Bewitching Prince Spoils His Wife Chapter 377

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Dai Yunyang turned, confused, “Sir Feng, what else?”

“Return the money I paid you yesterday!”

Feng Yutang currently didn’t have any good feelings towards Dai Yunyang, his words becoming more and more impolite.

He had paid so much for the Channel Opening Pill but not only did his strength not increase at all, it had even dropped.

This situation, and Dai Yunyang still wanted to take the payment?

What a joke!

Dai Yunyang smiled awkwardly, silently taking out the payment from yesterday and setting it down.

This time he had truly having given away a bride, and losing his army on top of it [footnote] suffer a double loss after trying to trick the army [/footnote]. He had originally planned to make a fortune while improving his meridians, and destroy Baili Hongzhuang’s reputation at the same time.

Before it was a wonderful opportunity to hit 3 birds with one stone, but now it ended up like this.

After Gu Cangyun came to, he found that his strength had also dropped and almost fainted from fright.

He was respected for more than half his life, but hadn’t expected for Baili Hongzhaung, that girl to give him so much grief!

Although Pill Master’s placed the majority of their efforts on concocting, strength was equally important.

If their strength and spirit force was strong, then their pill refinement strength will also be strong.

Now that his strength suddenly fell, his perception would also worsen and pill refining would become a lot more difficult compared to before.

“Really didn’t expect that girl to be so fierce!”

Gu Cangyun was filled with anger. Baili Hongzhaung dared to do this to him, so he definitely won’t let her have an easy time!


Ling Jiaxin and the others saw Dai Yunyang leave last evening but not come back, and couldn’t help but be a little anxious.

They had planned to start the plan today, but Dai Yunyang still hadn’t come back, so naturally they couldn’t move first.

“Aiya, Yunyang still haven’t come back?”

Ling Jiaxin’s face was filled with worry. She was itching to teach Baili Hongzhaung a lesson.

“Yesterday, Brother Yang had definitely taken the Channel Opening Pill so maybe he went into secluded cultivation and will return soon.” Liu Jingkun thought aloud, “Otherwise…… we’ll begin first?”

Ling Jiaxin thought for a bit, “Let’s wait a bit more.”

While the two were talking, Dai Yunyang’s figure appeared in front of them.

“Yunyang, you returned.” Ling Jiaxin happily got up to welcome him, “How was the effects of the Channel Opening Pill?”

Hearing Ling Jiaxin’s words, Dai Yunyang really wanted to hit something.

Just seeing Liu Jingkun and Pangyun Xiang standing on the side was enough for him to know not to reveal the truth.

The only reason Liu Jingkun and Pangyun Xiang followed him, was all because of this strength.

If news about his weakening got passed around, the situation will definitely be different.

So Dai Yunyang didn’t reply, and directly changed the subject.

“Now spread news about the Channel Opening Pill being fake. After, we’ll go find Baili Hongzhuang and give her some trouble.”

He needed to get this done as soon as possible while getting the antidote from Baili Hongzhaung’s hands. Otherwise, he’ll get into endless trouble.

Hearing that the plan would begin, the 3 were filled with excitement. They weren’t that curious about the Channel Opening Pill’s effects.

While Baili Hongzhaung was cultivating, a knock suddenly sounded on the door. It opened to show a furious Xia Zhiqing.

“Hongzhaung, you’re guess really was correct! Ling Jiaxin and the others really are spreading rumors that your pill was useless! Completely lying!”

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