Bewitching Prince Spoils His Wife Chapter 371

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First/Second Grade—> First/Second Rank (since second grade sounds in superior to first grade, even though second grade is technically better)

After Ling Jiaxin left, Dai Yunyang’s gaze fell on the two small embroided boxes.

He hadn’t expected for the long lost Channel Opening Pill to one day fall into his hands!

Although buying the two Channel Opening Pills used a lot of money, just by selling one of them to that man, he would be able to get double the amount back!

After carefully placing the two boxes into his space pouch, Dai Yunyang left the dorminity. First he needed to give the pill to that rich man!


Gu Cangyum took the Channel Opening Pill from Wei Meidai, his aged face filled with excitement.

“Meidai, well done!”

Gu Cangyun smiled and patted Wei Meidai’s shoulder, “As long as Master studies the Channel Opening Pill’s recipe, our statuses will become entirely different!”

Every time a Pill Master recovered an extinct pill recipe, even if their abilties haven’t changed, their positions would become as different as black and white.

Wei Meidai smiled, “Master, I believe that you’ll definitely be able to research the pill recipe!”

A trace of pride appeared on Gu Cangyun’s face, “Master will start studying it today, a rank 2 pill shouldn’t be too complicated. You rest early, ok?”

Wei Meidai nodded and thought about whether or not she should tell her collaboration with Wei Meidai to her Master.

But since Master wanted to go into secluded study, it wasn’t just a one day or two day thing. Once Master came out, Baili Hongzhaung would already be ruined so there was no point in saying it.

After Gu Cangyun gestured for Wei Meidai to leave, he entered the pill concoting room. He wanted to study it as soon as possible.

Wei Meidai didn’t linger for long, quickly leaving.

Once Wei Meidai was gone, Gu Cangyun stared at the Channel Opening Pill thinking. He thought that he should he should take half of it, and that researching it would be easier after experiencing its effects.

For cultivators, even ½ of the Channel Opening Pill was enough to be effective and helpful.

Gu Cangyun took ½ of the pill without the slightest heisitation. Meanwhile, Dai Yunyang was also taking the pill with a high ranking personage.

With Dai Yunyang’s exaggerations, the noble personage payed a whole 10 times more than what he had bought it for. He had truly made a killing!

Little Black and Little White happily enjoyed their feast. Their hands and mouthes were covered in grease, the 2 faces intoxicated.

“Master, what kind of pills did you actually sell Ling Jiaxin and the others ah?” Little White opened his mouth, filled with pig trotters, to ask.

Since it knew that Master had sold them a fake pill, it had always been curious about what kind of drug it was. But because of Dibei Chen being in the way, he had never gotten the chance to ask.

Baili Hongzhuang’s lips curved into a thoughtful smile as spoke laughingly, “Laxatives.”

Hearing this, Little Black and Little White widened their eyes.

“You can make laxatives look like medicinal pills?”

Laxatives were only ordinary medicaments, but what Baili Hongzhaung had sold earlier was clearly a medicinal pill.

Baili Hongzhuang blinked her eyes, the smile on her lips growing increasingly proud, “I sold them laxatives with a little side effect.”

“What side effect?”

Little Black and Little White both opened their mouthes to ask. By the side, Baishi also opened his eyes wide, wanting to know as well.

“Actually it’s also nothing, just letting their strength drain out alongside their excrement.”

Baili Hongzhuang calmly spread out her hands, her face seeming very innocent.

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