Bewitching Prince Spoils His Wife Chapter 37

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Pang Tangping’s bloated face was gloomy as he faced the crowd’s judging eyes. He had no doubt at all that if he didn’t apologize today, he wouldn’t be able to leave the Crown Prince’s room.

“I’m sorry!”

His jaw clenched as Pang Tangping spat out those 2 words.

Baili Hongzhuang raised her eyebrow, confused, “What was that? It was so quiet, how could we hear it?”

“Hongzhuang, don’t go too far!”

Pang Tangping couldn’t help but burst out in anger. He who was always chased after for his medical prowess now being ridiculed and mocked by a little girl, he was simply unable to stand it!

When Pang Tangping had exploded, before Baili Hongzhuang could reply, Ning Hong had already matched him tit for tat, opposing him with equivalent harshness.

“Pang Tangping, if your apology isn’t sincere, then we can guarantee you won’t walk out that door!”

Ning Hong’s aura, a mix of power and influence suddenly broke out. Earlier, he had swallowed his insults for the sake of the Crown Prince, in fear that offending Pang Tangping would represent losing a chance of the cure.

But now that he knew Pang Tangping couldn’t cure the Crown Prince, he would let him know why his Imperial Physical Institute wasn’t a place outsiders could bully easily!

Pang Tangping would rather have his mouth ripped than to relent and apologize. He understood that no matter today’s outcome, his reputation would still be finished.

Realizing his intentions, Ning Hong didn’t waste time as he waved in a guard. He wanted to put Pang Tangping in jail!

Pang Tangping watched this scene in fear. If he was forced into jail, his later days will definitely be very miserable!

Pang Tangping shouted hastily, “Wait a moment!”

Ning Hong turned, his cold eyes facing Pang Tangping.

“I’ll apologize!” Pang Tangping resigned to his fate as he shouted. His body seemed to deflate like a rubber ball, no longer the least bit arrogant or prideful as before.

Ning Hong waved his hands, letting the guard retreat.

“I’m sorry!” Pang Tangping yelled loudly, his voice bitter and resentful.

Now that he had finished, he was no longer willing to stay for even another moment, directly leaving the East Palace.

Ning Hong didn’t stop Pang Tangping as he watched him leave. He didn’t believe that he would have the guts to come back and harass the institution again.

“Hongzhuang lady, you can rest assured about the bet. I’ll send some people to make sure that he’ll definitely pay you back.” Ning Hong’s voice was gentle, “I’ll send the money to Godly Doctor Square as soon as we get it.”

“Then many thanks, elder.” Baili Hongzhuang smiled. Ning Hong’s offer saved her a lot of trouble.

Congratulations were heard as soon as she had finished speaking. Everybody wanted to build connections with Baili Hongzhuang who had mastered the long lost art of acupuncture.

If they could learn a thing or two from her here and there, their statuses might change overnight!

Looking at the enthusiastic crowd, Baili Hongzhuang hurried to find an excuse to leave the East Palace, unused to such a scene.

As she walked out of the East Palace, a smile bloomed elegantly on Baili Hongzhuang’s face. “Today’s profit was really good! I had done almost nothing, and still got a hundred thousand gold coins just like that!”

With two hundred thousand gold coins in her hands, there’s no need to worry about cultivation resources for quite a while!

For the hunting banquet not too far away, Baili Hongzhuang needed to break through as soon as possible.

“Master is wise!” Little White praised. He hadn’t expected to make the money so easily!

Baili Hongzhuang laughed heartily, “Come! Today I’ll take you to that popular hot pot place!”

In the following two days, Ning Hong followed Baili Hongzhuang’s instructions with Xuanyuan Huan’s medicine and his condition gradually started to clear up. His blisters slowly disappeared, until he was finally completely brought back from the brink of death!

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