Bewitching Prince Spoils His Wife Chapter 303

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Chapter 303

All the other methods utilize the body’s main meridians to cultivate and enhance their cultivation. On the other hand, the Demonic Calling Scripture utilizes the opening of all the meridians in the body to cultivate. As each additional meridian is opened it will be used to cultivate.

Since the moment Baili Hongzhuang began cultivating using the Scripture, the meridians she could cultivate with were two more compared to the others.

By now, the meridians she could use to cultivate were already three more compared to the others.

This amount didn’t seem large. However, as long as you were a cultivator, then you’d understand the weight of those three meridians!

Moreover, they will still continue opening. Later, her cultivation speed would greatly surpass that of the other cultivators!

This was where the taboo cultivation method went against the Heavens!

As soon as the two days were up, a small alarm rang out as a reminder. Little Black and Little White climbed up onto Baili Hongzhuang’s head again. Then she carried Baishi as she left the Cultivation Pagoda.

Just two short days of cultivating and Baili Hongzhuang was made aware of the benefits of the Cultivation Pagoda.

She needs to earn more points so she can increase her cultivation quicker.

However, when Baili Hongzhuang returned to the dormitory, she was shocked by the sea of people that greeted her.

“Since when has the outside of our dormitory been so lively?”

Her ink black phoenix eyes held a bit of wonder. It couldn’t be that within these two days that something exciting happened with the special enrollment class again?

Jiang Penyi had already waited outside the dormitory for two days and had yet to see Baili Hongzhuang. His heart was full of helplessness.

It was reasonable to say that since the Demonic Beast Tide at the Luo Yun Mountain Range had happened no long ago that it shouldn’t be that she had gone out on a task. So then where did she go? Why is it that no trace of her could be found?

When they heard about the earth shaking news of the Channel Opening Pill, they hadn’t held any expectation.

After all, they had no relationship with her. Baili Hongzhuang did not have a reason to help them after all.

However, he inadvertently discovered that his roommate, Shao Zifan, came from the same country as Baili Hongzhuang. Shao Zifan was even her friend!

As a result, as long as Shao Zifan asked then wouldn’t they have hope?

“Jiang Pengyi, let’s return. Hongzhuang is very busy every day. Let’s not disturb her.”

Shao Zifan had an awkward look on his face. Baili Hongzhuang treated him very well. She had even gifted him a Cultivating Yuan Pill. He had always kept this kindness in his heart.

However, he didn’t have anything that could repay her.

And at the moment, Jiang Pengyi and the others had dragged him here to disturb Baili Hongzhuang. He really had a heavy weight on his mind.

“Shao Zifan, we just want a chance to use demonic beast crystals to exchange for Channel Opening Pills. We’re not asking without giving anything in return. Just help us with this, okay?”

Jiang Pengyi’s face was full of pleading. With his current strength, it was very difficult to get a great accomplishment at the Azure Water School. If he had the Channel Opening Pill, his chances would at least improve a lot.

One had to know. Before the Channel Opening Pill was lost to time, as long as they had the right qualifications, all cultivators would use it. This was because the effect of broadening one’s meridians was really too important!

They also knew that requesting Shao Zifan to help was pushing him into a corner. But this was the only way they could get close to Baili Hongzhuang.

It was during this conversation that Jiang Pengyi excitedly looked forward, light flashing through his eyes. “Baili Hongzhuang. Baili Hongzhuang has returned!”

Nowadays, Baili Hongzhuang’s name was on almost all their minds. Therefore, when Jiang Pengyi whispered that she had returned, almost every cultivator immediately turned to look towards that direction.

Baili Hongzhuang found that every cultivator was excitedly staring at her. That excitement was akin to a starving dog seeing a bone for the first time in days, eyes green with greed!

(Umm, this would be a good indication to run the other way -_-” – Adelicya)

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