Bewitching Prince Spoils His Wife Chapter 374

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It was nightfall, the world shrouded by a blanket of darkness. It was quiet and serene.

Dai Yynyang and Feng Yutang were collapsted on the couch. They didn’t even have the strength to speak.

Their faces were deathly pale without any color at all, their hair soaked with sweat.

Dai Yunyang stared at the ceiling, finally understanding- it was all because of that Channel Opening Pill!

Baili Hongzhuang hadn’t given him a Channel Opening Pill, but a laxative!
If it wasn’t for that, he and Feng Yutang wouldn’t be like this right now.

“Damn Baili Hongzhuang!”

Dai Yunyang’s face was livid, fuming with rage. He couldn’t wait to tear Baili Hongzhaung to shreds!

“Dai Yunyang, what is this!”

Feng Yutang’s mind was filled with fury. Nevermind becoming stronger, he even felt a little weaker.

But after this experince, he knew that it had nothing to do with Dai Yunyang. It was doubtful that he would make himself like this on purpose.

Dai Yunyang’s eyes were filled with resentment, his voice gloomy and cold “Baili Hongzhuang must’ve given us a fake Channel Opening Pill!”

“That Baili Hongzhuang’s really so daring?”

Feng Yutang felt a burst of astonishment. This was an extremely popular auction at Azure Water School so selling a fake in front of so many people, wasn’t she afraid of getting her reputation ruined?

Hearing Feng Yutang’s words, Dai Yunyang’s face suddenly turned even more unsightly.

They had originally actually planned to destroy Baili Hongzhaung’s reputation by saying the pill was a fake, but didn’t expected that the one she gave them really was a fake Channel Opening Pill.

Is it possible that…… Baili Hongzhuang already knew about their plan?

Thinking aout that possibility, Dai Yunyang couldn’t help but tremble. Baili Hongzhuang couldn’t be that intelligent, right?

But thinking it over again, Dai Yunyang refused to believe that Baili Hongzhuang was actually clever enough to see through their plan.

The plan was something they had only worked out yesterday, so how could Baili Hongzhaung have possibly prepared against it?

This was surely a mishap.

The laxative’s strength was truly too strong. After so many coming out, Dai Yunyang and Feng Yutang could no longer stand it, directly falling asleep.

Fortuantely they had a cultivator’s constitution, otherwise they might’ve not even been able to make it back to the couch.


Gu Cangyun was much older, and almost all his energy was focused on concoting pills, without any diligence towards cultivation.

So even though he only took ½ of the pill, his collapse was far worse than Dai Yunyang and Feng Yutang’s.

Lying on the bed, Gu Cangyun felt like he had instantly aged a thousand years, without any energy to move.

The next day, Baili Hongzhuang got up brightly, freshening herself up before preparing to watch the big show today.

“Master, why isn’t there still any movement?”

Little Black looked at Baili Hongzhuang doubtfully, his eyes filled with curiosity.

It was eagerly anticipating today’s big show, but its been so long and nothing’s still happened. It couldn’t help but mutter apprehensively.

The corners of Baili Hongzhuang’s lips curved into a thoughtful smile, “Wait for it, there shouldn’t be news until the afternoon.”

She made the laxatives herself, so she naturally understood how strong they were. Since she was using it for cultivators, she specially made it ridiculously powerful.

Thinking of that, when Dai Yunyang wakes up later and realize his strength had faded, what would his face look like?

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