Bewitching Prince Spoils His Wife Chapter 356

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“Have you investigated Baili Hongzhuang’s background?”

Ren Tianxiong slowly asked, his sight still on the bidding students.

“I didn’t investigate, but Lu Huaiyan and the others definitely should’ve.” “

Huan Chuyou smiled lightly, “After her background, she should have some kind of secret.”

A light of approval appeared in Ren Tianxiong’s eyes, “Not only Baili Hongzhuang, DIbei Chen is also already very complicated.”

“This year is really abnormal ah.”

Huan Chuyou’s voice was filled with emotion, “The Demonic Beast Tide, a second rank pill master, new leaders, truly extraordinary.”

Hearing this, Ren Tianxiong’s lips also curved into a small smile, “As long as we know they’re Azure Water School’s students, that’s enough.”

As Azure Water School’s principals, their goal was to breed new talents. They didn’t care for things like life’s ambitions.

Xia Zhiqing handed out the pen and paper. The students in the auction were all very cooperative.

But when Xia Zhiqing saw who was taking the pen and paper this time, her face changed somewhat.

“Ling Jiaxin, didn’t you say Baili Hongzhuang’s Channel Opening Pills were fake? Why did you still come here to bid then?”

Xia Zhiqing’s eyes were filled with disgust and disdain. She never liked this woman who was always looking for trouble with Hongzhuang.

Did she come to the auction today just to make trouble?

Ling Jiaxin’s face was somewhat embarassed. She originally thought that with so much people attending, she only needed to disguise herself a little bit and nobody would notice.

Besides, since its bidding using pen and paper, she’d only need to use a fake name and Baili Hongzhuang would have no idea.

She didn’t think that Xia Zhiqing would recognize her while handing out the pen and paper.

After being discovered, Ling Jiaxin awkwardly raised her head and spoke, “This auction doesn’t have any rules about who or who cannot bid, so why wouldn’t I be able to join in?”

Xia Zhiqing laughed coldly, “Aa…….. you really are shameless enough to.”

Ling Jiaxin’s face was stiff. This Xia Zhiqing’s words were even more vicious than Baili Hongzhaung’s, not leaving her with a single bit of face.

“You’re saying so much nonsense, just give me the pen and paper!”

After shouting at Xia Zhiqing, Ling Jiaxin directly took a set of pen and paper from her hands.

Xia Zhiqing glanced at her coldly. Such a person was truly rare.

After she was done distributing the pen and paper, Xia Zhiqing returned to the platform.

“Hongzhuang, while I was handing out the sets, I saw Ling Jiaxin. She also came to bid, no matter what, you shouldn’t choose her ah.”

Xia Zhiqing’s lips twitched, her eyes filled with loathing, “That woman never has good intentions. You can’t give the Channel Opening Pills to her easily!”

Seeing Xia Zhiman’s resentful appearance, Baili Hongzhaung lips curled into a graceful smile, “It doesn’t matter, I also saw her earlier.”

“But I think that since she was running all over the place trying to make up for our bet’s debt, I doubt she has a good enough treasure now to bid.”

Xia Zhiqing’s words made Baili Hongzhaung’s mood a bit brighter. Although it was only a school auction, she still believed that the 3 Channel Opening Pills should be able to fetch a high price.

Baili Hongzhaung glanced at Ling Jiaxin faintly. In the crowd, not only did she see Ling Jiaxin, she had even seen Liu Jingkun and Pang Yunxiang as well.

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