Bewitching Prince Spoils His Wife Chapter 373

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Seeing Dai Yunyang so nervous, Feng Yutang’s face eased somewhat. However, the trace of suspicion never disappeared.

Just because the Channel Opening Pill was extinct, the Channel Opening Pill sold for very high prices in the auction.

He and Dai Yunyang had already knew each other for a while, so he had some understanding of the other’s character.

This guy, was always very greedy.

“If you dared to lie to me, prepare to bear my rage.”

Feng Yutang narrowed his eyes, his voice cold and threatening.

Dai Yunyang’s heart shook. He had always just regarded Feng Yutang as a wastrel spending off his family’s money.

Even though he was very disdainful towards Feng Yutang, since he could fish up a lot of profits from him, he had always been careful not to offend him.

Now looking at Feng Yutang’s severe appearance, his heart beated like a drum, a trace of fear appearing inside.

“Sir Feng, I swear, I absolutely didn’t lie to you!”

Dai Yunyang put his hand on his chest to pledge, his expression true and serious.

Feng Yutang snorted coldly, “You’d better not!”

Dai Yunyang had just breathed a sigh of relief when suddenly, his expression became extremely ugly.

He placed both hands on his belly and felt it spasm violently, extremely uncomfortable.

“Sir Feng, my stomach helps, I want to go……”

Dai Yunyang’s face was somewhat awkward but before he could finish speaking, he couldn’t bear it and ran directly to the latrine.

Feng Yutang looked coldly in the direction Dai Yunyang left in, about to comment disdainfully when a noise suddenly came from his belly.


Feng Yutang’s face became ugly as a burst of pain came from his stomach and he also immediately ran to the latrine. The pain was unbearable.

But Dai Yunyang was already inside so he could only unceasingly knock at the door, “Dai Yunyang, you come out! I can’t hold it!”

“Sir Feng, I’m sorry, I’m not finished.”

“Hurry up, hurry up!”

Feng Yutang constantly knocked the door, as if he couldn’t stop.


While Dai Yunyang and Feng Yutang were fighting for the laterine, Gu Cangyun’s circumstances was hardly any better.

After he took the Channel Opening Pill, he already felt as if something was wrong. As a Pill Master, he handled pills daily and naturally knew about their effects.

Even if Channel Opening Pills were extinct, they should have some sort of reaction, not like now when nothing’s happening.

But, he still wasn’t sure.

He believed that the Channel Opening Pill Wei Meidai returned with was definitely the one she bought from Baili Hongzhuang, but he didn’t know if Baili Hongzhuang would be so brazen.

Selling fake Channel Opening Pills in front of everybody, wasn’t she worried that she’d be exposed?

Then after almost completely collapsing in the laterine, he confirmed that Baili Hongzhuang really did dig a pit for him!

“That damn Baili Hongzhaung!”

Gu Cangyun gnashed his teeth, his eyes filled with hate.

He actually underestimated Baili Hongzhuang!

Gu Cangyun’s heart was filled with regret. He was too impatient, otherwise, studying the Channel Opening Pill’s composition would be a breeze.

In fact, even though Baili Hongzhuang had calculated for Ling Jiaxin and such to take it, she hadn’t expected Gu Cangyun too as well.

The only reason why she gave Wei Meidai a fake pill as well was just so she could make that old codger, Gu Cangyun mad.

Just as Gu Cangyun was thinking bitterly, his face once again changed as he ran back to the latrine……

Kiki: Imagining the noble and elegant, beautiful Baili Hongzhaung or Dibei Chen squatting in the latrine…. ROFL But don’t worry! I’m pretty sure cultivators don’t eat or poop sooo….

Also, this sentence Baili Hongzhuang had calculated for Ling Jiaxin and such to take it was actually supposed to be ‘BH had calculated for Dai Yunyang to take it’, but I changed it because it was a plot hole (BH didn’t know DY was back yet since he hid his arrival).

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