Bewitching Prince Spoils His Wife Chapter 320

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Gu Cangyun’s voice was icy as he stared at her angrily.

There were too many people watching for him to do anything- he can’t explode here.

But, he had plenty of ways to deal with Baili Hongzhaung!

Suddenly, a familiar and surprised voice rang in everyone’s ear.

“Baili Hongzhaung?”

Baili Hongzhaung turned to see Azure Water School’s vice principal Huan Chuyou slowly walking over, a trace of a smile on his kind and tolerant face.

Huan Chuyou’s impression of Baili Hongzhaung was very deep. The young girl had actually mastered the long gone vibrating needle technique, a truly stunning feat.

“Vice-principal.” Baili Hongzhaung greeted him respectfully.

Seeing Baili Hongzhaung call Huan Chuyou vice principal, Gu Cangyun could immediately tell Baili Hongzhaung’s identity.

“Old Huan, she’s one of your students?”

Huan Chuyou nodded his head smilingly, “Right, Baili Hongzhaung is one of Azure Water School’s new students this year.”

“No wonder, truly a newborn calf.” Gu Cangyun sneered, his voice filled with resentment. “

“Old Gu, your words are completely wrong.” Huan Chuyou waved his hand, “Baili Hongzhaung isn’t a youth that doesn’t understand anything.”

Seeing Huan Chuyou speak like that, Gu Cangyun thought he was only trying to protect Azure Water School’s students.

“Such a young girl daring to talk big, isn’t that exactly a newborn calf not fearing the tiger? She doesn’t know just how big the world truly is!”

Huan Chuyou inspected Gu Cangyun and Baili Hongzhaung. From Gu Cangyun’s thorny attitude, it was clear that the two were in a conflict.

“Old Gu probably doesn’t know, but in the field of healing, Baili Hongzhaung is entirely deserving of being called a great master!”

Huan Chuyou’s face was serious, his voice sincere without the slightest trace of a lie.

Everybody was surprised as they listened to Huan Chuyou praise Baili Hongzhaung.

In Azure Water City, Huan Chuyou was a truly great master that everybody respected.

It was truly a great honor for Baili Hongzhaung to be praised so highly by Huan Chuyou.

“Old Huan, what do you mean?”

Gu Cangyun’s face was still unhappy, a trace of doubt in his eyes.

He and Huan Chuyou knew each other for many years, and he understood the other’s temperament very well.

Since Huan Chuyou said that, it shouldn’t be a baseless claim.

Wei Meidai looked at Baili Hongzhaung in annoyance. She really didn’t know what background Baili Hongzhuang had, to get such praises from Master Huan. Truly hateful!

“Baili Hongzhaung is a doctor who was able to remove the Lulin Python’s poison.”

Huan Chuyou smiled indifferently, a trace of mystery on his calm face.

Everybody’s faces changed when they heard Huan Chuyou’s words.

Lulin Pythons were a huge taboo amongst cultivators. Nobody wanted to ever encounter a Lulin Python, because if they were to be poisoned by it, there was very little chance they could survive.

But did Master Huan say just now that Baili Hongzhuang actually removed the Lulin Python’s poison?

What idea was that?

Gu Cangyun naturally knew about the difficulty of dispelling the Lulin Python’s poison. Even he was helpless in front of it.

Baili Hongzhuang, this little girl, could really cure the poison?

“Old Huan, you’re exaggerating, right?”

Gu Cangyun asked skeptically, his words probing.

If other people said it, then he definitely wouldn’t believe them. But since Huan Chuyou said it, he had to believe it.

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