Bewitching Prince Spoils His Wife Chapter 304

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“Master, what in the world did you do?” Little Black’s face was stiff. “This flock of people can’t be Pangyun Xiang’s people wanting to kill you, right?”

Little White shrunk his neck, “This number of people is a little too scary, ah…”

They’ve seen group battles before, but the sheer amount of people this time was simply too much….

“These people are really too unbridled, daring to make a clamour right in front of or door!” Little Black rubbed its fists eagerly, “It seems like its finally time for us two Black and White fiends to debut!”

“Baili Hongzhuang!”

The crowd clamored excitedly as they all ran towards her, pushing up against each other. Seeing this, Baili Hongzhuang felt even more pressured.

Just as the two Black and White fiends were about to attack, the students all shouted their intentions.

“Baili Hongzhuang, do you still have any more Channel Opening Pills?”

“Baili Hongzhuang, please sell me a Channel Opening Pill! Any price is fine!”

“Baili Hongzhaung, I prepared a lot of demonic beast crystals. I’ll give them all to you if you give me a Channel Opening Pill!”

Baili Hongzhuang fianlly realised why so many people were outside her door. So news about the Channel Opening Pill has already spread.

Channel Opening Pills used to be a very common pill, but here it seemed to be extremely precious.

Because they were rare, they were extremely valuable.

This was actually pretty good news for her. If she could exchange Channel Opening Pills for demonic beast crystals, she’d never run out of food for Baishi!

An idea floated into her mind. She needed points. Baili Hongzhaung’s lips curled into a smile. What a good idea!

Dongfang Yu noticed the noise downstairs and instantly knew that Baili Hongzhuang had returned. Otherwise, it wouldn’t be so lively.

He immediately left his room. If so many cultivators surounded her, wanting to leave wouldn’t be easy.

“Everyone calm down, listen to me!” Baili Hongzhaung shouted.

With so many students clamoring around her, she had no chance to speak.

The students in the front quieted down but the students in the back continued to make a ruckus. Soon, the scene was very chaotic.

Her ink black eyes revealed a hint of helplessness. It looks like she needed to magnify her voice!

But just as Baili Hongzhaung was about to louden her shout, a water blue figure appeared beside her.

Along with the man’s arrival, the crowd of clamoring students miraculously quietened.

Baili Hongzhaung turned, staring at Dongfang Yu astonished. She hadn’t thought Dongfang Yu would suddenly appear now.

Dongfang Yu was wearing soft, water blue brocade robes, contrasting with his tall and straight appearence. His temper was mild like jade, with handsome, picturesque facial features.

Dongfang Yu looked at Baili Hongzhuang mischeviously, his peach blossom eyes filled with charm. He reached out and directly pulled Baili Hongzhaung out of the crowd.

Seeing this scene, all the students were startled. What exactly was Dongfang Yu and Baili Hongzhuang’s relationship?

Although Dongfang Yu always treated Azure Water School’s students very well, this was the first time they saw him pull a female student’s hand.

Baili Hongzhuang was also startled. Dongfang Yu released her hand after they got out of the encirclement, “I pulled you out so it’d be less troublesome. You didn’t take offense, right?”

Dongfang Yu’s warm, hazy voice asked with concern as his eyes shined brightly.

Baili Hongzhuang shook her head smilingly. They were groupmates and friends, plus he had also pulled her hand during their time at Luo Yun mountain. It wasn’t anything at all.

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