Bewitching Prince Spoils His Wife Chapter 370

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One Channel Opening Pill was enough for one cultivator so with 2, maybe one of them would be her’s.

Ling Jiaxin looked expectantly at Dai Yunyang. With the Channel Opening Pill, she believed that her strength would once again be able to make a huge leap!

“You guys leave first.” Dai Yunyang said slowly.

Liu Jingkun and Pangyun Xiang naturally wanted the Channel Opening Pill but they were clear that it was impossible for one to be given to them.

The two immediately nodded and left, but Ling Jiaxin stayed where she was.

Ling Jiaxin leaned on Dai Yunyang, a happy smile on her dainty face.

“Yunyang, I haven’t seen you for so long. I really missed you.”

Dai Yunyang glaced at Ling Jiaxin, a trace of a smile on his face.

“Without me accompanying you, you were really lonely huh?”

Ling Jiaxin nodded her head, “Everyday I was waiting for you to come back. When you weren’t here, Baili Hongzhuang was always bullying me. Now that you’re back, I can finally take a breath.”

Hearing that, Dai Yunyang’s eyes flashed with ruthlessness.

Not only did that damned Baili Hongzhuang kill his beloved sister, she had even dared to bully Ling Jiaxin like this. She really didn’t put him into her eyes.

“Don’t worry, now that I’m back, it won’t ever happen again.”

Ling Jiaxin’s face was filled with smiles as she rested her head on Dai Yunyang’s shoulder. Her voice was soft and coquettish as she spoke, “Yunyang, the Channel Opening Pill…… can you give one of them to me?”

She orignally didn’t have many resources for cultivation and after losing the bet with Baili Hongzhuang, she had basically lost all of her belongings. There was simply no way for her to win the Channel Opening Pill.

Plus, she knew that it was nearly impossible to want to buy the pill from Baili Hongzhuang.

Dai Yunyang’s face changed somewhat, his eyes narrowing as he looked at Ling Jiaxin, a trace of ridicule and disgust in his eyes.

But it passed in an instant, instantly hidden.

“Jiaxin, its not that I don’t want to give you the Channel Opening Pill, but the pill is more useful for something else.” Dai Yunyang explained, a fake smile on his face.

Ling Jiaxin was startled, her face turning a little dissatisfied, “Then what are you going to do with the second pill?”

“This time while going out for practical training, I met a person of very high rank and most of the riches on me are related to him. Now that I got the Channel Opening Pill, I naturally have to send it to him.

You know that coming to this step wasn’t easy. I need to seize every opportunity I get.”

Ling Jiaxin understood what he meant, but she still felt somewhat unhappy and refused to talk.

Dai Yunyang wrapped his arm around Ling Jiaxin’s slender waist, “Originally I planned to get all 3 Channel Opening Pills so I could give one to you, but I truly didn’t expect for such an accident to happen.

Jiaxin, you won’t blame me, right?”

Staring into the deep emotion and helplessness in Dai Yunyang’s eyes, Ling Jiaxin’s heart softened and became even more unswevering.

“Yunyang, of course I wouldn’t blame you. I understand your suffering, as long as you love me, its enough!”

Ling Jiaxin’s face was filled with emotion, directly throwing herself into Dai Yunyang’s arms.

Dai Yunyang’s lips curved into an sinister smile. This kind of woman was truly to easy to trick.

Right now, trash like Ling Jiaxin was only good enough as a playmate when he was bored. How could she really be in his heart?

But unfortunately, Ling Jiaxin in Dai Yunyang’s warm arms couldn’t see his face, still thinking about how much he loved her.

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