Bewitching Prince Spoils His Wife Chapter 294

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Chapter 294

Even if she wasn’t an alchemist, she still understood that the pill formula for the Channel Opening Pill had long been lost in the annals of history. It was ridiculous that the stall owner actually said such unsupported words!

“Shut up!”

The stall owner roared, his eyes reddened like an angry leopard, and didn’t give Ling Jiaxin any room to speak at all!

Ling Jiaxin was frightened by the stall owner’s roar. She didn’t understand why he was so angry.

However, the stall owner no longer paid attention to her. His eyes once again gazed upon Baili Hongzhuang, wanting to know her final answer.

“That’s correct.”

Her voice, as crisp as the wind, was like the sound of nature to the stall owner’s ears. It immersed him in a feeling of incredible happiness!

The stall owner looked at Baili Hongzhuang and then at the perfectly round high quality pill. His heart was full of indescribable excitement!

Ten years!

A whole ten years!

He had not cultivated for a whole ten years just to search for a trace of this impossibility!

However, after ten years his patience actually paid off!

The stall owner reached out with one hand and grabbed Baili Hongzhuang’s arm, “Is what you’re saying the truth? This is really the Channel Opening Pill?”

A flash of doubt crossed the deep phoenix eyes before becoming clear again.

1,000 years ago, the Channel Opening Pill wasn’t some rare pill. Like the Cultivating Yuan Pill, both were similarly common.

From the stall owner’s reaction, she determined a fact – in this time the Channel Opening Pill had already been lost!

Otherwise, the stall owner wouldn’t be so worked up.

A burst of pain came from the bones in her right hand, but Baili Hongzhuang could understand the stall owner’s excitement.

At this point, the pressure on her hand disappeared. A figure suddenly appeared by her side and pulled the stall owner’s hand off her arm.

Her phoenix eyes slightly turned. Baili Hongzhuang was surprised to see the figure in black by her side.

Gong Shaoqing!

Gong Shaoqing was dressed in black robes as usual. His handsome, straight and tall posture was like a cypress, morally upright and lofty.

Baili Hongzhuang was slightly surprised. She didn’t think that Gong Shaoqing would show up here and did not think that he would actually do this.

Seeing Gong Shaoqing appear, everyone sighed in their hearts. As the Azure Water School’s top student, his strength and talent were not just talk!

Ling Jiaxin glared at Baili Hongzhuang. In the Azure Water School, Gong Shaoqing was notorious for being unapproachable. Yet he actually stood out to help Baili Hongzhuang just now?

It should be known that Gong Shaoqing’s name was synonymous with cold-bloodedness and brutality!

If you weren’t his friend, then even if you died right in front of him, he wouldn’t even blink.

It had only been a short half month since Baili Hongzhuang came to the Azure Water School and yet she had already been accepted by Gong Shaoqing?

“Why did you come here?”, Baili Hongzhuang asked with a light smile on her face. Usually, she felt that this guy’s icy expression makes people very unhappy. Today, she felt that it was pretty good.

“Happened to pass by.”

His voice was as cold as always. But with Gong Shaoqing’s temperament, it was not bad that he could explain this much.

Baili Hongzhuang turned towards the stall owner and said: “It really is the Channel Opening Pill. If you don’t believe me, it can be appraised.”

The stall owner scrutinizingly looked at Baili Hongzhuang and said: “I believe you!”

Over the years, he had looked through ancient books. In them the appearance of the Channel Opening Pill was recorded!

Moreover, as an Azure Water School student, Baili Hongzhuang had no need to deceive him. Even if she deceived him, he could go to the Azure Water School to find her!

Her elegantly perfect smile was framed by her elegant and refined appearance, “Then, you want to do business with me?”

“Yes, yes, yes!”, the stall owner continuously nodded. “I will give you everything in this stall!”

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