Bewitching Prince Spoils His Wife Chapter 384

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This was Dai Yunyang’s first time seeing Baili Hongzhuang. When he saw Baili Hongzhaung’s stunning beauty, a trace of shock and want appeared in his eyes.

Before this, he hadn’t known that Baili Hongzhuang was so beautiful and even thought that the no.1 beauty Liu Qinyue wasn’t at all inferior.

On the contrary, her confident gaze could be be described as peerlessly beautiful, even faintly more than Liu Qinyue.

Liu Jingkun fell into somewhat of a daze as he stared at Baili Hongzhaung’s perfectly composed appearance. Once he came to, his face also turned very unsightly. [footnote] raws said Ling Jiaxin, but it didn’t match with the previous chapter or the text… [/footnote]

“Baili Hongzhaung, speak clearly. What acting?” Ling Jiaxin shouted loudly.

Baili Hongzhuang continued to stare at her with a strange smile, her eyes filled with contempt and disgust.

“What acting? Shouldn’t you know?” Baili Hongzhaung asked.

Ling Jiaxin’s face changed somewhat, “I don’t know what you’re saying. Anyways, the Channel Opening Pill you gave had no effect. Return my bid and take your punishment!”

“Ling Jiaxin, you’re framing people randomly! Why did you say Hongzhuang’s pill is fake?”

Xia Zhiqing suddenly got angry. After seeing Ling Jiaxin’s unbridled appearence, she could no longer restrain herself and directly confronted her.

She wasn’t afraid to see who was stronger.

“Xia Zhiqing, I’m talking about Baili Hongzhaung, why are you interrupting for no reason?”

Ling Jiaxin frowned. She knew Xia Zhiqing had a sharp mouth, so it’d be hard to win if they got into a fight.

“I just can’t bear to see you distorting the truth like this, what’s wrong with that?”

Xia Zhiqing’s words didn’t give Ling Jiaxin the slightest bit of face, “Aren’t you just relying on your relationship with Dai Yunyang to act so arrogantly in the school? You look, what are you alone!”

“Xia Zhiqing!” Ling Jiaxin’s face turned ashen, “Don’t go too far!”

There was a big crowd of students gathered around them. Although many knew about her’s and Dai Yunyang’s relationship, Xia Zhiqing’s words were like a cover up completely peeled away.

Dongfang Yu and Gong Shaoqing glanced at each other. This Xia girl’s mouth was really fierce.

Bai Junyu’s eyes shined brightly. It was the first time he had seen Xia Zhiqing be so wild.

“I went too far?” Xia Zhiqing smiled coldly, “Did I go further than you? Hongzhuang sold the Channel Opening Pill and as revenge, you go and destroy her reputation. Truly a poisonous woman!”

Ling Jiaxin couldn’t restrain her anger as her chest heaved. But she didn’t know how to reply to Xia Zhiqing and could only turn to look at Pangyun Xiang and Liu Jingkun beside her.

Liu Jingkun and Pangyun Xiang were also very helpless. Wasn’t having the two of them argue with Xia Zhiqing just a straight road to losing?

“Baili Hongzhaung, we’re asking you about your Channel Opening Pill. If you have the ability, don’t make Xia Zhiqing interfere!”

After thinking for a long time, Ling Jiaxin could only say that. If Xia Zhiqing continued to talk, she’d be infuriated to death!

Baili Hongzhaung’s lips curved into a graceful smile, but the words that came from her lips were ruthless.

“What are you? I want to hear your answer?

She believed, that for some people, there was no need to give any face.

Before she had still given her some face, but now, she had no plans to continue doing so!

Everybody was commotion when they heard Baili Hongzhaung’s words. Nobody expected her to be so domineering!

Liu Jingkun fell into somewhat of a daze as he stared at Baili Hongzhaung’s perfectly composed appearance. Once he came to, his face also turned very unsightly. <—- the raws said Ling Jiaxin, but I’m assuming its a typo because otherwise it doesn’t match the context at all :/


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