Bewitching Prince Spoils His Wife Chapter 372

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When Little Black, Little White, and Baishi all saw Baili Hongzhuang’s innocent face, a single thought immediately appeared in all of their minds.

Black belly!

Truly too black bellied (two faced)!

Perhaps only Baili Hongzhuang could think up of such a scheme!

Baishi trembled. It was okay to offend others, but never will he offend Master ah!

Little Black and Little White’s eyes were filled with pride. Master’s things were truly unique ah!

Whether it was the itching powder, Li Yuyue’s facial scarring, and now the laxatives, noody apart from Master could do such a thing!

“Master, you made the laxative?”

Little Black asked. Master’s things were truly strange and she seemed to have everything.

Baili Hongzhuang nodded slightly, “For those kinds of loathsome people, don’t you think such a way is a very new idea?”

Little Black, Little White, and Baishi all stared at Baili Hongzhaung before immediately nodding.

New idea?

It…… it really was!


After Dai Yunyang and the noble personage Feng Yutang took the Channel Opening Pills, they happily started to cultivate and circulate their cultivation techniques.

Channel Opening Pills would open up their meredians. Although the process would be somewhat painful, they didn’t mind at all.

So long as they could make a breakthrough in their strength, this little bit of pain was nothing.

Feng Yutang’s eyes were filled with excitement. This Dai Yunyang really wasn’t bad, even able to get the Channel Opening Pill for him.

Although it was very expensive, he was not short of money.

If he could get the Channel Opening Pill, does it matter how much he spent?

He had even already thought about it. If the Channel Opening Pill really was helpful, he needed to find more ways to get Channel Opening Pills from Baili Hongzhuang.

This sort of extinct pill didn’t have a market price so by reselling it, money would easily be surging in.

But after he took the Channel Opening Pill, Feng Yutag didn’t feel the pill release any energy and couldn’t help but be somewhat doubtful.

“Dai Yunyang, why don’t I feel any response after taking the Channel Opening Pill?”

Feng Yutang frowned distrustfully, “Are you sure this is really the Channel Opening Pill?”

Dai Yunyang’s heart was also filled with confusion. He also hadn’t felt anything after taking the Channel Opening Pill.

According to his previous experines with medicinal pills, after consuming it, the pill should disperse into a rich surge of energy.

Plus, wasn’t the Channel Opening Pill still a rank 2 pill?

But facing Feng Yutang’s questioning, he only give a confident answer.

“This is the Channel Opening Pill, there’s no mistake.”

Dai Yunyang’s face had a confident smile, “The Channel Opening Pill is a primordial pill, so maybe it’s special. Let’s wait and see.”

Seeing Dai Yunyang’s certainty, Feng Yutang also nodded.

He had never taken a Channel Opening Pill before and didn’t know the effects of it, so maybe it was supposed to be like this.

He believed that Dai Yunyang wouldn’t dare to try and trick him with a fake Channel Opening Pill.

But even after the two men waited half a day, there was still not the slightest reaction.

“Dai Yunyang, I think that this Channel Opening Pill is most likely a fake.”

Feng Yutang’s face darkened. With his background, nobody had ever dared to trick him before!

Seeing Feng Yutang’s gloomy expression, a trace of nervousness appeared on Dai Yunyang’s face, “Sir Feng, I didn’t cheat you ah! The first thing I did after getting the Channel Opening Pill was going to you. Think, what benefit would I get from cheating you?”

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