Bewitching Prince Spoils His Wife Chapter 312

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Apart from Baili Hongzhaung, who else will be able to wear a white dress so elegantly, as if she didn’t belong on this earth?

So as soon as Baili Hongzhaung appeared, everyone recognized her.

The crowd’s voices were filled with curiosity and excitement. When everyone heard about the Channel Opening Pills appearing on the auction, everybody knew that Baili Hongzhaung still had even more Channel Opening Pills!

Nowadays, a Channel Opening Pill fetched a high price!

But since Baili Hongzhaung was only planning to auction off 3 Channel Opening Pills to Principal Xue’s cultivators, they didn’t have any chance.

Some of the merchants began to stir, wanting to get close to Baili Hongzhaung. If Baili Hongzhuang had more Channel Opening Pills, it’d be a huge opportunity ah!

“Master, you’ve really become famous now.””

A trace of excitement flashed in Little Black’s eyes He seemed to see bags of gold flying towards them!

Channel Opening Pills were very important to cultivators- It was something almost everybody needed. But since the pill had been lost, everybody could only endure without it. . Almost every practitioner needs it. Before being lost, everyone can only endure.

Now that it reappeared, even though it was only a second grade pill, it was just wanted as a top grade pill.

Baili Hongzhaung raised her lips into a shallow smile as her eyes surveyed the surroundings, “Why not let them see it?”

At this moment, a pot-bellied middle-aged man walked next to Baili Hongzhaung, his narrow eyes filled with a professional light, “Miss Baili, could I possibly negotiate a deal with you?”

His face had a big smile on it as he looked at Baili Hongzhuang fawningly.

Baili Hongzhaung looked at the man. As soon as he approached her, she had already guessed his intentions.

“I’m only planning to sell 3 of them for now. I don’t plan to do anything else with the rest.”

The two blunt sentences showed Baili Hongzhaung’s attitude., Right now, she was mainly focused on cultivating, and wasn’t all that interested in money.

To her, the most important thing was to get points to cultivate in the cultivation pagoda.

Money was only a way to improve her cultivation. She didn’t intend to neglect the root and pursue the tip (neglect fundamentals and concentrate on details).

The middle-aged man immediately understood what Baili Hongzhaung meant and did not pressure her anymore, but instead laughed: “Miss Baili, if there is ever a need, just contact me.”

The man told Baili Hongzhaung that he will have left a shop in Azure Water City after he leaves and that his purpose had been achieved.

The group of merchants saw that the middle-aged man left empty-handed, meaning Baili Hongzhaung did not intend to sell any more pills and thus did not make a move.

The Pill Masters Guild and the Mercenary Trade Union weren’t too far away. Usually, many mercenaries would be in the mountains collecting herbs to sell to the Pill Masters Guild, especially the rare ones. is not far away, on weekdays, many mercenaries will be in the mountains to collect herbs for the association of pharmacists, especially some precious medicinal herbs.

The Pill Masters Guild was the richest organization on Shengxuan Continent, and every pharmacist is equal to a huge amount of treasures, and the price of selling medicinal herbs to the Pill Masters Guild was always fair.

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