague answer avoided giving him any word of promise. Although Kennel was partially biased due to his overprotection, more or less, he himself had raised her.

This situation would likely become prolonged by sending a formal rejection with a valid reason to the house of Count Cardiff once more.
As to whether Talcott understood this from Ashley’s expression and her unfavorable reaction…it seemed he did, as he glared in my direction after clicking his tongue.

“I’ve heard that the Lord of Schirn doesn’t have a fiancé. Who are you?”

“I’m Theodore Gartner, Ashley-sama’s friend.”

Perhaps my response gave him an unpleasant impression of me?
Well, it was fine if he understood the situation better.

“Gartner…Aah, a provincial Count? Are you from the Upper or Lower region?”

“Neither of them.”

Well then, what should we do?
Was it fine to ask about matters related to his fiancée under the pretext of not knowing anything?
I was a provincial noble, so I didn’t know of any scandals in the central region.
I decided that I would simply stand by with the excuse of ‘I’ll only intervene if he gets upset’, and would withdraw if he controlled himself.

“Did something happen?”

Travis returned after guiding the other students before I put my plan into action. Talcott clicked his tongue before leaving us.
Ashley took a deep breath as if relieved.

“Quite the mishap, eh Ashley?”

“No. I’m fine thanks to Theodore-sama.”

Ashley met my gaze with a wry smile.


This time, the group contained several people who were divided further into an Advanced Group and a Newcomer group to watch Magic in pairs. These groups were then guided by Travis as he went around and observed.
Somehow, my group contained only younger children. Well…perhaps those who were close to my age had good manners, like Ashley. The guidance was arranged in such a way that Ashley was with the girls, and I was with the boys.

“Ashley-sama, how do you continue to produce a flame for that long?”

“Hmm…About that, I slowly produce a small amount of Mana from my fingertip and—-”

“You’re good, Theo!”

“The technique will allow you to move the Mana if you do a proper chant. It’s better to remember to maintain it carefully.”

Well, it was currently progressing in this manner.
Although Travis donned a slightly serious attitude when he was explaining the topic, the atmosphere of the lecture was quite lax.

“How can you do it this so well!”

It continued fairly smoothly, but there were guys who complained about the Magic of someone in their group.

Travis looked in our direction for a moment, but decided to ignore us in the end and went to provide guidance to another group.
The reason Talcott had attended this lecture…was likely due to his inadequate control over his Magic.
The head of Cardiff was said to be a cruel and indifferent person, but it appeared that even he could not turn a blind eye to Talcott’s lack of control over Magic, as it had dealt a blow to the house’s reputation at an important time.
Maybe they had properly conveyed their intentions to Travis, who was the professor.
If that was the case, then perhaps Talcott would be reprimanded properly when his turn arrived…in front of everyone.

“Why must I fiddle around with such foolish Magic when I can handle Intermediate Magic? Can I skip this lecture if I were to show it?”

Talcott continued to spout nonsense.
This statement of his rode upon the winds and reached my ears, which caused me to lift my head in surprise. However, before I knew it, Talcott’s complaints stopped.

This…was a chant for Fire Storm!? What the hell was this idiot thinking!?

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