Bewitching Prince Spoils His Wife Chapter 38

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The news spread from the East Palace to the whole Imperial City. Soon, everybody knew that the Crown Prince’s illness that even the imperial physicians were helpless against, was cured by Godly Doctor Square’s Hongzhong!

One passed on to ten, ten passed on to a hundred as Godly Doctor Square’s fame rose to unprecedented heights.

In just a short time, everybody in the imperial city knew that not only did Hongzhuang of Godly Doctor Square cure the acclaimed “incurable” disease, but had also mastered the long lost godly art of acupuncture!

Many people were ashamed. They had eyes, but they couldn’t see Mt. Tai! Such a great opportunity had been put right in front of them, yet they didn’t cherish it, and now they could only regret.

Godly Doctor Square was bustling as business flourished. They had already become one of the most distinguished hospitals in the Imperial City!

Godly Doctor Square.

Ji Wenbei looked at the busy workplace, completely stunned.

A few days ago, Godly Doctor Square didn’t have any customers at all. But just as he was worrying over the fact, Ji Wenbei never would’ve expected that Godly Doctor Square would’ve become so famous in but a few days!

And even that wasn’t what had astonished Ji Wenbei the most. What had shocked him the most was how, at such a young age, she had mastered the art of acupuncture that had been lost for hundreds of years!

As he recalled Baili Hongzhuang’s previous self-confidence as she displayed the words, “Godly Doctor Square” on the plaque, only now did he understand just why she could be so confident. But before, he hadn’t believed in her.

“Hongzhuang girl, I never thought you were actually this skilled in medicine. It was my eyes that were bad, and couldn’t see.”

Ji Wenbei was somewhat embarrassed as he spoke. When Godly Doctor Square had just opened, he had believed that Baili Hongzhuang was only stirring up trouble, and acted rather rudely to her.

Baili Hongzhuang just waved her hands and smiled. “Big brother Ji, I know my appearance holds no credibility. You were already quite good to me.”

Hearing her words, the shame in Ji Wenbei’s heart dissipated and appreciated Baili Hongzhuang even more.

Now that he saw how successful her Godly Doctor Square had become, he was also happy for her.

“Big brother Ji, the hospital’s business has been very busy lately, and is too much for me alone. Might you possibly have some servants you can recommend me?” Baili Hongzhuang couldn’t help but ask.

After she gets her hands on the money from the reward and bet, Baili Hongzhuang had already decided to only diagnose and treat 3 patients a day. After all, cultivation was the most important, and money was only to pave her way.

With the hospital so busy for the past two days, she might as well expand Godly Doctor Square some more……

She had allocated some omnipotent detoxifying pills and some other pills on the shelves, so she only needs some people to watch over it.

“There were two disciples that used to work under the old doctor. Although their medicinal skills aren’t the best, they have no problems with most common illnesses, and are at least better than outsiders.”

“Personality?” Baili Hongzhuang questioned.

The staff she gets now would most likely turn out important in the future. If their personalities aren’t good, then it isn’t a small problem.

Ji Wenbei knew of Baili Hongzhong’s concerns and waved his hands as he said, “Don’t worry. I know them quite well, and their personalities aren’t mad.”

Listening to Ji Wenbei, she nodded, “Well then, please call them over tomorrow.”

Ji Wenbei was a little surprised, “You aren’t taking a look?”

“With big brother Ji’s recommendations, I can rest assured.”

Baili Hongzhuang smiled. Whether it was Ji Wenbei or the old doctor, they were all honest people. With those two, she didn’t believe that the disciples characters could be all that bad.

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