Bewitching Prince Spoils His Wife Chapter 376

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“You aren’t speaking nonsense, right?”

Feng Yutang slapped Dai Yunyang’s head. He didn’t need to think to know that it was due to the Channel Opening Pill they took yesterday.

Dai Yunyang’s face turned somewhat ugly after being hit by Feng Yutang, but he couldn’t do anything else.

He knew that he had definitely been tricked by Baili Hongzhaung!

Yesterday, that Channel Opening Pill not only wasn’t a real Channel Opening Pill, but also wasn’t a normal laxative either. It’s true purpose was to weaken strength!

Never in a thousand years did he expect that it’d actually be like this. This time, he had lost!

A mad killing intent engulfed Dai Yunyang’s heart. He had cultivated so much and with great difficulty had finally managed to break through, but now all because of Baili Hongzhuang’s pill, all that effort had been for naught!

Originally his strength amongst the third year students could be considered to be one of the best, but with his current strength, his previous reputation would be completely obliterated!

Not only this, but because his strength had dropped so much, he’d become the laughing stock of Azure Water School!

From such a respected cultivator to this sort of status, he was simply unable to accept it.

This was all because of Baili Hongzhuang!

Under his sleeves, his hands clenched into fists. His fingernails pierced into his flesh, dripping with blood.

His dark eyes were filled with killing intent and bitterness. After this, Dai Yunyang was already absolutely irreconcilable with Baili Hongzhuang!

No matter what, he must kill Baili Hongzhuang!

Feng Yutang looked at Dai Yunyang, eyes filled with anger and contempt. Originally he had seen Dai Yunyang as somewhat valuable, but after his strength dropped, he was worth nothing!

Sensing Feng Yutang’s dangerous gaze, Dai Yunyang’s heart jumped as his scalp turned numb.

He already couldn’t accept his strength dropping, but the hardest thing to face was Feng Yutang.

Right now, Feng Yutang probably wanted to kill him!

He was very clear that Feng Yutang only saw him as valuable, so now that he had lost his worth, he was nothing.

Thinking up to here, Dai Yunyang immediately spoke before Feng Yutang could say anything.

“Sir Feng, I absolutely won’t let Baili Hongzhaung off.”

Feng Yutang just stared at Dai Yunyang coldly, his originally amiable attitude vanished completely.

“What do I have to do with you not letting Baili Hongzhaung off?”

Hearing that, cold sweat couldn’t help but come out of Dai Yunyang’s forehead. He could sense the chilliness coming from Feng Yutang’s body.

“Our strength was weakened because of Baili Hongzhuang. Since Baili Hongzhuang made us lose our strength, then she might also have a way to get our strength back.”

That was also what Dai Yunyang was anticipating the most. He believed that Baili Hongzhuang definitely should’ve had a way!

Or maybe, the reduction in strength was only some trick or supression, and could be restored.

Feng Yutang glanced at Dai Yunyang deeply, “I’ll give you one more chance. If you fail again, you should understand the consequences!”

Dai Yunyang’s heart trembled, repeatedly nodding his head, “Sir Feng, don’t worry. I’ll finish this successfully no matter what!”

“Then what are you still doing here?” Feng Yutang said icily.

Dai Yunyang was startled and immediately got up to leave. Staying here stupidly would only provoke Feng Yutang’s anger.

But just as Dai Yunyang was about to walk through the door, Feng Yutang suddenly shouted at him.


Translator’s note:

Kiki- TBH, I feel pretty bad for Dai Yunyang….. That sounds so incredibly painful, even though he was a jerk. Cause like, if you finally studied like crazy at last year of uni or med school, then someone poisons you at final exams worth 80% of your mark…. Yeah. But I mean, Dai Zhiman was at fault, and he just wanted revenge for his sister, which I kind of get- I would hate it if somebody killed my brother. Lol I kinda want write a fanfic of some op person transmigrating into him and getting revenge like FOD or Side Character Transmigration XD now. Lol that’d be kinda hilarious….. But I like BH and DC as well, so maybe they can become friends? )

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  1. Anonymous says:

    THANKS! <3
    Feng Yutang slapped Dai Yunyang’s head.*

  2. Hellsfate says:

    Feng Yutang slapped Feng Yutang’s head. 


  3. Niki411 says:

    Take that! Don’t mess with Mount Tai!

  4. 00 says:

    It should be “after being hit by Feng Yutang” not “my Feng Yutang”…. even thought i can understand wanting to put yaoi in there😍😈

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    i must admit to being a bit uncomfortable with this as well. MC comes across as petty to me.

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    Yeah deleveling others isn’t that nice, lol. She probably got tired of his sidekicks always messing with her, but still. Just feel like she could’ve skipped that part. Tbh she can’t blame him when she killed his sister. Even if his sister was an annoying brat, that’s someone’s family. It just means she has to beat him up a little.

  11. Gabi says:

    TL, Thank you so much for all your hard work, I’m really enjoying this novel !!! But this time I have to disagree with you. I don’t feel bad for him at all. In addition to him planning to humiliate her in front of the whole school, the final plan was to kill MC. Compared to making him lose some strength I think she was really nice. In other novels I saw MCs doing MUCH more for MUCH less. I understand that he wants to avenge his sister, but knowing the sister’s personality, he should know that it was the sister who started it, even because the sister was in love with MC’s husband. Following the logic of ALL the villains of all the novels I have read so far, he would still think “and so what if it was my sister who started it, the other part should lie on the floor and let it happen”. All villains want to kill or bullie, but when someone does not let them, them will think they’re the victims ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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