Bewitching Prince Spoils His Wife Chapter 363

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Chapter 363

Special enrollment student dormitory.

Passing by Baili Hongzhuang’s room, Dongfang Yu and company were full of doubts in their hearts. However, seeing that Dibei Chen and Baili Hongzhuang seemed to long have something to say to each other, they left soon after.

Baili Hongzhuang slowly walked into her room. As she prepared to close the door, she saw Dibei Chen standing there, his body against the frame of the door, exuding a lazy and devilish attitude.

“Standing there, you’re in the way of me closing my door”, Baili Hongzhuang said languidly, eyebrows raised.

Dibei Chen blinked innocently, looking lonely and sad. “Wifey, my actions were so straightforward. Are you not going to invite me in for a bit?”

Looking at the expression on Dibei Chen’s face, Baili Hongzhuang also felt a bit of helplessness. This guy really played the shameless rascal to the point of (sadness?).

“If you want to come in, then come in.”

Hearing that, the sad and lonely look on Dibei Chen’s face disappeared without a trace, replaced by a joy that was filled with a devilish air about it.

“On the surface, Wifey is stubborn, but still loves Hubby deep in her heart.”

“Love your head!”

Baili Hongzhuang returned coldly. With this guy, it was really give an inch and he’ll take a foot!

Dibei Chen pulled on Baili Hongzhuang’s hand and with a single move, pulled her directly into his embrace.


Baili Hongzhuang’s back was against the wall. Dibei Chen place his two hands against the wall on both sides of her body, his handsome face right up against hers.

“Wifey, if you say such things, Hubby would really be heartbroken.”

His deep black eyes glittered with seductiveness, yet hid a trace of sadness. His words also held a trace of loneliness.

Although she knew this guy was faking this sadness and loneliness, she really had to say that this guy’s acting was very realistic!

Hearing Dibei Chen’s words, Baili Hongzhuang felt a bit of unbearableness in her heart.

Looking at that extraordinary handsome face, even though she had seen it many times, she couldn’t help but admit that it was damn good looking!

No flaws in all 360 degrees. No matter what angle, it was impeccable!

Even at this moment, when it was so close, she couldn’t even pick out the slightest flaw on his skin.

Seeing Baili Hongzhuang looking blankly at his appearance, Dibei Chen’s lips curved up into a devilishly seductive smile. “Wifey, is Hubby good looking?”

Baili Hongzhuang felt stricken. The shame, ah the shame!

She even let herself stare at his face, forgetting the current situation!

She gave an angry glare at this guy. He was definitely wretched and vile!

“It’s average, it can just barely pass”, Baili Hongzhuang said, words not matching her heart.

Dibei Chen had a slightly unsatisfied look as he lifted his eyebrow. “Just average?”

The handsome face moved even closer and in a blink of an eye, the distance between Dibei Chen and Baili Hongzhuang was only a centimeter.

As long as there was even a slight movement, their faces would touch each other’s.

“In Hubby’s heart, Wifey is the most beautiful woman in the world.”

Thin lips opened slightly as sincere words flowed out. Dibei Chen’s breathe fell on Baili Hongzhuang’s face, very intimate.

Baili Hongzhuang stiffened, a faint blush of crimson flooded her face. This damned guy obviously knew her weak points!

With a single push at Dibei Chen, she liberated herself from the intimate atmosphere. Baili Hongzhuang took a breath of fresh air before her expression returned to normal.

Dibei Chen turned his body, full of laughter as he looked at the sulking Baili Hongzhuang sitting on her bed. His heart softened, his Wifey is really cute.

Did she know that just know, he had to use all this strength just so that he could restrain himself from kissing her forehead?

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  2. Barbara says:

    She needs to give it up already and move on to something else!!!!! In my opinion!! Thank you!!

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